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1\input texinfo @c -*- texinfo -*-
3@settitle General Documentation
5@center @titlefont{General Documentation}
6@end titlepage
12@chapter External libraries
14Libav can be hooked up with a number of external libraries to add support
15for more formats. None of them are used by default, their use has to be
16explicitly requested by passing the appropriate flags to
19@section OpenCORE and VisualOn libraries
21Spun off Google Android sources, OpenCore, VisualOn and Fraunhofer
22libraries provide encoders for a number of audio codecs.
24@float NOTE
25OpenCORE and VisualOn libraries are under the Apache License 2.0
26(see @url{} for details), which is
27incompatible with the LGPL version 2.1 and GPL version 2. You have to
28upgrade Libav's license to LGPL version 3 (or if you have enabled
29GPL components, GPL version 3) to use it.
30@end float
32@subsection OpenCORE AMR
34Libav can make use of the OpenCORE libraries for AMR-NB
35decoding/encoding and AMR-WB decoding.
37Go to @url{} and follow the
38instructions for installing the libraries.
39Then pass @code{--enable-libopencore-amrnb} and/or
40@code{--enable-libopencore-amrwb} to configure to enable them.
42@subsection VisualOn AAC encoder library
44Libav can make use of the VisualOn AACenc library for AAC encoding.
46Go to @url{} and follow the
47instructions for installing the library.
48Then pass @code{--enable-libvo-aacenc} to configure to enable it.
50@subsection VisualOn AMR-WB encoder library
52Libav can make use of the VisualOn AMR-WBenc library for AMR-WB encoding.
54Go to @url{} and follow the
55instructions for installing the library.
56Then pass @code{--enable-libvo-amrwbenc} to configure to enable it.
58@subsection Fraunhofer AAC library
60Libav can make use of the Fraunhofer AAC library for AAC encoding.
62Go to @url{} and follow the
63instructions for installing the library.
64Then pass @code{--enable-libfdk-aac} to configure to enable it.
66@section LAME
68Libav can make use of the LAME library for MP3 encoding.
70Go to @url{} and follow the
71instructions for installing the library.
72Then pass @code{--enable-libmp3lame} to configure to enable it.
74@section TwoLAME
76Libav can make use of the TwoLAME library for MP2 encoding.
78Go to @url{} and follow the
79instructions for installing the library.
80Then pass @code{--enable-libtwolame} to configure to enable it.
82@section libvpx
84Libav can make use of the libvpx library for VP8 encoding.
86Go to @url{} and follow the instructions for
87installing the library. Then pass @code{--enable-libvpx} to configure to
88enable it.
90@section libwavpack
92Libav can make use of the libwavpack library for WavPack encoding.
94Go to @url{} and follow the instructions for
95installing the library. Then pass @code{--enable-libwavpack} to configure to
96enable it.
98@section libxavs
100Libav can make use of the libxavs library for Xavs encoding.
102Go to @url{} and follow the instructions for
103installing the library. Then pass @code{--enable-libxavs} to configure to
104enable it.
106@section OpenH264
108Libav can make use of the OpenH264 library for H.264 encoding and decoding.
110Go to @url{} and follow the instructions for
111installing the library. Then pass @code{--enable-libopenh264} to configure to
112enable it.
114For decoding, this library is much more limited than the built-in decoder
115in libavcodec; currently, this library lacks support for decoding B-frames
116and some other main/high profile features. (It currently only supports
117constrained baseline profile and CABAC.) Using it is mostly useful for
118testing and for taking advantage of Cisco's patent portfolio license
121@section x264
123Libav can make use of the x264 library for H.264 encoding.
125Go to @url{} and follow the
126instructions for installing the library. Then pass @code{--enable-libx264} to
127configure to enable it.
129@float NOTE
130x264 is under the GNU Public License Version 2 or later
131(see @url{} for
132details), you must upgrade Libav's license to GPL in order to use it.
133@end float
135@section x265
137Libav can make use of the x265 library for HEVC encoding.
139Go to @url{} and follow the instructions
140for installing the library. Then pass @code{--enable-libx265} to configure
141to enable it.
143@float note
144x265 is under the GNU Public License Version 2 or later
145(see @url{} for
146details), you must upgrade Libav's license to GPL in order to use it.
147@end float
149@section kvazaar
151Libav can make use of the kvazaar library for HEVC encoding.
153Go to @url{} and follow the
154instructions for installing the library. Then pass
155@code{--enable-libkvazaar} to configure to enable it.
157@section libilbc
159iLBC is a narrowband speech codec that has been made freely available
160by Google as part of the WebRTC project. libilbc is a packaging friendly
161copy of the iLBC codec. Libav can make use of the libilbc library for
162iLBC encoding and decoding.
164Go to @url{} and follow the instructions for
165installing the library. Then pass @code{--enable-libilbc} to configure to
166enable it.
168@section libhdcd
170Libav can make use of the libhdcd library for High Definition Compatible
171Digital (HDCD) decoding via the @code{hdcd} filter.
173Go to @url{} and follow the instructions for
174installing the library. Then pass @code{--enable-libhdcd} to configure to
175enable it.
177@section AviSynth
179Libav can read AviSynth scripts as input. To enable support you need a
180suitable @file{avisynth_c.h} header to compile against. The header as
181provided by AviSynth+ is fully compatible. AviSynth 2.5 is not supported
182by Libav. Once you have the appropriate header, pass
183@code{--enable-avisynth} to configure to enable AviSynth support.
185For Windows, supported AviSynth variants are
186@url{, AviSynth 2.6 RC1 or higher} for 32-bit builds and
187@url{, AviSynth+ r1718 or higher} for 32-bit and 64-bit builds.
188@url{, AviSynth+'s git repository}
189provides a GNU-style Makefile which can install just the headers using
190@code{make install PREFIX=/install/prefix}.
