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last changeThu, 17 Apr 2014 18:08:19 +0000 (20:08 +0200)
9 hours ago Alessandro... mp3dec: decode more data from Info header master github/master gitorious/master
9 hours ago Alessandro... crc: add ANSI CRC16 LE
9 hours ago Alessandro... mp3dec: move XING/Info and VBRI parsing into their...
9 hours ago Alessandro... replaygain: allow exporting already decoded replaygain...
9 hours ago Anton Khirnovresample: remove an unneeded context variable
29 hours ago Luca Barbatodrawtext: Add fontconfig support
3 days ago Martin Storsjövp78: Align the intra4x4_pred_mode_top array within...
3 days ago Niels Möllerdcadec: Delete redundant init_get_bits call
3 days ago Stephan Sollerrtmpproto: Handle RTMP chunk size packets before the...
3 days ago Martin Storsjörtmpproto: Make sure to pass on the error code if read_...
4 days ago James Almerx86/synth_filter: remove the fma3 version ifdefs
4 days ago Alessandro... af_volume: implement replaygain clipping prevention
4 days ago Anton Khirnovlavr: allocate the resampling buffer with a positive...
4 days ago Anton KhirnovFATE: add tests for more resampling modes
4 days ago Anton Khirnovresample: implement flushing
5 days ago Tim Walkerdcadec: Use correct channel count in stereo downmix...
3 weeks ago v10 10 Release
5 weeks ago v9.12 v9.12 Release
5 weeks ago v0.8.11 v0.8.11 Release
5 weeks ago v10_beta2 v10_beta2 Release
8 weeks ago v10_beta1 v10_beta1 Release
2 months ago v0.8.10 0.8.10 Release
2 months ago v9.11 9.11 Release
2 months ago v10_alpha2 10_alpha2 Release
3 months ago v10_alpha1 10_alpha1 Release
5 months ago v0.8.9 0.8.9 Release
6 months ago v9.10 9.10 Release
7 months ago v9.9 9.9 Release
9 months ago v0.8.8 0.8.8 Release
9 months ago v9.8 9.8 Release
10 months ago v9.7 9.7 Release
11 months ago v9.6 9.6 Release
9 hours ago master
2 weeks ago release/10
2 weeks ago release/9
4 weeks ago release/0.8
3 months ago release/0.6
3 months ago release/0.7
11 months ago release/0.5