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[libav.git] / Changelog
1Entries are sorted chronologically from oldest to youngest within each release,
2releases are sorted from youngest to oldest.
d1ad6bdb 4version <next>:
58b619c8 5- metadata (INFO tag) support in WAV muxer
22310eef 6- support for building DLLs using MSVC
20dd41af 7- ashowinfo audio filter
d1ad6bdb 8
10version 9_beta1:
d1ad6bdb 12- XWD encoder and decoder
83988d58 13- Support for fragmentation in the mov/mp4 muxer
4ddd54da 14- ISMV (Smooth Streaming) muxer
dc4e5748 15- CDXL demuxer and decoder
1a265f61 16- Apple ProRes encoder
d7840529 17- Sun Rasterfile Encoder
b315042c 18- remove libpostproc
32253747 19- ID3v2 attached pictures reading and writing
9d25f1f6 20- WMA Lossless decoder
0afd8f12 21- XBM encoder
18ba94c6 22- RealAudio Lossless decoder
0e714f88 23- ZeroCodec decoder
e06d2dfc 24- drop support for avconv without libavfilter
c8af852b 25- add libavresample audio conversion library
d89eca50 26- audio filters support in libavfilter and avconv
54c5dd89 27- add fps filter
afeb3590 28- audio split filter
c7448c18 29- audio mix filter
30- avprobe output is now standard INI or JSON. The old format can still
31 be used with -of old.
c6061443 32- Indeo Audio decoder
d6251368 33- channelsplit audio filter
8e50c57d 34- RTMPT protocol support
3641b048 35- iLBC encoding/decoding via libilbc
005c80b6 36- Microsoft Screen 1 decoder
dc07fb6f 37- join audio filter
41e637e4 38- audio channel mapping filter
edf35d83 39- Microsoft ATC Screen decoder
a8ad6ffa 40- RTSP listen mode
781888da 41- TechSmith Screen Codec 2 decoder
37eeb5e2 42- AAC encoding via libfdk-aac
5b7e3a19 43- Microsoft Expression Encoder Screen decoder
6aedabc9 44- RTMPS protocol support
86991ce2 45- RTMPTS protocol support
453c02f9 46- JPEG 2000 encoding support through OpenJPEG
55c3a4f6 47- G.723.1 demuxer and decoder
acd554c1 48- RTMPE protocol support
08cd95e8 49- RTMPTE protocol support
45eaac02 50- Canopus Lossless Codec decoder
038c0b1e 51- avconv -shortest option is now per-output file,
bbcedade 52 -pass and -passlogfile are now per-output stream
1ab5a780 53- Ut Video encoder
ee769c6a 54- Microsoft Screen 2 decoder
3c198154 55- RTP depacketization of JPEG
62c9ae11 56- Smooth Streaming live segmenter muxer
cee1950b 57- RTP packetization of JPEG
6cb8c854 58- Opus decoder and encoder using libopus
fb722a90 59- remove -same_quant, it hasn't worked for years
22310eef 60- support for building with MSVC
c6061443 61
888505df 62
4b63cc18 63version 0.8:
65- GSM audio parser
ffa0923e 66- SMJPEG muxer
cf53a212 69version 0.8_beta2:
c11b92b3 70
e4e30256 71- Automatic thread count based on detection number of (available) CPU cores
72- Deprecate libpostproc. If desired, the switch --enable-postproc will
73 enable it but it may be removed in a later Libav release.
74- rv34: frame-level multi-threading
75- optimized iMDCT transform on x86 using SSE for for mpegaudiodec
78version 0.8_beta1:
a4ad9438 80- BWF muxer
c2d23309 81- Flash Screen Video 2 decoder
4d58e4cb 82- ffplay/ffprobe/ffserver renamed to avplay/avprobe/avserver
83- ffmpeg deprecated, added avconv, which is almost the same for now, except
84for a few incompatible changes in the options, which will hopefully make them
85easier to use. The changes are:
86 * The options placement is now strictly enforced! While in theory the
87 options for ffmpeg should be given in [input options] -i INPUT [output
88 options] OUTPUT order, in practice it was possible to give output options
89 before the -i and it mostly worked. Except when it didn't - the behavior was
90 a bit inconsistent. In avconv, it is not possible to mix input and output
91 options. All non-global options are reset after an input or output filename.
92 * All per-file options are now truly per-file - they apply only to the next
93 input or output file and specifying different values for different files
94 will now work properly (notably -ss and -t options).
95 * All per-stream options are now truly per-stream - it is possible to
96 specify which stream(s) should a given option apply to. See the Stream
97 specifiers section in the avconv manual for details.
98 * In ffmpeg some options (like -newvideo/-newaudio/...) are irregular in the
99 sense that they're specified after the output filename instead of before,
100 like all other options. In avconv this irregularity is removed, all options
101 apply to the next input or output file.
102 * -newvideo/-newaudio/-newsubtitle options were removed. Not only were they
103 irregular and highly confusing, they were also redundant. In avconv the -map
104 option will create new streams in the output file and map input streams to
105 them. E.g. avconv -i INPUT -map 0 OUTPUT will create an output stream for
106 each stream in the first input file.
107 * The -map option now has slightly different and more powerful syntax:
108 + Colons (':') are used to separate file index/stream type/stream index
109 instead of dots. Comma (',') is used to separate the sync stream instead
110 of colon.. This is done for consistency with other options.
111 + It's possible to specify stream type. E.g. -map 0:a:2 creates an
112 output stream from the third input audio stream.
113 + Omitting the stream index now maps all the streams of the given type,
114 not just the first. E.g. -map 0:s creates output streams for all the
115 subtitle streams in the first input file.