192@float NOTE
193There is currently a regression in AviSynth+'s @code{capi.h} header as of
194October 2016, which interferes with the ability for builds of Libav to use
195MSVC-built binaries of AviSynth. Until this is resolved, you can make sure
196a known good version is installed by checking out a version from before
197the regression occurred:
199@code{git clone -b MT git:// @*
200cd AviSynthPlus @*
201git checkout -b oldheader b4f292b4dbfad149697fb65c6a037bb3810813f9 @*
202make install PREFIX=/install/prefix}
203@end float
205@float NOTE
206When using AviSynth+'s installed headers, the user must also pass
207the avisynth/ include directory to @code{--extra-cflags}. For example,
208if the PREFIX given to AviSynth+'s Makefile was /usr/i686-w64-mingw32,
209then the correct command would be
211@end float
213For Linux and OS X, the supported AviSynth variant is
214@url{, AvxSynth}.
215@file{avxsynth_c.h} is installed as part of the normal
216build routine, as illustrated on
217@url{, AvxSynth's wiki}.
218(the instructions for compiling its prerequisites are outdated, as FFMS 2.18
219or higher is now needed; the list of dependencies to be downloaded from the
220repositories is still the same, though).
222@float NOTE
223AviSynth and AvxSynth are loaded dynamically. Distributors can build Libav
224with @code{--enable-avisynth}, and the binaries will work regardless of the
225end user having AviSynth or AvxSynth installed - they'll only need to be
226installed to use AviSynth scripts (obviously).
227@end float
229@section Intel QuickSync Video
231Libav can use Intel QuickSync Video (QSV) for accelerated encoding and decoding
232of multiple codecs. To use QSV, Libav must be linked against the @code{libmfx}
233dispatcher, which loads the actual decoding libraries.
235The dispatcher is open source and can be downloaded from
236@url{}. Libav needs to be configured
237with the @code{--enable-libmfx} option and @code{pkg-config} needs to be able to
238locate the dispatcher's @code{.pc} files.
240@chapter Supported File Formats and Codecs
242You can use the @code{-formats} and @code{-codecs} options to have an exhaustive list.
244@section File Formats
246Libav supports the following file formats through the @code{libavformat}
249@multitable @columnfractions .4 .1 .1 .4
250@item Name @tab Encoding @tab Decoding @tab Comments
251@item 4xm @tab @tab X
252 @tab 4X Technologies format, used in some games.
253@item 8088flex TMV @tab @tab X
254@item Adobe Filmstrip @tab X @tab X
255@item Audio IFF (AIFF) @tab X @tab X
256@item American Laser Games MM @tab @tab X
257 @tab Multimedia format used in games like Mad Dog McCree.
258@item 3GPP AMR @tab X @tab X
259@item Amazing Studio Packed Animation File @tab @tab X
260 @tab Multimedia format used in game Heart Of Darkness.
261@item Apple HTTP Live Streaming @tab @tab X
262@item ASF @tab X @tab X
263@item AVI @tab X @tab X
264@item AviSynth @tab @tab X
265@item AVS @tab @tab X
266 @tab Multimedia format used by the Creature Shock game.
267@item Beam Software SIFF @tab @tab X
268 @tab Audio and video format used in some games by Beam Software.
269@item Bethesda Softworks VID @tab @tab X
270 @tab Used in some games from Bethesda Softworks.
271@item Bink @tab @tab X
272 @tab Multimedia format used by many games.
273@item Bitmap Brothers JV @tab @tab X
274 @tab Used in Z and Z95 games.
275@item Brute Force & Ignorance @tab @tab X
276 @tab Used in the game Flash Traffic: City of Angels.
277@item BWF @tab X @tab X
278@item CRI ADX @tab X @tab X
279 @tab Audio-only format used in console video games.
280@item Discworld II BMV @tab @tab X
281@item Interplay C93 @tab @tab X
282 @tab Used in the game Cyberia from Interplay.
283@item Delphine Software International CIN @tab @tab X
284 @tab Multimedia format used by Delphine Software games.
285@item Digital Speech Standard (DSS) @tab @tab X
286@item Canopus HQ @tab @tab X
287@item Canopus HQA @tab @tab X
288@item Canopus HQX @tab @tab X
289@item CD+G @tab @tab X
290 @tab Video format used by CD+G karaoke disks
291@item Commodore CDXL @tab @tab X
292 @tab Amiga CD video format
293@item Core Audio Format @tab @tab X
294 @tab Apple Core Audio Format
295@item CRC testing format @tab X @tab
296@item Creative Voice @tab X @tab X
297 @tab Created for the Sound Blaster Pro.
298@item CRYO APC @tab @tab X
299 @tab Audio format used in some games by CRYO Interactive Entertainment.
300@item D-Cinema audio @tab X @tab X
301@item Deluxe Paint Animation @tab @tab X
302@item DFA @tab @tab X
303 @tab This format is used in Chronomaster game
304@item DirectDraw Surface @tab @tab X
305@item DV video @tab X @tab X
306@item DXA @tab @tab X
307 @tab This format is used in the non-Windows version of the Feeble Files
308 game and different game cutscenes repacked for use with ScummVM.
309@item Electronic Arts cdata @tab @tab X
310@item Electronic Arts Multimedia @tab @tab X
311 @tab Used in various EA games; files have extensions like WVE and UV2.
312@item Flash (SWF) @tab X @tab X
313@item Flash 9 (AVM2) @tab X @tab X
314 @tab Only embedded audio is decoded.
315@item FLI/FLC/FLX animation @tab @tab X
316 @tab .fli/.flc files
317@item Flash Video (FLV) @tab X @tab X
318 @tab Macromedia Flash video files
319@item framecrc testing format @tab X @tab
320@item FunCom ISS @tab @tab X
321 @tab Audio format used in various games from FunCom like The Longest Journey.
322@item GIF Animation @tab X @tab
323@item GXF @tab X @tab X
324 @tab General eXchange Format SMPTE 360M, used by Thomson Grass Valley
325 playout servers.
326@item HNM @tab @tab X
327 @tab Only version 4 supported, used in some games from Cryo Interactive
328@item id Quake II CIN video @tab @tab X
329@item id RoQ @tab X @tab X
330 @tab Used in Quake III, Jedi Knight 2, other computer games.
331@item IEC61937 encapsulation @tab X @tab X
332@item IFF @tab @tab X
333 @tab Interchange File Format
334@item iLBC @tab X @tab X
335@item Interplay MVE @tab @tab X
336 @tab Format used in various Interplay computer games.
