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last changeWed, 17 Sep 2014 13:37:05 +0000 (06:37 -0700)
115 min ago Katerina Barone... apetag: Fix APE tag size check master github/master
3 hours ago Katerina Barone... fate: Add tests for RealAudio 1.0 (14.4) and RealAudio...
22 hours ago Diego Biurruncmdutils: Print a more sensible message in show_filters...
27 hours ago Gabriel Dumedca: K&R formatting cosmetics
28 hours ago Mikulas Patockaconfigure: Disable i686 for i586 and lower CPUs
32 hours ago Diego Biurrunconfigure: Split adding of CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS for...
46 hours ago Mika Raentoismindex: handle time discontinuities and nonzero start... gitorious/master
6 days ago Diego Biurrundoc: Fix syntax and logical errors in avconv stream...
8 days ago Gabriel Dumedv: K&R formatting cosmetics
8 days ago Henrik Gramnerx86inc: Make INIT_CPUFLAGS support an arbitrary number...
8 days ago Loren Merrittx86inc: Free up variable name "n" in global namespace
8 days ago Henrik Gramnerx86inc: Make ym# behave the same way as xm#
8 days ago Gabriel Dumedirac: K&R formatting cosmetics
8 days ago Gabriel Dumetime: Add missing zero
9 days ago Diego BiurrunSplit off floating point AAN (I)DCT into separate compo...
9 days ago Martin Storsjöismindex: Avoid writing ismf files if no base name...
3 days ago v11 11 release
6 days ago v0.8.16 0.8.16 Release
6 days ago v9.17 9.17 Release
6 days ago v10.5 10.5 Release
3 weeks ago v12_dev0 Start development for v12 after...
4 weeks ago v11_beta1 11_beta1 Release
4 weeks ago v10.4 10.4 Release
4 weeks ago v11_alpha2 11_alpha2 Release
5 weeks ago v11_alpha1 11_alpha1 Release
5 weeks ago v0.8.15 0.8.15 Release
5 weeks ago v9.16 9.16Release
5 weeks ago v9.15.1 9.15 Release
5 weeks ago v9.15 9.15 Release
5 weeks ago v0.8.14 0.8.14 Release
6 weeks ago v10.3 10.3 Release
2 months ago v11_dev0 Start development for v11 after...
41 min ago release/0.8
70 min ago release/9
73 min ago release/10
84 min ago release/11
115 min ago master
8 months ago release/0.6
8 months ago release/0.7
16 months ago release/0.5