116 + Since -map can now match multiple streams, negative mappings were
320d7693 117 introduced. Negative mappings disable some streams from an already
118 defined map. E.g. '-map 0 -map -0:a:1' means 'create output streams for
119 all the stream in the first input file, except for the second audio
120 stream'.
121 * There is a new option -c (or -codec) for choosing the decoder/encoder to
122 use, which allows to precisely specify target stream(s) consistently with
123 other options. E.g. -c:v lib264 sets the codec for all video streams, -c:a:0
124 libvorbis sets the codec for the first audio stream and -c copy copies all
125 the streams without reencoding. Old -vcodec/-acodec/-scodec options are now
126 aliases to -c:v/a/s
320d7693 127 * It is now possible to precisely specify which stream should an AVOption
128 apply to. E.g. -b:v:0 2M sets the bitrate for the first video stream, while
129 -b:a 128k sets the bitrate for all audio streams. Note that the old -ab 128k
130 syntax is deprecated and will stop working soon.
131 * -map_chapters now takes only an input file index and applies to the next
132 output file. This is consistent with how all the other options work.
133 * -map_metadata now takes only an input metadata specifier and applies to
134 the next output file. Output metadata specifier is now part of the option
135 name, similarly to the AVOptions/map/codec feature above.
136 * -metadata can now be used to set metadata on streams and chapters, e.g.
137 -metadata:s:1 language=eng sets the language of the first stream to 'eng'.
138 This made -vlang/-alang/-slang options redundant, so they were removed.
139 * -qscale option now uses stream specifiers and applies to all streams, not
140 just video. I.e. plain -qscale number would now apply to all streams. To get
141 the old behavior, use -qscale:v. Also there is now a shortcut -q for -qscale
142 and -aq is now an alias for -q:a.
143 * -vbsf/-absf/-sbsf options were removed and replaced by a -bsf option which
144 uses stream specifiers. Use -bsf:v/a/s instead of the old options.
145 * -itsscale option now uses stream specifiers, so its argument is only the
146 scale parameter.
147 * -intra option was removed, use -g 0 for the same effect.
148 * -psnr option was removed, use -flags +psnr for the same effect.
149 * -vf option is now an alias to the new -filter option, which uses stream specifiers.
150 * -vframes/-aframes/-dframes options are now aliases to the new -frames option.
151 * -vtag/-atag/-stag options are now aliases to the new -tag option.
c6c6c1aa 152- XMV demuxer
45ecda85 153- Windows Media Image decoder
dcb9f6a2 154- LATM muxer/demuxer
ee42716b 155- showinfo filter
615baa13 156- split filter
e417d80d 157- libcdio-paranoia input device for audio CD grabbing
d763fb7d 158- select filter
be64629a 159- Apple ProRes decoder
4ca59d19 160- CELT in Ogg demuxing
51757ac7 161- VC-1 interlaced decoding
8fe0c527 162- lut, lutrgb, and lutyuv filters
ce6b6ef6 163- boxblur filter
0d8506b8 164- Ut Video decoder
b606a017 165- Speex encoding via libspeex
76741b0e 166- 4:2:2 H.264 decoding support
a7476298 167- 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 H.264 encoding with libx264
0de9c41f 168- Pulseaudio input device
594b54b5 169- replacement Indeo 3 decoder
183baead 170- TLS/SSL and HTTPS protocol support
171- AVOptions API rewritten and documented
172- most of CODEC_FLAG2_*, some CODEC_FLAG_* and many codec-specific fields in
173 AVCodecContext deprecated. Codec private options should be used instead.
174- Properly working defaults in libx264 wrapper, support for native presets.
175- Encrypted OMA files support
f545e006 176- Discworld II BMV decoding support
c433a3f9 177- VBLE Decoder
ac3dbb4d 178- OS X Video Decoder Acceleration (VDA) support
779ef255 179- CRI ADX audio format muxer and demuxer
f28070a1 180- Playstation Portable PMP format demuxer
c8b27a0e 181- PCM format support in OMA demuxer
e93947b7 182- CLJR encoder
19341c58 183- Dxtory capture format decoder
80f6c0bb 184- v410 QuickTime uncompressed 4:4:4 10-bit encoder and decoder
f40e7eb5 185- OpenMG Audio muxer
02e8f032 186- Simple segmenting muxer
187- Indeo 4 decoder
188- SMJPEG demuxer
bed31c7e 191version 0.7:
2db272e9 192
aa47c35d 193- E-AC-3 audio encoder
b95d19b0 194- ac3enc: add channel coupling support
195- floating-point sample format support for (E-)AC-3, DCA, AAC, Vorbis decoders
196- H.264/MPEG frame-level multithreading
197- av_metadata_* functions renamed to av_dict_* and moved to libavutil
198- 4:4:4 H.264 decoding support
199- 10-bit H.264 optimizations for x86
b047941d 200- bump libswscale for recently reported ABI break
aa47c35d 201
203version 0.7_beta2:
b047941d 205- VP8 frame-level multithreading
bed31c7e 206- NEON optimizations for VP8
207- removed a lot of deprecated API cruft
208- FFT and IMDCT optimizations for AVX (Sandy Bridge) processors