337@item IV8 @tab @tab X
338 @tab A format generated by IndigoVision 8000 video server.
339@item IVF (On2) @tab X @tab X
340 @tab A format used by libvpx
341@item LATM @tab X @tab X
342@item LMLM4 @tab @tab X
343 @tab Used by Linux Media Labs MPEG-4 PCI boards
344@item LXF @tab @tab X
345 @tab VR native stream format, used by Leitch/Harris' video servers.
346@item Matroska @tab X @tab X
347@item Matroska audio @tab X @tab
348@item FFmpeg metadata @tab X @tab X
349 @tab Metadata in text format.
350@item MAXIS XA @tab @tab X
351 @tab Used in Sim City 3000; file extension .xa.
352@item MD Studio @tab @tab X
353@item Mobotix .mxg @tab @tab X
354@item Monkey's Audio @tab @tab X
355@item Motion Pixels MVI @tab @tab X
356@item MOV/QuickTime/MP4 @tab X @tab X
357 @tab 3GP, 3GP2, PSP, iPod variants supported
358@item MP2 @tab X @tab X
359@item MP3 @tab X @tab X
360@item MPEG-1 System @tab X @tab X
361 @tab muxed audio and video, VCD format supported
362@item MPEG-PS (program stream) @tab X @tab X
363 @tab also known as @code{VOB} file, SVCD and DVD format supported
364@item MPEG-TS (transport stream) @tab X @tab X
365 @tab also known as DVB Transport Stream
366@item MPEG-4 @tab X @tab X
367 @tab MPEG-4 is a variant of QuickTime.
368@item Mirillis FIC video @tab @tab X
369 @tab No cursor rendering.
370@item MIME multipart JPEG @tab X @tab
371@item MSN TCP webcam @tab @tab X
372 @tab Used by MSN Messenger webcam streams.
373@item MTV @tab @tab X
374@item Musepack @tab @tab X
375@item Musepack SV8 @tab @tab X
376@item Material eXchange Format (MXF) @tab X @tab X
377 @tab SMPTE 377M, used by D-Cinema, broadcast industry.
378@item Material eXchange Format (MXF), D-10 Mapping @tab X @tab X
379 @tab SMPTE 386M, D-10/IMX Mapping.
380@item NC camera feed @tab @tab X
381 @tab NC (AVIP NC4600) camera streams
382@item NTT TwinVQ (VQF) @tab @tab X
383 @tab Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation TwinVQ.
384@item Nullsoft Streaming Video @tab @tab X
385@item NuppelVideo @tab @tab X
386@item NUT @tab X @tab X
387 @tab NUT Open Container Format
388@item Ogg @tab X @tab X
389@item Playstation Portable PMP @tab @tab X
390@item TechnoTrend PVA @tab @tab X
391 @tab Used by TechnoTrend DVB PCI boards.
392@item QCP @tab @tab X
393@item raw ADTS (AAC) @tab X @tab X
394@item raw AC-3 @tab X @tab X
395@item raw Chinese AVS video @tab X @tab X
396@item raw CRI ADX @tab X @tab X
397@item raw Dirac @tab X @tab X
398@item raw DNxHD @tab X @tab X
399@item raw DTS @tab X @tab X
400@item raw E-AC-3 @tab X @tab X
401@item raw FLAC @tab X @tab X
402@item raw GSM @tab @tab X
403@item raw H.261 @tab X @tab X
404@item raw H.263 @tab X @tab X
405@item raw H.264 @tab X @tab X
406@item raw HEVC @tab X @tab X
407@item raw Ingenient MJPEG @tab @tab X
408@item raw MJPEG @tab X @tab X
409@item raw MLP @tab @tab X
410@item raw MPEG @tab @tab X
411@item raw MPEG-1 @tab @tab X
412@item raw MPEG-2 @tab @tab X
413@item raw MPEG-4 @tab X @tab X
414@item raw NULL @tab X @tab
415@item raw video @tab X @tab X
416@item raw id RoQ @tab X @tab
417@item raw Shorten @tab @tab X
418@item raw TAK @tab @tab X
419@item raw TrueHD @tab X @tab X
420@item raw VC-1 @tab @tab X
421@item raw PCM A-law @tab X @tab X
422@item raw PCM mu-law @tab X @tab X
423@item raw PCM signed 8 bit @tab X @tab X
424@item raw PCM signed 16 bit big-endian @tab X @tab X
425@item raw PCM signed 16 bit little-endian @tab X @tab X
426@item raw PCM signed 24 bit big-endian @tab X @tab X
427@item raw PCM signed 24 bit little-endian @tab X @tab X
428@item raw PCM signed 32 bit big-endian @tab X @tab X
429@item raw PCM signed 32 bit little-endian @tab X @tab X
430@item raw PCM unsigned 8 bit @tab X @tab X
431@item raw PCM unsigned 16 bit big-endian @tab X @tab X
432@item raw PCM unsigned 16 bit little-endian @tab X @tab X
433@item raw PCM unsigned 24 bit big-endian @tab X @tab X
434@item raw PCM unsigned 24 bit little-endian @tab X @tab X
435@item raw PCM unsigned 32 bit big-endian @tab X @tab X
436@item raw PCM unsigned 32 bit little-endian @tab X @tab X
437@item raw PCM floating-point 32 bit big-endian @tab X @tab X
438@item raw PCM floating-point 32 bit little-endian @tab X @tab X
439@item raw PCM floating-point 64 bit big-endian @tab X @tab X
440@item raw PCM floating-point 64 bit little-endian @tab X @tab X
441@item RDT @tab @tab X
442@item REDCODE R3D @tab @tab X
443 @tab File format used by RED Digital cameras, contains JPEG 2000 frames and PCM audio.
444@item RealMedia @tab X @tab X
445@item Redirector @tab @tab X
446@item Renderware TeXture Dictionary @tab @tab X
447@item Resolume DXV @tab @tab X
448@item RL2 @tab @tab X
449 @tab Audio and video format used in some games by Entertainment Software Partners.
