win32 fixes
[libav.git] / Changelog
1version 0.4.5:
3- some header fixes (Zdenek Kabelac <>).
4- many MMX optimizations (Nick Kurshev <>).
5- added configure system (actually a small shell script).
6- added mpeg audio layer 1/2/3 decoding using LGPL'ed mpglib by
7 Michael Hipp (temporary solution - waiting for integer only
8 decoder).
9- fixed VIDIOCSYNC interrupt.
10- added Intel H263 decoding support ('I263' avi fourCC)
11- added Real Video 1.0 decoding (needs further testing).
12- simplified image formats again. Added PGM format (=grey
13 pgm). Renamed old PGM to PGMYUV.
14- fixed msmpeg4 slice issues (tell me if you still find problems).
15- fixed opendivx bugs with newer versions (added VOL header decoding).
16- added support for mplayer interface.
16fbebe1 17- added macroblock skip optimization.
0c1e384c 18- added MJPEG decoder.
16fbebe1 19- added mmx/mmxext idct from libmpeg2.
20- added pgmyuvpipe, ppm, and ppm_pipe formats (original patch by Celer
21 <>).
22- added pixel format convertion layer (e.g. for MJPEG or PPM).
23- added deinterlacing option.
25version 0.4.4:
27- fixed some std header definitions (Bjorn Lindgren
28 <>).
29- added mpeg demux (mpeg 1 and 2 compatible).
30- added ASF demux.
31- added prototype RM demux.
32- added AC3 decoding (done with libac3 by Aaron Holtzman).
33- added decoding codec parameter guessing (.e.g. for mpeg, because the
34 header does not include them).
35- fixed header generation in mpeg1, AVI and ASF mux : wmplayer can now
36 play them (only tested video).
37- fixed h263 white bug.
38- fixed phase rounding in img resample filter.
39- add mmx code for polyphase img resample filter.
40- added CPU autodetect.
41- added generic title/author/copyright/comment string handling (ASF and RM use them).
42- added SWF demux to extract MP3 track (not usable yet because no MP3
43 decoder).
44- added fractional frame rate support.
45- codecs are no longer searched by read_header() (should fix ffserver
46 segfault).
48version 0.4.3:
50- BGR24 patch (initial patch by Jeroen Vreeken <>).
51- fixed raw yuv output.
52- added motion rounding support in MPEG4.
53- fixed motion bug rounding in MSMPEG4.
54- added B frame handling in video core.
55- added full MPEG1 decoding support.
56- added partial (frame only) MPEG2 support.
57- changed the FOURCC code for H.263 to "U263" to be able to see the
58+AVI/H.263 file with the UB Video H.263+ decoder. MPlayer works with
59this +codec ;) (JuanJo).
60- Halfpel motion estimation after mb type selection (JuanJo).
61- added pgm and .Y.U.V output format.
62- suppressed 'img:' protocol. Simply use: /tmp/test%d.[pgm|Y] as input or
63 output.
64- added pgmpipe I/O format (original patch from Martin Aumueller
65 <>, but changed completely since we use a format
66 instead of a protocol).
68version 0.4.2:
70- added H263/MPEG4/MSMPEG4 decoding support. MPEG4 decoding support
71 (for openDIVX) is almost complete: 8x8 MVs and rounding are
72 missing. MSMPEG4 support is complete.
73- added prototype MPEG1 decoder. Only I and P frames handled yet (it
74 can decode ffmpeg mpegs :-)).
75- added libavcodec API documentation (see apiexample.c).
76- fixed image polyphase bug (the bottom of some images could be
77 greenish).
78- added support for non clipped motion vectors (decoding only)
79 and image sizes non multiple of 16.
80- added support for AC prediction (decoding only).
81- added file overwrite confirmation (can be disabled with -y).
82- Added custom size picture to H.263 using H.263+ (Juanjo).
84version 0.4.1:
86- added MSMPEG4 (aka DIVX) compatible encoder. Changed default codec
87 of avi and asf to DIV3.
88- added -me option to set motion estimation method
89 (default=log). suppressed redundant -hq option.
90- added options -acodec and -vcodec to force a given codec (useful for
91 AVI for example).
92- fixed -an option.
93- improved dct_quantize speed.
94- factorized some motion estimation code.
96version 0.4.0:
98- removing grab code from ffserver and moved it to ffmpeg. Added multi
99 stream support to ffmpeg.
100- added timeshifting support for live feeds (option ?date=xxx in the
101 URL).
102- added high quality image resize code with polyphase filter (need
103 mmx/see optimisation). Enable multiple image size support in ffserver.
104- added multi live feed support in ffserver.
105- suppressed master feature from ffserver (it should be done with an
106 external program which opens the .ffm url and writes it to another
107 ffserver).
108- added preliminary support for video stream parsing (wav and avi half
109 done). Added proper support for audio/video file convertion in
110 ffmpeg.
111- added preliminary support for video file sending from ffserver.
112- redesigning I/O subsystem : now using URL based input and output
113 (see avio.h).
114- added wav format support.
115- added "tty user interface" to ffmpeg to stop grabbing gracefully.
116- added MMX/SSE optimizations to SAD (Sums of Absolutes Diferences)
117 (Juan J. Sierralta P. a.k.a. "Juanjo" <>).
118- added MMX DCT from mpeg2_movie 1.5 (Juanjo).
119- added new motion estimation algorithms, log and phods (Juanjo).
120- changed directories : libav for format handling, libavcodec for
121 codecs.
123version 0.3.4:
125- added stereo in mpeg audio encoder.
127version 0.3.3:
129- added 'high quality' mode which use motion vectors. It can be used in
130 real time at low resolution.
131- fixed rounding problems which caused quality problems at high
132 bitrates and large gop size.
134version 0.3.2: small fixes
136- asf fixes
137- put_seek bug fix
139version 0.3.1: added avi/divx support
141- added avi support
142- added mpeg4 codec compatible with open divx. It is based on the h263
143 codec.
144- added sound for flash format (not tested)
146version 0.3: initial public release