e27ce0ee 209- DPX image encoder
9aa91043 210- SMPTE 302M AES3 audio decoder
b047941d 211- ffmpeg no longer quits after the 'q' key is pressed; use 'ctrl+c' instead
bed31c7e 212- 9bit and 10bit per sample support in the H.264 decoder
e27ce0ee 213
215version 0.7_beta1:
316d6c15 217- WebM support in Matroska de/muxer
21d52447 218- low overhead Ogg muxing
a2403986 219- MMS-TCP support
ee0e9146 220- VP8 de/encoding via libvpx
173bb37f 221- Demuxer for On2's IVF format
a526d619 222- Pictor/PC Paint decoder
a2063901 223- HE-AAC v2 decoder
41f91b5f 224- libfaad2 wrapper removed
e83aed04 225- DTS-ES extension (XCh) decoding support
db7d307f 226- native VP8 decoder
680b2321 227- RTSP tunneling over HTTP
4449df6b 228- RTP depacketization of SVQ3
2d525ef4 229- -strict inofficial replaced by -strict unofficial
066ce8c9 230- ffplay -exitonkeydown and -exitonmousedown options added
b576934d 231- native GSM / GSM MS decoder
a59096e4 232- RTP depacketization of QDM2
5a717094 233- ANSI/ASCII art playback system
e8723e24 234- Lego Mindstorms RSO de/muxer
ba2c508d 235- SubRip subtitle file muxer and demuxer
de295976 236- Chinese AVS encoding via libxavs
530bbe96 237- ffprobe -show_packets option added
91af5601 238- RTP packetization of Theora and Vorbis
1ddc176e 239- RTP depacketization of MP4A-LATM
51291e60 240- RTP packetization and depacketization of VP8
a1e171df 241- hflip filter
cd223e0b 242- Apple HTTP Live Streaming demuxer
7f50caa7 243- a64 codec
b8521394 244- MMS-HTTP support
21e681ba 245- G.722 ADPCM audio encoder/decoder
43836928 246- R10k video decoder
6ebf0bfc 247- ocv_smooth filter
47941088 248- frei0r wrapper filter
2bc05d35 249- change crop filter syntax to width:height:x:y
75b67a8a 250- make the crop filter accept parametric expressions
6afd569e 251- make ffprobe accept AVFormatContext options
5900deeb 252- yadif filter
13fabd7a 253- blackframe filter
8878e3b2 254- Demuxer for Leitch/Harris' VR native stream format (LXF)
3ece3e4c 255- RTP depacketization of the X-QT QuickTime format
01c8d258 256- SAP (Session Announcement Protocol, RFC 2974) muxer and demuxer
68b79bfc 257- cropdetect filter
5879ea6d 258- ffmpeg -crop* options removed
43945b27 259- transpose filter added
4ad08021 260- ffmpeg -force_key_frames option added
44594cc7 261- demuxer for receiving raw rtp:// URLs without an SDP description
136e19e1 262- single stream LATM/LOAS decoder
a532bb39 263- setpts filter added
b047941d 264- Win64 support for optimized x86 assembly functions
ba83c4bf 265- MJPEG/AVI1 to JPEG/JFIF bitstream filter
c99f9b0a 266- ASS subtitle encoder and decoder
b047941d 267- IEC 61937 encapsulation for E-AC-3, TrueHD, DTS-HD (for HDMI passthrough)
58935b25 268- overlay filter added
2fb21bf4 269- rename aspect filter to setdar, and pixelaspect to setsar
3b39e273 270- IEC 61937 demuxer
9d09ebf1 271- Mobotix .mxg demuxer
f8608dca 272- frei0r source added
a4dc7aa5 273- hqdn3d filter added
35014efc 274- RTP depacketization of QCELP
475ae04a 275- FLAC parser added
d5f187fd 276- gradfun filter added
2b2a597e 277- AMR-WB decoder
3579b405 278- replace the ocv_smooth filter with a more generic ocv filter
82ca054a 279- Windows Televison (WTV) demuxer
fd5b124d 280- FFmpeg metadata format muxer and demuxer
2c77c906 281- SubRip (srt) subtitle decoder
6fd96d1a 282- floating-point AC-3 encoder added
d267b339 283- Lagarith decoder
fbd56159 284- ffmpeg -copytb option added
54bc6403 285- IVF muxer added
44ddfd47 286- Wing Commander IV movies decoder added
9409c381 287- movie source added
ccfcddb3 288- Bink version 'b' audio and video decoder
402f9ad5 289- Bitmap Brothers JV playback system
dc6fdad5 290- Apple HTTP Live Streaming protocol handler
15d59d2c 291- sndio support for playback and record
c6f95144 292- Linux framebuffer input device added
42315dab 293- Chronomaster DFA decoder
ce02f9be 294- Mobotix MxPEG decoder
d89e738a 295- AAC encoding via libvo-aacenc
f502ff3f 296- AMR-WB encoding via libvo-amrwbenc
ad4c5034 297- xWMA demuxer
2f84bb42 298- fieldorder video filter added
301version 0.6:
2db272e9 303- PB-frame decoding for H.263
b11163c8 304- deprecated vhook subsystem removed
3444c914 305- deprecated old scaler removed
616e899c 306- VQF demuxer
b3b5946c 307- Alpha channel scaler
effcedf7 308- PCX encoder
9edfaf3c 309- RTP packetization of H.263
08e696c0 310- RTP packetization of AMR
e6327fba 311- RTP depacketization of Vorbis
e9356be5 312- CorePNG decoding support
9189d7eb 313- Cook multichannel decoding support
276f8e2b 314- introduced avlanguage helpers in libavformat
f0b19bd3 315- 8088flex TMV demuxer and decoder
5f1ac36d 316- per-stream language-tags extraction in asfdec
ca0bb1c4 317- V210 decoder and encoder
de08ebe3 318- remaining GPL parts in AC-3 decoder converted to LGPL
cdce0fb8 319- QCP demuxer
cbfe5bee 320- SoX native format muxer and demuxer
0b175caa 321- AMR-NB decoding/encoding, AMR-WB decoding via OpenCORE libraries