450@item RPL/ARMovie @tab @tab X
451@item Lego Mindstorms RSO @tab X @tab X
452@item RTMP @tab X @tab X
453 @tab Output is performed by publishing stream to RTMP server
454@item RTP @tab X @tab X
455@item RTSP @tab X @tab X
456@item SAP @tab X @tab X
457@item Screenpresso @tab @tab X
458@item SDP @tab @tab X
459@item Sega FILM/CPK @tab @tab X
460 @tab Used in many Sega Saturn console games.
461@item Silicon Graphics Movie @tab @tab X
462@item Sierra SOL @tab @tab X
463 @tab .sol files used in Sierra Online games.
464@item Sierra VMD @tab @tab X
465 @tab Used in Sierra CD-ROM games.
466@item Smacker @tab @tab X
467 @tab Multimedia format used by many games.
468@item SMJPEG @tab X @tab X
469 @tab Used in certain Loki game ports.
470@item Smush
471 @tab Multimedia format used in some LucasArts games.
472@item Sony OpenMG (OMA) @tab X @tab X
473 @tab Audio format used in Sony Sonic Stage and Sony Vegas.
474@item Sony PlayStation STR @tab @tab X
475@item Sony Wave64 (W64) @tab @tab X
476@item SoX native format @tab X @tab X
477@item SUN AU format @tab X @tab X
478@item TDSC @tab @tab X
479@item Text files @tab @tab X
480@item THP @tab @tab X
481 @tab Used on the Nintendo GameCube.
482@item Tiertex Limited SEQ @tab @tab X
483 @tab Tiertex .seq files used in the DOS CD-ROM version of the game Flashback.
484@item True Audio @tab @tab X
485@item VC-1 test bitstream @tab X @tab X
486@item Vidvox Hap @tab X @tab X
487@item WAV @tab X @tab X
488@item WavPack @tab @tab X
489@item WebM @tab X @tab X
490@item Windows Televison (WTV) @tab @tab X
491@item Wing Commander III movie @tab @tab X
492 @tab Multimedia format used in Origin's Wing Commander III computer game.
493@item Westwood Studios audio @tab @tab X
494 @tab Multimedia format used in Westwood Studios games.
495@item Westwood Studios VQA @tab @tab X
496 @tab Multimedia format used in Westwood Studios games.
497@item XMV @tab @tab X
498 @tab Microsoft video container used in Xbox games.
499@item xWMA @tab @tab X
500 @tab Microsoft audio container used by XAudio 2.
501@item YUV4MPEG pipe @tab X @tab X
502@item Psygnosis YOP @tab @tab X
503@item ZeroCodec Lossless Video @tab @tab X
504@end multitable
506@code{X} means that encoding (resp. decoding) is supported.
508@section Image Formats
510Libav can read and write images for each frame of a video sequence. The
511following image formats are supported:
513@multitable @columnfractions .4 .1 .1 .4
514@item Name @tab Encoding @tab Decoding @tab Comments
515@item .Y.U.V @tab X @tab X
516 @tab one raw file per component
517@item Alias PIX @tab X @tab X
518 @tab Alias/Wavefront PIX image format
519@item animated GIF @tab X @tab X
520 @tab Only uncompressed GIFs are generated.
521@item BMP @tab X @tab X
522 @tab Microsoft BMP image
523@item BRender PIX @tab @tab X
524 @tab Argonaut BRender 3D engine image format.
525@item DPX @tab X @tab X
526 @tab Digital Picture Exchange
527@item EXR @tab @tab X
528 @tab OpenEXR
529@item JPEG @tab X @tab X
530 @tab Progressive JPEG is not supported.
531@item JPEG 2000 @tab E @tab X
532 @tab encoding supported through external library libopenjpeg
533@item JPEG-LS @tab X @tab X
534@item LJPEG @tab X @tab
535 @tab Lossless JPEG
536@item PAM @tab X @tab X
537 @tab PAM is a PNM extension with alpha support.
538@item PBM @tab X @tab X
539 @tab Portable BitMap image
540@item PCX @tab X @tab X
541 @tab PC Paintbrush
542@item PGM @tab X @tab X
543 @tab Portable GrayMap image
544@item PGMYUV @tab X @tab X
545 @tab PGM with U and V components in YUV 4:2:0
546@item PIC @tab @tab X
547 @tab Pictor/PC Paint
548@item PNG @tab X @tab X
549 @tab 2/4 bpp not supported yet
550@item PPM @tab X @tab X
551 @tab Portable PixelMap image
552@item PTX @tab @tab X
553 @tab V.Flash PTX format
554@item SGI @tab X @tab X
555 @tab SGI RGB image format
556@item Sun Rasterfile @tab X @tab X
557 @tab Sun RAS image format
558@item TIFF @tab X @tab X
559 @tab YUV, JPEG and some extension is not supported yet.
560@item Truevision Targa @tab X @tab X
561 @tab Targa (.TGA) image format
562@item WebP @tab E @tab X
563 @tab WebP image format, encoding supported through external library libwebp
564@item XBM @tab X @tab X
565 @tab X BitMap image format
566@item XWD @tab X @tab X
567 @tab X Window Dump image format
568@end multitable
570@code{X} means that encoding (resp. decoding) is supported.
572@code{E} means that support is provided through an external library.
574@section Video Codecs
576@multitable @columnfractions .4 .1 .1 .4
577@item Name @tab Encoding @tab Decoding @tab Comments
578@item 4X Movie @tab @tab X
579 @tab Used in certain computer games.
580@item 8088flex TMV @tab @tab X
581@item 8SVX exponential @tab @tab X
582@item 8SVX fibonacci @tab @tab X
583@item A64 multicolor @tab X @tab
584 @tab Creates video suitable to be played on a commodore 64 (multicolor mode).
585@item Amazing Studio PAF Video @tab @tab X
586@item American Laser Games MM @tab @tab X
587 @tab Used in games like Mad Dog McCree.
588@item AMV Video @tab @tab X
589 @tab Used in Chinese MP3 players.
