support for FLX and DTA extensions in the FLIC format, courtesy of
[libav.git] / CREDITS
fce16586 1This file contains the name of the people who have contributed to
13dfd2b9 2FFmpeg. The names are sorted alphabetically by last name.
fce16586 3
608ace29 4Michel Bardiaux
fce16586 5Fabrice Bellard
b6c50eb1 6Patrice Bensoussan
38088adf 7Alex Beregszaszi
da00f30e 8BERO
b17e9c99 9Mario Brito
38088adf 10Ronald Bultje
ae2ade6b 11Maarten Daniels
4d3b1f8d 12Tim Ferguson
97373f25 13Brian Foley
14Arpad Gereoffy
15Philip Gladstone
da00f30e 16Vladimir Gneushev
b81f8949 17Roine Gustafsson
6d6d7970 18David Hammerton
79c060bc 19Wolfgang Hesseler
20Falk Hueffner
21Zdenek Kabelac
7d8379f2 22Robin Kay
6a91ec51 23Todd Kirby
fce16586 24Nick Kurshev
9625a501 25