94d3d6a4 322- DPX image decoder
c63ea92b 323- Electronic Arts Madcow decoder
a4276ba2 324- DivX (XSUB) subtitle encoder
0a4a0aa7 325- nonfree libamr support for AMR-NB/WB decoding/encoding removed
57a80d79 326- experimental AAC encoder
c2f3eec4 327- RTP depacketization of ASF and RTSP from WMS servers
9fd6b843 328- RTMP support in libavformat
3106f489 329- noX handling for OPT_BOOL X options
740e89cf 330- Wave64 demuxer
ab1eff9c 331- IEC-61937 compatible Muxer
7bd47335 332- TwinVQ decoder
c58b82a2 333- Bluray (PGS) subtitle decoder
5dd3707b 334- LPCM support in MPEG-TS (HDMV RID as found on Blu-ray disks)
57a80d79 335- WMA Pro decoder
5f14b565 336- Core Audio Format demuxer
337- Atrac1 decoder
338- MD STUDIO audio demuxer
811e0fc2 339- RF64 support in WAV demuxer
99971952 340- MPEG-4 Audio Lossless Coding (ALS) decoder
0584b718 341- -formats option split into -formats, -codecs, -bsfs, and -protocols
7c3c53c8 342- IV8 demuxer
a3d995c1 343- CDG demuxer and decoder
4aaab0a3 344- R210 decoder
ce293510 345- Auravision Aura 1 and 2 decoders
e6565055 346- Deluxe Paint Animation playback system
d140b025 347- SIPR decoder
83ab7f18 348- Adobe Filmstrip muxer and demuxer
45aa9080 349- RTP depacketization of H.263
342c7dfd 350- Bink demuxer and audio/video decoders
4ebaec79 351- enable symbol versioning by default for linkers that support it
b9e06ddd 352- IFF PBM/ILBM bitmap decoder
084eb95f 353- concat protocol
5bebe94d 354- Indeo 5 decoder
556aa7a1 355- RTP depacketization of AMR
356- WMA Voice decoder
357- ffprobe tool
4fe3edaa 358- AMR-NB decoder
6f5a3d0a 359- RTSP muxer
ed492b61 360- HE-AAC v1 decoder
bf354122 361- Kega Game Video (KGV1) decoder
59b4b540 362- VorbisComment writing for FLAC, Ogg FLAC and Ogg Speex files
887af2aa 363- RTP depacketization of Theora
b26708d5 364- HTTP Digest authentication
0f943ce6 365- RTMP/RTMPT/RTMPS/RTMPE/RTMPTE protocol support via librtmp
38b9d8b8 366- Psygnosis YOP demuxer and video decoder
ca6e7708 367- spectral extension support in the E-AC-3 decoder
ac1c9564 368- unsharp video filter
910cde56 369- RTP hinting in the mov/3gp/mp4 muxer
370- Dirac in Ogg demuxing
371- seek to keyframes in Ogg
372- 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 Theora decoding
373- 35% faster VP3/Theora decoding
374- faster AAC decoding
375- faster H.264 decoding
d31ba231 376- RealAudio 1.0 (14.4K) encoder
de08ebe3 377
2db272e9 378
379version 0.5:
06ab9cff 381- DV50 AKA DVCPRO50 encoder, decoder, muxer and demuxer
9d53d58e 382- TechSmith Camtasia (TSCC) video decoder
d0a0bbd2 383- IBM Ultimotion (ULTI) video decoder
384- Sierra Online audio file demuxer and decoder
385- Apple QuickDraw (qdrw) video decoder
22052247 386- Creative ADPCM audio decoder (16 bits as well as 8 bits schemes)
ad81a9fe 387- Electronic Arts Multimedia (WVE/UV2/etc.) file demuxer
ab711b3c 388- Miro VideoXL (VIXL) video decoder
b06b45c4 389- H.261 video encoder
acfd8f0f 390- QPEG video decoder
353147ed 391- Nullsoft Video (NSV) file demuxer
13dfd2b9 392- Shorten audio decoder
9c7fb608 393- LOCO video decoder
115329f1 394- Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) decoder
a8a15e9d 395- Winnov WNV1 video decoder
589f8220 396- Autodesk Animator Studio Codec (AASC) decoder
bfaad39f 397- Indeo 2 video decoder
b81f8949 398- Fraps FPS1 video decoder
e0db8cfb 399- Snow video encoder/decoder
af4ca324 400- Sonic audio encoder/decoder
108ab268 401- Vorbis audio decoder
af4ca324 402- Macromedia ADPCM decoder
403- Duck TrueMotion 2 video decoder
404- support for decoding FLX and DTA extensions in FLIC files
b2909f1a 405- H.264 custom quantization matrices support
a8289180 406- ffserver fixed, it should now be usable again
8d1018bf 407- QDM2 audio decoder
8a2d410e 408- Real Cooker audio decoder
bf3027c8 409- TrueSpeech audio decoder
410- WMA2 audio decoder fixed, now all files should play correctly
411- RealAudio 14.4 and 28.8 decoders fixed
108ab268 412- JPEG-LS decoder
413- build system improvements
414- tabs and trailing whitespace removed from the codebase
108ab268 415- CamStudio video decoder
f11288da 416- AIFF/AIFF-C audio format, encoding and decoding
4accd1fd 417- ADTS AAC file reading and writing
ea395e8c 418- Creative VOC file reading and writing
4e114829 419- American Laser Games multimedia (*.mm) playback system
6a7d2c3d 420- Zip Motion Blocks Video decoder
58cf42fa 421- improved Theora/VP3 decoder
8a2d410e 422- True Audio (TTA) decoder
26376701 423- AVS demuxer and video decoder
108ab268 424- JPEG-LS encoder
348efc18 425- Smacker demuxer and decoder
dfca23e3 426- NuppelVideo/MythTV demuxer and RTjpeg decoder
fd7b1991 427- KMVC decoder
58cf42fa 428- MPEG-2 intra VLC support
2d974017 429- MPEG-2 4:2:2 encoder
0919e788 430- Flash Screen Video decoder
cc0bc648 431- GXF demuxer
6a09487e 432- Chinese AVS decoder
43dcf590 433- GXF muxer
07bf2af8 434- MXF demuxer