590@item ANSI/ASCII art @tab @tab X
591@item Apple Intermediate Codec @tab @tab X
592@item Apple MJPEG-B @tab @tab X
593@item Apple Pixlet @tab @tab X
594@item Apple ProRes @tab X @tab X
595@item Apple QuickDraw @tab @tab X
596 @tab fourcc: qdrw
597@item Asus v1 @tab X @tab X
598 @tab fourcc: ASV1
599@item Asus v2 @tab X @tab X
600 @tab fourcc: ASV2
601@item ATI VCR1 @tab @tab X
602 @tab fourcc: VCR1
603@item ATI VCR2 @tab @tab X
604 @tab fourcc: VCR2
605@item Auravision Aura @tab @tab X
606@item Auravision Aura 2 @tab @tab X
607@item Autodesk Animator Flic video @tab @tab X
608@item Autodesk RLE @tab @tab X
609 @tab fourcc: AASC
610@item AVS (Audio Video Standard) video @tab @tab X
611 @tab Video encoding used by the Creature Shock game.
612@item Beam Software VB @tab @tab X
613@item Bethesda VID video @tab @tab X
614 @tab Used in some games from Bethesda Softworks.
615@item Bink Video @tab @tab X
616@item Bitmap Brothers JV video @tab @tab X
617@item Brute Force & Ignorance @tab @tab X
618 @tab Used in the game Flash Traffic: City of Angels.
619@item C93 video @tab @tab X
620 @tab Codec used in Cyberia game.
621@item CamStudio @tab @tab X
622 @tab fourcc: CSCD
623@item CD+G @tab @tab X
624 @tab Video codec for CD+G karaoke disks
625@item CDXL @tab @tab X
626 @tab Amiga CD video codec
627@item Chinese AVS video @tab E @tab X
628 @tab AVS1-P2, JiZhun profile, encoding through external library libxavs
629@item Cineform HD @tab @tab X
630@item Delphine Software International CIN video @tab @tab X
631 @tab Codec used in Delphine Software International games.
632@item Discworld II BMV Video @tab @tab X
633@item Canopus Lossless Codec @tab @tab X
634@item Cinepak @tab @tab X
635@item Cirrus Logic AccuPak @tab X @tab X
636 @tab fourcc: CLJR
637@item Creative YUV (CYUV) @tab @tab X
638@item DFA @tab @tab X
639 @tab Codec used in Chronomaster game.
640@item Dirac @tab E @tab E
641 @tab supported through external library libschroedinger
642@item Deluxe Paint Animation @tab @tab X
643@item DNxHD @tab X @tab X
644 @tab aka SMPTE VC3
645@item Duck TrueMotion 1.0 @tab @tab X
646 @tab fourcc: DUCK
647@item Duck TrueMotion 2.0 @tab @tab X
648 @tab fourcc: TM20
649@item Duck TrueMotion 2.0 RT @tab @tab X
650 @tab fourcc: TR20
651@item DV (Digital Video) @tab X @tab X
652@item Dxtory capture format @tab @tab X
653@item Feeble Files/ScummVM DXA @tab @tab X
654 @tab Codec originally used in Feeble Files game.
655@item Electronic Arts CMV video @tab @tab X
656 @tab Used in NHL 95 game.
657@item Electronic Arts Madcow video @tab @tab X
658@item Electronic Arts TGV video @tab @tab X
659@item Electronic Arts TGQ video @tab @tab X
660@item Electronic Arts TQI video @tab @tab X
661@item Escape 124 @tab @tab X
662@item Escape 130 @tab @tab X
663@item FFmpeg video codec #1 @tab X @tab X
664 @tab experimental lossless codec (fourcc: FFV1)
665@item Flash Screen Video v1 @tab X @tab X
666 @tab fourcc: FSV1
667@item Flash Screen Video v2 @tab @tab X
668@item Flash Video (FLV) @tab X @tab X
669 @tab Sorenson H.263 used in Flash
670@item Forward Uncompressed @tab @tab X
671@item Fraps @tab @tab X
672@item Go2Meeting @tab @tab X
673 @tab fourcc: G2M2, G2M3
674@item Go2Webinar @tab @tab X
675 @tab fourcc: G2M4
676@item H.261 @tab X @tab X
677@item H.263 / H.263-1996 @tab X @tab X
678@item H.263+ / H.263-1998 / H.263 version 2 @tab X @tab X
679@item H.264 / AVC / MPEG-4 AVC / MPEG-4 part 10 @tab E @tab X
680 @tab encoding supported through external library libx264 and OpenH264
681@item HEVC @tab X @tab X
682 @tab encoding supported through external library libx265 and libkvazaar
683@item HNM version 4 @tab @tab X
684@item HuffYUV @tab X @tab X
685@item HuffYUV FFmpeg variant @tab X @tab X
686@item IBM Ultimotion @tab @tab X
687 @tab fourcc: ULTI
688@item id Cinematic video @tab @tab X
689 @tab Used in Quake II.
690@item id RoQ video @tab X @tab X
691 @tab Used in Quake III, Jedi Knight 2, other computer games.
692@item IFF ILBM @tab @tab X
693 @tab IFF interleaved bitmap
694@item IFF ByteRun1 @tab @tab X
695 @tab IFF run length encoded bitmap
696@item Intel H.263 @tab @tab X
697@item Intel Indeo 2 @tab @tab X
698@item Intel Indeo 3 @tab @tab X
699@item Intel Indeo 4 @tab @tab X
700@item Intel Indeo 5 @tab @tab X
701@item Interplay C93 @tab @tab X
702 @tab Used in the game Cyberia from Interplay.
703@item Interplay MVE video @tab @tab X
704 @tab Used in Interplay .MVE files.
705@item Karl Morton's video codec @tab @tab X
706 @tab Codec used in Worms games.
707@item Kega Game Video (KGV1) @tab @tab X
708 @tab Kega emulator screen capture codec.
709@item Lagarith @tab @tab X
710@item LCL (LossLess Codec Library) MSZH @tab @tab X
711@item LCL (LossLess Codec Library) ZLIB @tab E @tab E
712@item LOCO @tab @tab X
713@item LucasArts SANM @tab @tab X
714 @tab Used in LucasArts SMUSH animations.
715@item lossless MJPEG @tab X @tab X
716@item MagicYUV Lossless Video @tab @tab X
717@item Microsoft ATC Screen @tab @tab X
718 @tab Also known as Microsoft Screen 3.
