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last changeTue, 21 Oct 2014 13:37:48 +0000 (14:37 +0100)
90 min ago Vittorio Giovaranutdec: check av_new_packet return value master github/master gitorious/master
90 min ago Vittorio Giovaranutenc: check for negative index rather than assert
90 min ago Vittorio Giovararmdec: stricter error check to avoid theoretical unitia...
90 min ago Vittorio Giovararmdec: check av_new_packet return value
90 min ago Vittorio Giovaraflvdec: make sure to check create_stream and report...
90 min ago Vittorio Giovaraflvdec: avoid unitialized use of a struct member
90 min ago Vittorio Giovarasmoothstreamingenc: explict cast to avoid overflow
7 hours ago Janne Grunaufate-mpeg4: use TARGET_SAMPLES for resize tests
29 hours ago Luca Barbatortpproto: Free the addrinfo pointer on failure
29 hours ago Luca Barbatonutdec: Prevent a memory corruption
29 hours ago Vittorio Giovarartpdec_hevc: drop unnecessary check
29 hours ago Vittorio Giovarartmpproto: remove dead code
29 hours ago Vittorio Giovaravf_format: check input validity
29 hours ago Vittorio Giovarawtv: clean memory on error
29 hours ago Vittorio Giovarawtv: check seek_by_sector return value
29 hours ago Vittorio Giovaraaviobuf: check context before using it
5 weeks ago v11 11 release
5 weeks ago v0.8.16 0.8.16 Release
5 weeks ago v9.17 9.17 Release
5 weeks ago v10.5 10.5 Release
8 weeks ago v12_dev0 Start development for v12 after...
2 months ago v11_beta1 11_beta1 Release
2 months ago v10.4 10.4 Release
2 months ago v11_alpha2 11_alpha2 Release
2 months ago v11_alpha1 11_alpha1 Release
2 months ago v0.8.15 0.8.15 Release
2 months ago v9.16 9.16Release
2 months ago v9.15.1 9.15 Release
2 months ago v9.15 9.15 Release
2 months ago v0.8.14 0.8.14 Release
2 months ago v10.3 10.3 Release
3 months ago v11_dev0 Start development for v11 after...
90 min ago master
3 days ago release/10
3 days ago release/11
3 weeks ago release/0.8
3 weeks ago release/9
10 months ago release/0.6
10 months ago release/0.7
17 months ago release/0.5