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last changeThu, 27 Oct 2016 10:54:14 +0000 (12:54 +0200)
34 hours ago Diego BiurrunRemove some pointless TRACE level debug code master github/master gitlab/master videolan/master
34 hours ago Diego Biurrunnut: Drop pointless TRACE level debug code
35 hours ago Diego Biurrunnsv: Drop unnecessary TRACE level debug code
35 hours ago Diego Biurrundnxhdenc: Drop pointless, commented-out debug output
35 hours ago Diego Biurrunaudio_fifo: Drop write-only variable
35 hours ago Diego Biurrunh264_loopfilter: Do not print value of uninitialized...
35 hours ago Diego Biurrunmpegaudio: Do not print value of uninitialized variable
35 hours ago Diego Biurrunbuild: Hardcode avversion.h dependency
3 days ago Martin Storsjöopenssl: Avoid double semicolons after the GET_BIO_DATA...
3 days ago Luca Barbatoaviocat: Support avio options
3 days ago Yogender Guptascale_npp: fix passthrough mode
4 days ago Mark Thompsonvaapi_decode: Remove vestigial unmap code
4 days ago Mark Thompsonvaapi_decode: Clear parameter buffers to fix picture...
4 days ago Gwenole Beauchesnevaapi_h264: fix RefPicList[] field flags.
5 days ago Matt Oliveropenssl: Support version 1.1.0.
5 days ago Martin Storsjörtmpdh: Don't use the OpenSSL DH struct
12 days ago v12 12 release
2 weeks ago v13_dev0 Start development for v13 after...
3 weeks ago v12_beta1 12_beta1 release
4 weeks ago v0.8.18 0.8.18 release
7 weeks ago v11.8 11.8 release
7 weeks ago v9.20 9.20 release
7 weeks ago v9.19 9.19 release
8 weeks ago v12_alpha2 12_alpha2 release
2 months ago v12_alpha1 12_alpha1 release
5 months ago v11.7 11.7 release
5 months ago v11.6 11.6 release
8 months ago v11.5 11.5 release
16 months ago v10.7 10.7 Release
16 months ago v11.4 11.4 Release
19 months ago v0.8.17 0.8.17 Release
19 months ago v9.18 9.18 Release
34 hours ago master
3 days ago release/12
12 days ago release/11
3 weeks ago release/0.8
3 weeks ago release/9
7 months ago release/10
2 years ago release/0.6
2 years ago release/0.7
3 years ago release/0.5