719@item Microsoft Expression Encoder Screen @tab @tab X
720 @tab Also known as Microsoft Titanium Screen 2.
721@item Microsoft RLE @tab @tab X
722@item Microsoft Screen 1 @tab @tab X
723 @tab Also known as Windows Media Video V7 Screen.
724@item Microsoft Screen 2 @tab @tab X
725 @tab Also known as Windows Media Video V9 Screen.
726@item Microsoft Video 1 @tab @tab X
727@item Mimic @tab @tab X
728 @tab Used in MSN Messenger Webcam streams.
729@item Miro VideoXL @tab @tab X
730 @tab fourcc: VIXL
731@item MJPEG (Motion JPEG) @tab X @tab X
732@item Mobotix MxPEG video @tab @tab X
733@item Motion Pixels video @tab @tab X
734@item MPEG-1 video @tab X @tab X
735@item MPEG-2 video @tab X @tab X
736@item MPEG-4 part 2 @tab X @tab X
737 @tab libxvidcore can be used alternatively for encoding.
738@item MPEG-4 part 2 Microsoft variant version 1 @tab @tab X
739@item MPEG-4 part 2 Microsoft variant version 2 @tab X @tab X
740@item MPEG-4 part 2 Microsoft variant version 3 @tab X @tab X
741@item Nintendo Gamecube THP video @tab @tab X
742@item NuppelVideo/RTjpeg @tab @tab X
743 @tab Video encoding used in NuppelVideo files.
744@item On2 VP3 @tab @tab X
745 @tab still experimental
746@item On2 VP5 @tab @tab X
747 @tab fourcc: VP50
748@item On2 VP6 @tab @tab X
749 @tab fourcc: VP60,VP61,VP62
750@item On2 VP7 @tab @tab X
751 @tab fourcc: VP70,VP71
752@item VP8 @tab E @tab X
753 @tab fourcc: VP80, encoding supported through external library libvpx
754@item VP9 @tab E @tab X
755 @tab Encoding supported through external library libvpx
756@item planar RGB @tab @tab X
757 @tab fourcc: 8BPS
758@item Q-team QPEG @tab @tab X
759 @tab fourccs: QPEG, Q1.0, Q1.1
760@item QuickTime 8BPS video @tab @tab X
761@item QuickTime Animation (RLE) video @tab X @tab X
762 @tab fourcc: 'rle '
763@item QuickTime Graphics (SMC) @tab @tab X
764 @tab fourcc: 'smc '
765@item QuickTime video (RPZA) @tab @tab X
766 @tab fourcc: rpza
767@item R10K AJA Kona 10-bit RGB Codec @tab @tab X
768@item R210 Quicktime Uncompressed RGB 10-bit @tab @tab X
769@item Raw Video @tab X @tab X
770@item RealVideo 1.0 @tab X @tab X
771@item RealVideo 2.0 @tab X @tab X
772@item RealVideo 3.0 @tab @tab X
773 @tab still far from ideal
774@item RealVideo 4.0 @tab @tab X
775@item Renderware TXD (TeXture Dictionary) @tab @tab X
776 @tab Texture dictionaries used by the Renderware Engine.
777@item RL2 video @tab @tab X
778 @tab used in some games by Entertainment Software Partners
779@item Sierra VMD video @tab @tab X
780 @tab Used in Sierra VMD files.
781@item Silicon Graphics Motion Video Compressor 1 (MVC1) @tab @tab X
782@item Silicon Graphics Motion Video Compressor 2 (MVC2) @tab @tab X
783@item Silicon Graphics RLE 8-bit video @tab @tab X
784@item Smacker video @tab @tab X
785 @tab Video encoding used in Smacker.
786@item SMPTE VC-1 @tab @tab X
787@item Sony PlayStation MDEC (Motion DECoder) @tab @tab X
788@item Sorenson Vector Quantizer 1 @tab X @tab X
789 @tab fourcc: SVQ1
790@item Sorenson Vector Quantizer 3 @tab @tab X
791 @tab fourcc: SVQ3
792@item Sunplus JPEG (SP5X) @tab @tab X
793 @tab fourcc: SP5X
794@item TechSmith Screen Capture Codec @tab @tab X
795 @tab fourcc: TSCC
796@item TechSmith Screen Capture Codec 2 @tab @tab X
797 @tab fourcc: TSC2
798@item Theora @tab E @tab X
799 @tab encoding supported through external library libtheora
800@item Tiertex Limited SEQ video @tab @tab X
801 @tab Codec used in DOS CD-ROM FlashBack game.
802@item Ut Video @tab X @tab X
803@item v210 QuickTime uncompressed 4:2:2 10-bit @tab X @tab X
804@item v410 QuickTime uncompressed 4:4:4 10-bit @tab X @tab X
805@item VBLE Lossless Codec @tab @tab X
806@item VMware Screen Codec / VMware Video @tab @tab X
807 @tab Codec used in videos captured by VMware.
808@item Westwood Studios VQA (Vector Quantized Animation) video @tab @tab X
809@item Windows Media Image @tab @tab X
810@item Windows Media Video 7 @tab X @tab X
811@item Windows Media Video 8 @tab X @tab X
812@item Windows Media Video 9 @tab @tab X
813 @tab not completely working
814@item Wing Commander III / Xan @tab @tab X
815 @tab Used in Wing Commander III .MVE files.
816@item Wing Commander IV / Xan @tab @tab X
817 @tab Used in Wing Commander IV.
818@item Winnov WNV1 @tab @tab X
819@item WMV7 @tab X @tab X
820@item YAMAHA SMAF @tab X @tab X
821@item Psygnosis YOP Video @tab @tab X
822@item ZLIB @tab X @tab X
823 @tab part of LCL, encoder experimental
824@item Zip Motion Blocks Video @tab X @tab X
825 @tab Encoder works only in PAL8.
826@end multitable
828@code{X} means that encoding (resp. decoding) is supported.
830@code{E} means that support is provided through an external library.
