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last changeMon, 30 Nov 2015 15:58:46 +0000 (10:58 -0500)
38 hours ago Vittorio Giovaravsrc_color: Drop unneeded variable master github/master gitlab/master videolan/master
38 hours ago Mohamed Naufallavf: G.723.1 muxer
38 hours ago Mohamed Naufallavc: G.723.1 encoder
38 hours ago Vittorio Giovarag723_1: Move sharable functions to a separate file
38 hours ago Vittorio Giovarag723_1: Rename files to better reflect their purpose
38 hours ago Michael Niedermayerg723_1: Handle values at the ends of the table in lsp2lpc()
3 days ago Luca Barbatomatroska: Warn when metadata references a non-existent...
3 days ago Luca Barbatodvenc: Validate the frame size before copying it
5 days ago Petri Hintukainenpgssubdec: fix API compability layer
5 days ago Luca Barbatodoc: Amend the MSYS2 Documentation
5 days ago Alexandre Lisionavfoundation: Simple capture
5 days ago Luca Barbatoconfigure: ObjC support
6 days ago Luca Barbatonut: Mark non-fatal errors as warnings
6 days ago Luca Barbatonut: Provide more information on failure
6 days ago Luca Barbatortsp: Log getaddrinfo failures
6 days ago Luca Barbatoudp: Provide additional information on getaddrinfo...
6 months ago v10.7 10.7 Release
6 months ago v11.4 11.4 Release
8 months ago v0.8.17 0.8.17 Release
8 months ago v9.18 9.18 Release
8 months ago v10.6 10.6 Release
8 months ago v11.3 11.3 Release
10 months ago v11.2 11.2 release
11 months ago v11.1 11.1 Release
14 months ago v11 11 release
14 months ago v0.8.16 0.8.16 Release
14 months ago v9.17 9.17 Release
14 months ago v10.5 10.5 Release
15 months ago v12_dev0 Start development for v12 after...
15 months ago v11_beta1 11_beta1 Release
15 months ago v10.4 10.4 Release
15 months ago v11_alpha2 11_alpha2 Release
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2 weeks ago release/9
2 weeks ago release/10
2 weeks ago release/11
8 months ago release/0.8
23 months ago release/0.6
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