b394e39a 435- VC-1/WMV3/WMV9 video decoder
0ccd1bb5 436- MacIntel support
8ac17293 437- AVISynth support
eb57c889 438- VMware video decoder
439- VP5 video decoder
440- VP6 video decoder
730581f3 441- WavPack lossless audio decoder
3689cf16 442- Targa (.TGA) picture decoder
108ab268 443- Vorbis audio encoder
dc56e0de 444- Delphine Software .cin demuxer/audio and video decoder
29f86228 445- Tiertex .seq demuxer/video decoder
f7bc5837 446- MTV demuxer
716222db 447- TIFF picture encoder and decoder
06d392a7 448- GIF picture decoder
58cf42fa 449- Intel Music Coder decoder
6a7d2c3d 450- Zip Motion Blocks Video encoder
185c7b6b 451- Musepack decoder
8adc51f2 452- Flash Screen Video encoder
150d2772 453- Theora encoding via libtheora
52548eee 454- BMP encoder
039cd4a7 455- WMA encoder
346a655d 456- GSM-MS encoder and decoder
01ca9ac3 457- DCA decoder
33a0dd37 458- DXA demuxer and decoder
52b6bad2 459- DNxHD decoder
efb0c399 460- Gamecube movie (.THP) playback system
a5fbe001 461- Blackfin optimizations
9a0ddd09 462- Interplay C93 demuxer and video decoder
1e6c6759 463- Bethsoft VID demuxer and video decoder
8e952e4d 464- CRYO APC demuxer
10e26bc7 465- Atrac3 decoder
b46d68c6 466- V.Flash PTX decoder
58cf42fa 467- RoQ muxer, RoQ audio encoder
ad39f1a7 468- Renderware TXD demuxer and decoder
4d5588cf 469- extern C declarations for C++ removed from headers
82e60541 470- sws_flags command line option
ddcf4b5d 471- codebook generator
03e3e765 472- RoQ video encoder
d3b7406c 473- QTRLE encoder
d22e8442 474- OS/2 support removed and restored again
6ea67bbb 475- AC-3 decoder
58cf42fa 476- NUT muxer
108ab268 477- additional SPARC (VIS) optimizations
e09f7d61 478- Matroska muxer
58cf42fa 479- slice-based parallel H.264 decoding
bf4a1f17 480- Monkey's Audio demuxer and decoder
8787d837 481- AMV audio and video decoder
fc4cbc16 482- DNxHD encoder
d6c52130 483- H.264 PAFF decoding
636b13c5 484- Nellymoser ASAO decoder
66f7679c 485- Beam Software SIFF demuxer and decoder
f9def9cc 486- libvorbis Vorbis decoding removed in favor of native decoder
541432c3 487- IntraX8 (J-Frame) subdecoder for WMV2 and VC-1
56dc1fdf 488- Ogg (Theora, Vorbis and FLAC) muxer
108ab268 489- The "device" muxers and demuxers are now in a new libavdevice library
490- PC Paintbrush PCX decoder
491- Sun Rasterfile decoder
920d3609 492- TechnoTrend PVA demuxer
77c1d04d 493- Linux Media Labs MPEG-4 (LMLM4) demuxer
b264a084 494- AVM2 (Flash 9) SWF muxer
9dc92a38 495- QT variant of IMA ADPCM encoder
39fc859e 496- VFW grabber
58cf42fa 497- iPod/iPhone compatible mp4 muxer
a7129de5 498- Mimic decoder
0f3444e1 499- MSN TCP Webcam stream demuxer
86b3cf7c 500- RL2 demuxer / decoder
501- IFF demuxer
502- 8SVX audio decoder
b00b15be 503- non-recursive Makefiles
b64c096b 504- BFI demuxer
74118c07 505- MAXIS EA XA (.xa) demuxer / decoder
2003d3da 506- BFI video decoder
ea662534 507- OMA demuxer
b517af05 508- MLP/TrueHD decoder
e1c74782 509- Electronic Arts CMV decoder
510- Motion Pixels Video decoder
511- Motion Pixels MVI demuxer
e44bbf62 512- removed animated GIF decoder/demuxer
51c3861e 513- D-Cinema audio muxer
cfc78718 514- Electronic Arts TGV decoder
833e90dd 515- Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) encoder
7d8f3de4 516- AAC decoder
eb6fc557 517- floating point PCM encoder/decoder
cedebde1 518- MXF muxer
108ab268 519- DV100 AKA DVCPRO HD decoder and demuxer
1f6a594d 520- E-AC-3 support added to AC-3 decoder
755ba886 521- Nellymoser ASAO encoder
0c86f89a 522- ASS and SSA demuxer and muxer
d8d12c15 523- liba52 wrapper removed
0ac1dc6f 524- SVQ3 watermark decoding support
f6958006 525- Speex decoding via libspeex
42b30357 526- Electronic Arts TGQ decoder
108ab268 527- RV40 decoder
73b458e3 528- QCELP / PureVoice decoder
108ab268 529- RV30 decoder
7906f3ca 530- hybrid WavPack support
7eb68edb 531- R3D REDCODE demuxer
115d095e 532- ALSA support for playback and record
d8964f3a 533- Electronic Arts TQI decoder
9a77d59a 534- OpenJPEG based JPEG 2000 decoder
58cf42fa 535- NC (NC4600) camera file demuxer
865780ae 536- Gopher client support
bd3f81f3 537- MXF D-10 muxer
538- generic metadata API
9d53d58e 540
541version 0.4.9-pre1:
4fa1c4fa 543- DV encoder, DV muxer
544- Microsoft RLE video decoder
545- Microsoft Video-1 decoder
070ed1bc 546- Apple Animation (RLE) decoder
42cad81a 547- Apple Graphics (SMC) decoder
548- Apple Video (RPZA) decoder
549- Cinepak decoder
550- Sega FILM (CPK) file demuxer
42cad81a 551- Westwood multimedia support (VQA & AUD files)
4120a53a 552- Id Quake II CIN playback support
553- 8BPS video decoder
554- FLIC playback support
555- RealVideo 2.0 (RV20) decoder
556- Duck TrueMotion v1 (DUCK) video decoder
da00f30e 557- Sierra VMD demuxer and video decoder
1defd2a8 558- MSZH and ZLIB decoder support
3b64893d 559- SVQ1 video encoder
1defd2a8 560- AMR-WB support
e0db8cfb 561- PPC optimizations