832@section Audio Codecs
834@multitable @columnfractions .4 .1 .1 .4
835@item Name @tab Encoding @tab Decoding @tab Comments
836@item 8SVX audio @tab @tab X
837@item AAC @tab E @tab X
838 @tab encoding supported through external library libfaac and libvo-aacenc
839@item AC-3 @tab IX @tab X
840@item ADPCM 4X Movie @tab @tab X
841@item ADPCM CDROM XA @tab @tab X
842@item ADPCM Creative Technology @tab @tab X
843 @tab 16 -> 4, 8 -> 4, 8 -> 3, 8 -> 2
844@item ADPCM Electronic Arts @tab @tab X
845 @tab Used in various EA titles.
846@item ADPCM Electronic Arts Maxis CDROM XS @tab @tab X
847 @tab Used in Sim City 3000.
848@item ADPCM Electronic Arts R1 @tab @tab X
849@item ADPCM Electronic Arts R2 @tab @tab X
850@item ADPCM Electronic Arts R3 @tab @tab X
851@item ADPCM Electronic Arts XAS @tab @tab X
852@item ADPCM G.722 @tab X @tab X
853@item ADPCM G.726 @tab X @tab X
854@item ADPCM IMA AMV @tab @tab X
855 @tab Used in AMV files
856@item ADPCM IMA Electronic Arts EACS @tab @tab X
857@item ADPCM IMA Electronic Arts SEAD @tab @tab X
858@item ADPCM IMA Funcom @tab @tab X
859@item ADPCM IMA QuickTime @tab X @tab X
860@item ADPCM IMA Loki SDL MJPEG @tab @tab X
861@item ADPCM IMA WAV @tab X @tab X
862@item ADPCM IMA Westwood @tab @tab X
863@item ADPCM ISS IMA @tab @tab X
864 @tab Used in FunCom games.
865@item ADPCM IMA Duck DK3 @tab @tab X
866 @tab Used in some Sega Saturn console games.
867@item ADPCM IMA Duck DK4 @tab @tab X
868 @tab Used in some Sega Saturn console games.
869@item ADPCM Microsoft @tab X @tab X
870@item ADPCM MS IMA @tab X @tab X
871@item ADPCM Nintendo Gamecube THP @tab @tab X
872@item ADPCM QT IMA @tab X @tab X
873@item ADPCM SEGA CRI ADX @tab X @tab X
874 @tab Used in Sega Dreamcast games.
875@item ADPCM Shockwave Flash @tab X @tab X
876@item ADPCM SMJPEG IMA @tab @tab X
877 @tab Used in certain Loki game ports.
878@item ADPCM Sound Blaster Pro 2-bit @tab @tab X
879@item ADPCM Sound Blaster Pro 2.6-bit @tab @tab X
880@item ADPCM Sound Blaster Pro 4-bit @tab @tab X
881@item ADPCM VIMA
882 @tab Used in LucasArts SMUSH animations.
883@item ADPCM Westwood Studios IMA @tab @tab X
884 @tab Used in Westwood Studios games like Command and Conquer.
885@item ADPCM Yamaha @tab X @tab X
886@item AMR-NB @tab E @tab X
887 @tab encoding supported through external library libopencore-amrnb
888@item AMR-WB @tab E @tab X
889 @tab encoding supported through external library libvo-amrwbenc
890@item Amazing Studio PAF Audio @tab @tab X
891@item Apple lossless audio @tab X @tab X
892 @tab QuickTime fourcc 'alac'
893@item ATRAC1 @tab @tab X
894@item ATRAC3 @tab @tab X
895@item ATRAC3+ @tab @tab X
896@item Bink Audio @tab @tab X
897 @tab Used in Bink and Smacker files in many games.
898@item Delphine Software International CIN audio @tab @tab X
899 @tab Codec used in Delphine Software International games.
900@item Digital Speech Standard - Standard Play mode (DSS SP) @tab @tab X
901@item Discworld II BMV Audio @tab @tab X
902@item COOK @tab @tab X
903 @tab All versions except 5.1 are supported.
904@item DCA (DTS Coherent Acoustics) @tab @tab X
905 @tab supported extensions: XCh, XLL (partially)
906@item DPCM id RoQ @tab X @tab X
907 @tab Used in Quake III, Jedi Knight 2, other computer games.
908@item DPCM Interplay @tab @tab X
909 @tab Used in various Interplay computer games.
910@item DPCM Sierra Online @tab @tab X
911 @tab Used in Sierra Online game audio files.
912@item DPCM Sol @tab @tab X
913@item DPCM Xan @tab @tab X
914 @tab Used in Origin's Wing Commander IV AVI files.
915@item DSP Group TrueSpeech @tab @tab X
916@item DV audio @tab @tab X
917@item Enhanced AC-3 @tab X @tab X
918@item FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) @tab X @tab IX
919@item G.723.1 @tab X @tab X
920@item GSM @tab E @tab X
921 @tab encoding supported through external library libgsm
922@item GSM Microsoft variant @tab E @tab X
923 @tab encoding supported through external library libgsm
924@item IAC (Indeo Audio Coder) @tab @tab X
925@item iLBC (Internet Low Bitrate Codec) @tab E @tab E
926 @tab encoding and decoding supported through external library libilbc
927@item IMC (Intel Music Coder) @tab @tab X
928@item MACE (Macintosh Audio Compression/Expansion) 3:1 @tab @tab X
929@item MACE (Macintosh Audio Compression/Expansion) 6:1 @tab @tab X
930@item MLP (Meridian Lossless Packing) @tab @tab X
931 @tab Used in DVD-Audio discs.
932@item Monkey's Audio @tab @tab X
933 @tab Only versions 3.97-3.99 are supported.
