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last changeMon, 24 Nov 2014 09:09:40 +0000 (11:09 +0200)
4 hours ago Martin Storsjödashenc: Don't segment all video streams when one strea... master github/master gitorious/master
6 hours ago Martin Storsjösidxindex: Write mimeType=audio/mp4 for audio-only...
12 hours ago Vittorio Giovaraaacsbr: always initialize max_qmf_subbands
12 hours ago Michael Niedermayerroqaudio: Always use the frame buffer on flush
12 hours ago Vittorio Giovaratiffenc: initialize return value
12 hours ago Luca Barbatocook: Make sure there is enough extradata
12 hours ago Vittorio Giovarasol: simplify sol_codec_id()
12 hours ago Vittorio Giovaraaacdec: avoid an out-of-bounds write
12 hours ago Vittorio Giovaralavu: move internal define to the only places where...
12 hours ago Vittorio Giovarampegenc: prevent a NULL pointer dereference
12 hours ago Vittorio Giovaramotion_est: convert stride to ptrdiff_t
41 hours ago Martin Storsjödashenc: Don't require the stream bitrate to be known
41 hours ago Martin Storsjölavf: Remove a redundant include of sys/stat.h
41 hours ago Michael Niedermayerflvenc: Remove an unused variable
2 days ago Luca Barbatohevc: Spin the mv_mpv_mode calls in a stand alone function
3 days ago Vittorio Giovaraqdm2: avoid integer overflow
2 months ago v11 11 release
2 months ago v0.8.16 0.8.16 Release
2 months ago v9.17 9.17 Release
2 months ago v10.5 10.5 Release
2 months ago v12_dev0 Start development for v12 after...
3 months ago v11_beta1 11_beta1 Release
3 months ago v10.4 10.4 Release
3 months ago v11_alpha2 11_alpha2 Release
3 months ago v11_alpha1 11_alpha1 Release
3 months ago v0.8.15 0.8.15 Release
3 months ago v9.16 9.16Release
3 months ago v9.15.1 9.15 Release
3 months ago v9.15 9.15 Release
3 months ago v0.8.14 0.8.14 Release
3 months ago v10.3 10.3 Release
4 months ago v11_dev0 Start development for v11 after...
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9 days ago release/9
9 days ago release/10
9 days ago release/11
8 weeks ago release/0.8
11 months ago release/0.6
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