1defd2a8 562- rate distortion optimal cbp support
e0db8cfb 563- rate distorted optimal ac prediction for MPEG-4
564- rate distorted optimal lambda->qp support
565- AAC encoding with libfaac
566- Sunplus JPEG codec (SP5X) support
567- use Lagrange multipler instead of QP for ratecontrol
568- Theora/VP3 decoding support
1defd2a8 569- XA and ADX ADPCM codecs
e0db8cfb 570- export MPEG-2 active display area / pan scan
571- Add support for configuring with IBM XLC
572- floating point AAN DCT
573- initial support for zygo video (not complete)
574- RGB ffv1 support
575- new audio/video parser API
576- av_log() system
577- av_read_frame() and av_seek_frame() support
578- missing last frame fixes
579- seek by mouse in ffplay
580- noise reduction of DCT coefficients
581- H.263 OBMC & 4MV support
582- H.263 alternative inter vlc support
583- H.263 loop filter
584- H.263 slice structured mode
585- interlaced DCT support for MPEG-2 encoding
1defd2a8 586- stuffing to stay above min_bitrate
e0db8cfb 587- MB type & QP visualization
588- frame stepping for ffplay
589- interlaced motion estimation
590- alternate scantable support
591- SVCD scan offset support
592- closed GOP support
593- SSE2 FDCT
594- quantizer noise shaping
595- G.726 ADPCM audio codec
596- MS ADPCM encoding
597- multithreaded/SMP motion estimation
598- multithreaded/SMP encoding for MPEG-1/MPEG-2/MPEG-4/H.263
599- multithreaded/SMP decoding for MPEG-2
600- FLAC decoder
601- Metrowerks CodeWarrior suppport
e0db8cfb 602- H.263+ custom pcf support
1defd2a8 603- nicer output for 'ffmpeg -formats'
e0db8cfb 604- Matroska demuxer
1defd2a8 605- SGI image format, encoding and decoding
606- H.264 loop filter support
607- H.264 CABAC support
f073a393 608- nicer looking arrows for the motion vector visualization
609- improved VCD support
610- audio timestamp drift compensation
e0db8cfb 611- MPEG-2 YUV 422/444 support
612- polyphase kaiser windowed sinc and blackman nuttall windowed sinc audio resample
613- better image scaling
e0db8cfb 614- H.261 support
615- correctly interleave packets during encoding
616- VIS optimized motion compensation
617- intra_dc_precision>0 encoding support
618- support reuse of motion vectors/MB types/field select values of the source video
619- more accurate deblock filter
620- padding support
621- many optimizations and bugfixes
055dc116 622- FunCom ISS audio file demuxer and according ADPCM decoding
2fdf638b 623
0ca3e336 624
625version 0.4.8:
e0db8cfb 627- MPEG-2 video encoding (Michael)
d9d8910b 628- Id RoQ playback subsystem (Mike Melanson and Tim Ferguson)
629- Wing Commander III Movie (.mve) file playback subsystem (Mike Melanson
630 and Mario Brito)
631- Xan DPCM audio decoder (Mario Brito)
186447f8 632- Interplay MVE playback subsystem (Mike Melanson)
633- Duck DK3 and DK4 ADPCM audio decoders (Mike Melanson)
0ca3e336 635
b17e9c99 636version 0.4.7:
e07702ba 637
e0db8cfb 638- RealAudio 1.0 (14_4) and 2.0 (28_8) native decoders. Author unknown, code from mplayerhq
124ba583 639 (originally from public domain player for Amiga at http://www.honeypot.net/audio)
e0db8cfb 640- current version now also compiles with older GCC (Fabrice)
641- 4X multimedia playback system including 4xm file demuxer (Mike
642 Melanson), and 4X video and audio codecs (Michael)
643- Creative YUV (CYUV) decoder (Mike Melanson)
644- FFV1 codec (our very simple lossless intra only codec, compresses much better
645 than HuffYUV) (Michael)
646- ASV1 (Asus), H.264, Intel indeo3 codecs have been added (various)
647- tiny PNG encoder and decoder, tiny GIF decoder, PAM decoder (PPM with
648 alpha support), JPEG YUV colorspace support. (Fabrice Bellard)
649- ffplay has been replaced with a newer version which uses SDL (optionally)
e0db8cfb 650 for multiplatform support (Fabrice)
651- Sorenson Version 3 codec (SVQ3) support has been added (decoding only) - donated
652 by anonymous
653- AMR format has been added (Johannes Carlsson)
e0db8cfb 654- 3GP support has been added (Johannes Carlsson)
655- VP3 codec has been added (Mike Melanson)
656- more MPEG-1/2 fixes
657- better multiplatform support, MS Visual Studio fixes (various)
658- AltiVec optimizations (Magnus Damn and others)
e07702ba 659- SH4 processor support has been added (BERO)
660- new public interfaces (avcodec_get_pix_fmt) (Roman Shaposhnick)
661- VOB streaming support (Brian Foley)
662- better MP3 autodetection (Andriy Rysin)
663- qpel encoding (Michael)
664- 4mv+b frames encoding finally fixed (Michael)
665- chroma ME (Michael)
666- 5 comparison functions for ME (Michael)
667- B-frame encoding speedup (Michael)
668- WMV2 codec (unfinished - Michael)
d3d10087 669- user specified diamond size for EPZS (Michael)
670- Playstation STR playback subsystem, still experimental (Mike and Michael)
671- ASV2 codec (Michael)
672- CLJR decoder (Alex)
d3d10087 673
e0db8cfb 674.. And lots more new enhancements and fixes.