934@item MP1 (MPEG audio layer 1) @tab @tab IX
935@item MP2 (MPEG audio layer 2) @tab IE @tab IX
936 @tab encoding supported also through external library TwoLAME
937@item MP3 (MPEG audio layer 3) @tab E @tab IX
938 @tab encoding supported through external library LAME, ADU MP3 and MP3onMP4 also supported
939@item MPEG-4 Audio Lossless Coding (ALS) @tab @tab X
940@item Musepack SV7 @tab @tab X
941@item Musepack SV8 @tab @tab X
942@item Nellymoser Asao @tab X @tab X
943@item On2 AVC (Audio for Video Codec) @tab @tab X
944@item Opus @tab E @tab E
945 @tab supported through external library libopus
946@item PCM A-law @tab X @tab X
947@item PCM mu-law @tab X @tab X
948@item PCM signed 16-bit big-endian planar @tab @tab X
949@item PCM signed 16-bit little-endian planar @tab @tab X
950@item PCM signed 24-bit little-endian planar @tab @tab X
951@item PCM signed 32-bit little-endian planar @tab @tab X
952@item PCM 32-bit floating point big-endian @tab X @tab X
953@item PCM 32-bit floating point little-endian @tab X @tab X
954@item PCM 64-bit floating point big-endian @tab X @tab X
955@item PCM 64-bit floating point little-endian @tab X @tab X
956@item PCM D-Cinema audio signed 24-bit @tab X @tab X
957@item PCM signed 8-bit @tab X @tab X
958@item PCM signed 16-bit big-endian @tab X @tab X
959@item PCM signed 16-bit little-endian @tab X @tab X
960@item PCM signed 24-bit big-endian @tab X @tab X
961@item PCM signed 24-bit little-endian @tab X @tab X
962@item PCM signed 32-bit big-endian @tab X @tab X
963@item PCM signed 32-bit little-endian @tab X @tab X
964@item PCM signed 16/20/24-bit big-endian in MPEG-TS @tab @tab X
965@item PCM unsigned 8-bit @tab X @tab X
966@item PCM unsigned 16-bit big-endian @tab X @tab X
967@item PCM unsigned 16-bit little-endian @tab X @tab X
968@item PCM unsigned 24-bit big-endian @tab X @tab X
969@item PCM unsigned 24-bit little-endian @tab X @tab X
970@item PCM unsigned 32-bit big-endian @tab X @tab X
971@item PCM unsigned 32-bit little-endian @tab X @tab X
972@item PCM Zork @tab @tab X
973@item QCELP / PureVoice @tab @tab X
974@item QDesign Music Codec 2 @tab @tab X
975 @tab There are still some distortions.
976@item RealAudio 1.0 (14.4K) @tab X @tab X
977 @tab Real 14400 bit/s codec
978@item RealAudio 2.0 (28.8K) @tab @tab X
979 @tab Real 28800 bit/s codec
980@item RealAudio 3.0 (dnet) @tab IX @tab X
981 @tab Real low bitrate AC-3 codec
982@item RealAudio Lossless @tab @tab X
983@item RealAudio SIPR / ACELP.NET @tab @tab X
984@item Shorten @tab @tab X
985@item Sierra VMD audio @tab @tab X
986 @tab Used in Sierra VMD files.
987@item Smacker audio @tab @tab X
988@item SMPTE 302M AES3 audio @tab @tab X
989@item Speex @tab E @tab E
990 @tab supported through external library libspeex
991@item TAK (Tom's lossless Audio Kompressor) @tab @tab X
992@item True Audio (TTA) @tab @tab X
993@item TrueHD @tab @tab X
994 @tab Used in HD-DVD and Blu-Ray discs.
995@item TwinVQ (VQF flavor) @tab @tab X
996@item Vorbis @tab E @tab X
997 @tab A native but very primitive encoder exists.
998@item Voxware MetaSound @tab @tab X
999@item WavPack @tab E @tab X
1000 @tab supported through external library libwavpack
1001@item Westwood Audio (SND1) @tab @tab X
1002@item Windows Media Audio 1 @tab X @tab X
1003@item Windows Media Audio 2 @tab X @tab X
1004@item Windows Media Audio Lossless @tab @tab X
1005@item Windows Media Audio Pro @tab @tab X
1006@item Windows Media Audio Voice @tab @tab X
1007@end multitable
1009@code{X} means that encoding (resp. decoding) is supported.
1011@code{E} means that support is provided through an external library.
1013@code{I} means that an integer-only version is available, too (ensures high
1014performance on systems without hardware floating point support).
1016@section Subtitle Formats
1018@multitable @columnfractions .4 .1 .1 .1 .1
1019@item Name @tab Muxing @tab Demuxing @tab Encoding @tab Decoding
1020@item SSA/ASS @tab X @tab X @tab X @tab X
1021@item DVB @tab X @tab X @tab X @tab X
1022@item DVD @tab X @tab X @tab X @tab X
1023@item PGS @tab @tab @tab @tab X
1024@item SubRip (SRT) @tab X @tab X @tab @tab X
1025@item XSUB @tab @tab @tab X @tab X
1026@end multitable
1028@code{X} means that the feature is supported.
1030@section Network Protocols
1032@multitable @columnfractions .4 .1
1033@item Name @tab Support
1034@item file @tab X
1035@item Gopher @tab X
1036@item HLS @tab X
1037@item HTTP @tab X
1038@item HTTPS @tab X
1039@item Icecast @tab X
1040@item MMSH @tab X
1041@item MMST @tab X
1042@item pipe @tab X
1043@item RTMP @tab X
1044@item RTMPE @tab X
1045@item RTMPS @tab X
1046@item RTMPT @tab X
1047@item RTMPTE @tab X
1048@item RTMPTS @tab X
1049@item RTP @tab X
1050@item SCTP @tab X
1051@item TCP @tab X
1052@item TLS @tab X
1053@item UDP @tab X
1054@end multitable
1056@code{X} means that the protocol is supported.
1058@code{E} means that support is provided through an external library.
1061@section Input/Output Devices
1063@multitable @columnfractions .4 .1 .1
1064@item Name @tab Input @tab Output
1065@item ALSA @tab X @tab X
1066@item BKTR @tab X @tab
1067@item DV1394 @tab X @tab
1068@item Linux framebuffer @tab X @tab
1069@item JACK @tab X @tab
1070@item LIBCDIO @tab X
1071@item LIBDC1394 @tab X @tab
1072@item OSS @tab X @tab X
1073@item Pulseaudio @tab X @tab
1074@item Video4Linux2 @tab X @tab
1075@item VfW capture @tab X @tab
1076@item X11 grabbing @tab X @tab
1077@end multitable
1079@code{X} means that input/output is supported.