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last changeSun, 7 Feb 2016 02:12:33 +0000 (03:12 +0100)
33 hours ago Andreas Cadhalpunasfdec: make sure packet_size is non-zero before seeking master github/master gitlab/master videolan/master
33 hours ago Andreas Cadhalpunasfdec: check for too small size in asf_read_unknown
33 hours ago Andreas Cadhalpunasfdec: check avio_skip in asf_read_simple_index
33 hours ago Andreas Cadhalpunasfdec: break if EOF is reached after asf_read_packet_h...
47 hours ago Henrik Gramnermsvc: Fix libx264 linking
47 hours ago Vicente Jimenez... doc: Improve the channelsplit example
2 days ago Luca Barbatoconfigure: Support MSYS2 mingw-w64 64bit
6 days ago Luca Barbatov210: Use separate sample_factors
6 days ago James Darnleyv210: Add avx2 version of the 10-bit line encoder
6 days ago James Darnleyv210: Add avx2 version of the 8-bit line encoder
7 days ago Derek Buitenhuisflacenc: Restore defaults and range for {min, max}_pred...
7 days ago Vittorio Giovaralibx264: Make sure to preserve default option values
11 days ago James Almerconfigure: add missing avx2 support check
11 days ago James Almerx86: Add ymm_reg struct
12 days ago Luca Barbatov210: x86: Add the correct guards around the asm code
13 days ago Vittorio Giovaralavfi: Use AV_CEIL_RSHIFT where needed
8 months ago v10.7 10.7 Release
8 months ago v11.4 11.4 Release
10 months ago v0.8.17 0.8.17 Release
10 months ago v9.18 9.18 Release
10 months ago v10.6 10.6 Release
11 months ago v11.3 11.3 Release
12 months ago v11.2 11.2 release
14 months ago v11.1 11.1 Release
16 months ago v11 11 release
16 months ago v0.8.16 0.8.16 Release
16 months ago v9.17 9.17 Release
16 months ago v10.5 10.5 Release
17 months ago v12_dev0 Start development for v12 after...
17 months ago v11_beta1 11_beta1 Release
17 months ago v10.4 10.4 Release
17 months ago v11_alpha2 11_alpha2 Release
33 hours ago master
2 weeks ago release/11
2 months ago release/9
2 months ago release/10
11 months ago release/0.8
2 years ago release/0.6
2 years ago release/0.7
2 years ago release/0.5