e07702ba 675
0ca3e336 676
d3d10087 677version 0.4.6:
739d6efa 678
679- completely new integer only MPEG audio layer 1/2/3 decoder rewritten
680 from scratch
681- Recoded DCT and motion vector search with gcc (no longer depends on nasm)
682- fix quantization bug in AC3 encoder
683- added PCM codecs and format. Corrected WAV/AVI/ASF PCM issues
684- added prototype ffplay program
685- added GOB header parsing on H.263/H.263+ decoder (Juanjo)
686- bug fix on MCBPC tables of H.263 (Juanjo)
687- bug fix on DC coefficients of H.263 (Juanjo)
688- added Advanced Prediction Mode on H.263/H.263+ decoder (Juanjo)
689- now we can decode H.263 streams found in QuickTime files (Juanjo)
690- now we can decode H.263 streams found in VIVO v1 files(Juanjo)
644d98a4 691- preliminary RTP "friendly" mode for H.263/H.263+ coding. (Juanjo)
692- added GOB header for H.263/H.263+ coding on RTP mode (Juanjo)
693- now H.263 picture size is returned on the first decoded frame (Juanjo)
7f913a35 694- added first regression tests
e0db8cfb 695- added MPEG-2 TS demuxer
a31e01c5 696- new demux API for libav
6d291820 697- more accurate and faster IDCT (Michael)
e0db8cfb 698- faster and entropy-controlled motion search (Michael)
699- two pass video encoding (Michael)
700- new video rate control (Michael)
701- added MSMPEG4V1, MSMPEGV2 and WMV1 support (Michael)
702- great performance improvement of video encoders and decoders (Michael)
703- new and faster bit readers and vlc parsers (Michael)
e0db8cfb 704- high quality encoding mode: tries all macroblock/VLC types (Michael)
705- added DV video decoder
706- preliminary RTP/RTSP support in ffserver and libavformat
707- H.263+ AIC decoding/encoding support (Juanjo)
708- VCD MPEG-PS mode (Juanjo)
709- PSNR stuff (Juanjo)
710- simple stats output (Juanjo)
711- 16-bit and 15-bit RGB/BGR/GBR support (Bisqwit)
739d6efa 712
0ca3e336 713
714version 0.4.5:
716- some header fixes (Zdenek Kabelac <kabi at informatics.muni.cz>)
717- many MMX optimizations (Nick Kurshev <nickols_k at mail.ru>)
718- added configure system (actually a small shell script)
719- added MPEG audio layer 1/2/3 decoding using LGPL'ed mpglib by
de6d9b64 720 Michael Hipp (temporary solution - waiting for integer only
721 decoder)
722- fixed VIDIOCSYNC interrupt
723- added Intel H.263 decoding support ('I263' AVI fourCC)
724- added Real Video 1.0 decoding (needs further testing)
725- simplified image formats again. Added PGM format (=grey
726 pgm). Renamed old PGM to PGMYUV.
727- fixed msmpeg4 slice issues (tell me if you still find problems)
728- fixed OpenDivX bugs with newer versions (added VOL header decoding)
729- added support for MPlayer interface
730- added macroblock skip optimization
731- added MJPEG decoder
732- added mmx/mmxext IDCT from libmpeg2
0c1e384c 733- added pgmyuvpipe, ppm, and ppm_pipe formats (original patch by Celer
dd5cf2ad 734 <celer at shell.scrypt.net>)
735- added pixel format conversion layer (e.g. for MJPEG or PPM)
736- added deinterlacing option
737- MPEG-1/2 fixes
738- MPEG-4 vol header fixes (Jonathan Marsden <snmjbm at pacbell.net>)
739- ARM optimizations (Lionel Ulmer <lionel.ulmer at free.fr>).
740- Windows porting of file converter
741- added MJPEG raw format (input/ouput)
742- added JPEG image format support (input/output)
de6d9b64 743
0ca3e336 744
745version 0.4.4:
747- fixed some std header definitions (Bjorn Lindgren
dd5cf2ad 748 <bjorn.e.lindgren at telia.com>).
749- added MPEG demuxer (MPEG-1 and 2 compatible).
750- added ASF demuxer
751- added prototype RM demuxer
752- added AC3 decoding (done with libac3 by Aaron Holtzman)
753- added decoding codec parameter guessing (.e.g. for MPEG, because the
754 header does not include them)
755- fixed header generation in MPEG-1, AVI and ASF muxer: wmplayer can now
756 play them (only tested video)
757- fixed H.263 white bug
758- fixed phase rounding in img resample filter
759- add MMX code for polyphase img resample filter
760- added CPU autodetection
761- added generic title/author/copyright/comment string handling (ASF and RM
762 use them)
de6d9b64 763- added SWF demux to extract MP3 track (not usable yet because no MP3
764 decoder)
765- added fractional frame rate support
de6d9b64 766- codecs are no longer searched by read_header() (should fix ffserver
e0db8cfb 767 segfault)
de6d9b64 768
0ca3e336 769
770version 0.4.3:
dd5cf2ad 772- BGR24 patch (initial patch by Jeroen Vreeken <pe1rxq at amsat.org>)
773- fixed raw yuv output
774- added motion rounding support in MPEG-4
775- fixed motion bug rounding in MSMPEG4
776- added B-frame handling in video core
777- added full MPEG-1 decoding support
778- added partial (frame only) MPEG-2 support
de6d9b64 779- changed the FOURCC code for H.263 to "U263" to be able to see the
780 +AVI/H.263 file with the UB Video H.263+ decoder. MPlayer works with
781 this +codec ;) (JuanJo).
782- Halfpel motion estimation after MB type selection (JuanJo)
783- added pgm and .Y.U.V output format
784- suppressed 'img:' protocol. Simply use: /tmp/test%d.[pgm|Y] as input or
785 output.
786- added pgmpipe I/O format (original patch from Martin Aumueller
dd5cf2ad 787 <lists at reserv.at>, but changed completely since we use a format
e0db8cfb 788 instead of a protocol)
de6d9b64 789
0ca3e336 790
791version 0.4.2:
793- added H.263/MPEG-4/MSMPEG4 decoding support. MPEG-4 decoding support
794 (for OpenDivX) is almost complete: 8x8 MVs and rounding are
de6d9b64 795 missing. MSMPEG4 support is complete.
796- added prototype MPEG-1 decoder. Only I- and P-frames handled yet (it
797 can decode ffmpeg MPEGs :-)).
798- added libavcodec API documentation (see apiexample.c).
799- fixed image polyphase bug (the bottom of some images could be
e0db8cfb 800 greenish)
de6d9b64 801- added support for non clipped motion vectors (decoding only)
802 and image sizes non-multiple of 16
803- added support for AC prediction (decoding only)
804- added file overwrite confirmation (can be disabled with -y)
805- added custom size picture to H.263 using H.263+ (Juanjo)
de6d9b64 806
0ca3e336 807
808version 0.4.1:
810- added MSMPEG4 (aka DivX) compatible encoder. Changed default codec
811 of AVI and ASF to DIV3.
812- added -me option to set motion estimation method
813 (default=log). suppressed redundant -hq option.
814- added options -acodec and -vcodec to force a given codec (useful for
815 AVI for example)
816- fixed -an option
817- improved dct_quantize speed
818- factorized some motion estimation code
de6d9b64 819
0ca3e336 820
821version 0.4.0:
823- removing grab code from ffserver and moved it to ffmpeg. Added
824 multistream support to ffmpeg.
de6d9b64 825- added timeshifting support for live feeds (option ?date=xxx in the
e0db8cfb 826 URL)
de6d9b64 827- added high quality image resize code with polyphase filter (need
56cc85a0 828 mmx/see optimization). Enable multiple image size support in ffserver.
e0db8cfb 829- added multi live feed support in ffserver
830- suppressed master feature from ffserver (it should be done with an
831 external program which opens the .ffm url and writes it to another
832 ffserver)
833- added preliminary support for video stream parsing (WAV and AVI half
834 done). Added proper support for audio/video file conversion in
de6d9b64 835 ffmpeg.
836- added preliminary support for video file sending from ffserver
837- redesigning I/O subsystem: now using URL based input and output
838 (see avio.h)
839- added WAV format support
840- added "tty user interface" to ffmpeg to stop grabbing gracefully
841- added MMX/SSE optimizations to SAD (Sums of Absolutes Differences)
dd5cf2ad 842 (Juan J. Sierralta P. a.k.a. "Juanjo" <juanjo at atmlab.utfsm.cl>)
843- added MMX DCT from mpeg2_movie 1.5 (Juanjo)
844- added new motion estimation algorithms, log and phods (Juanjo)
845- changed directories: libav for format handling, libavcodec for
846 codecs
de6d9b64 847
0ca3e336 848
849version 0.3.4:
e0db8cfb 851- added stereo in MPEG audio encoder
de6d9b64 852
0ca3e336 853
854version 0.3.3:
856- added 'high quality' mode which use motion vectors. It can be used in
857 real time at low resolution.
858- fixed rounding problems which caused quality problems at high
e0db8cfb 859 bitrates and large GOP size
de6d9b64 860
0ca3e336 861
862version 0.3.2: small fixes
e0db8cfb 864- ASF fixes
865- put_seek bug fix
0ca3e336 867
868version 0.3.1: added avi/divx support
870- added AVI support
871- added MPEG-4 codec compatible with OpenDivX. It is based on the H.263 codec
872- added sound for flash format (not tested)
0ca3e336 874
de6d9b64 875version 0.3: initial public release