Add log_level_offset to AVCodecContext.
[libav.git] / libavcodec / options.c
1 /*
2 * Copyright (c) 2001 Fabrice Bellard
3 * Copyright (c) 2002-2004 Michael Niedermayer <>
4 *
5 * This file is part of FFmpeg.
6 *
7 * FFmpeg is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
8 * modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
9 * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
10 * version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
11 *
12 * FFmpeg is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
13 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
15 * Lesser General Public License for more details.
16 *
17 * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
18 * License along with FFmpeg; if not, write to the Free Software
19 * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
20 */
22 /**
23 * @file
24 * Options definition for AVCodecContext.
25 */
27 #include "avcodec.h"
28 #include "opt.h"
29 #include <float.h> /* FLT_MIN, FLT_MAX */
31 static const char* context_to_name(void* ptr) {
32 AVCodecContext *avc= ptr;
34 if(avc && avc->codec && avc->codec->name)
35 return avc->codec->name;
36 else
37 return "NULL";
38 }
40 #define OFFSET(x) offsetof(AVCodecContext,x)
41 #define DEFAULT 0 //should be NAN but it does not work as it is not a constant in glibc as required by ANSI/ISO C
42 //these names are too long to be readable
49 #define AV_CODEC_DEFAULT_BITRATE 200*1000
51 static const AVOption options[]={
52 {"b", "set bitrate (in bits/s)", OFFSET(bit_rate), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, AV_CODEC_DEFAULT_BITRATE, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
53 {"ab", "set bitrate (in bits/s)", OFFSET(bit_rate), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, 64*1000, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, A|E},
54 {"bt", "set video bitrate tolerance (in bits/s)", OFFSET(bit_rate_tolerance), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, AV_CODEC_DEFAULT_BITRATE*20, 1, INT_MAX, V|E},
55 {"flags", NULL, OFFSET(flags), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLAGS, DEFAULT, 0, UINT_MAX, V|A|E|D, "flags"},
56 {"mv4", "use four motion vector by macroblock (mpeg4)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_4MV, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags"},
57 {"obmc", "use overlapped block motion compensation (h263+)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_OBMC, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags"},
58 {"qpel", "use 1/4 pel motion compensation", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_QPEL, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags"},
59 {"loop", "use loop filter", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_LOOP_FILTER, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags"},
60 {"qscale", "use fixed qscale", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_QSCALE, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, 0, "flags"},
61 {"gmc", "use gmc", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_GMC, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags"},
62 {"mv0", "always try a mb with mv=<0,0>", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_MV0, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags"},
63 {"part", "use data partitioning", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_PART, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags"},
64 {"input_preserved", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_INPUT_PRESERVED, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, 0, "flags"},
65 {"pass1", "use internal 2pass ratecontrol in first pass mode", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_PASS1, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, 0, "flags"},
66 {"pass2", "use internal 2pass ratecontrol in second pass mode", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_PASS2, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, 0, "flags"},
67 {"extern_huff", "use external huffman table (for mjpeg)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_EXTERN_HUFF, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, 0, "flags"},
68 {"gray", "only decode/encode grayscale", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_GRAY, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E|D, "flags"},
69 {"emu_edge", "don't draw edges", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_EMU_EDGE, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, 0, "flags"},
70 {"psnr", "error[?] variables will be set during encoding", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_PSNR, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags"},
71 {"truncated", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_TRUNCATED, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, 0, "flags"},
72 {"naq", "normalize adaptive quantization", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_NORMALIZE_AQP, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags"},
73 {"ildct", "use interlaced dct", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_INTERLACED_DCT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags"},
74 {"low_delay", "force low delay", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_LOW_DELAY, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D|E, "flags"},
75 {"alt", "enable alternate scantable (mpeg2/mpeg4)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_ALT_SCAN, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags"},
76 {"global_header", "place global headers in extradata instead of every keyframe", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_GLOBAL_HEADER, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|A|E, "flags"},
77 {"bitexact", "use only bitexact stuff (except (i)dct)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_BITEXACT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, A|V|S|D|E, "flags"},
78 {"aic", "h263 advanced intra coding / mpeg4 ac prediction", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_AC_PRED, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags"},
79 {"umv", "use unlimited motion vectors", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_H263P_UMV, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags"},
80 {"cbp", "use rate distortion optimization for cbp", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_CBP_RD, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags"},
81 {"qprd", "use rate distortion optimization for qp selection", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_QP_RD, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags"},
82 {"aiv", "h263 alternative inter vlc", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_H263P_AIV, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags"},
84 {"ilme", "interlaced motion estimation", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_INTERLACED_ME, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags"},
85 {"scan_offset", "will reserve space for svcd scan offset user data", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_SVCD_SCAN_OFFSET, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags"},
86 {"cgop", "closed gop", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG_CLOSED_GOP, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags"},
87 {"fast", "allow non spec compliant speedup tricks", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG2_FAST, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags2"},
88 {"sgop", "strictly enforce gop size", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG2_STRICT_GOP, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags2"},
89 {"noout", "skip bitstream encoding", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG2_NO_OUTPUT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags2"},
90 {"local_header", "place global headers at every keyframe instead of in extradata", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG2_LOCAL_HEADER, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags2"},
92 {"me_method", "set motion estimation method", OFFSET(me_method), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, ME_EPZS, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "me_method"},
93 {"zero", "zero motion estimation (fastest)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, ME_ZERO, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "me_method" },
94 {"full", "full motion estimation (slowest)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, ME_FULL, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "me_method" },
95 {"epzs", "EPZS motion estimation (default)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, ME_EPZS, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "me_method" },
96 {"esa", "esa motion estimation (alias for full)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, ME_FULL, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "me_method" },
97 {"tesa", "tesa motion estimation", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, ME_TESA, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "me_method" },
98 {"dia", "dia motion estimation (alias for epzs)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, ME_EPZS, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "me_method" },
99 {"log", "log motion estimation", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, ME_LOG, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "me_method" },
100 {"phods", "phods motion estimation", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, ME_PHODS, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "me_method" },
101 {"x1", "X1 motion estimation", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, ME_X1, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "me_method" },
102 {"hex", "hex motion estimation", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, ME_HEX, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "me_method" },
103 {"umh", "umh motion estimation", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, ME_UMH, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "me_method" },
104 {"iter", "iter motion estimation", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, ME_ITER, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "me_method" },
105 {"extradata_size", NULL, OFFSET(extradata_size), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
106 {"time_base", NULL, OFFSET(time_base), FF_OPT_TYPE_RATIONAL, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
107 {"g", "set the group of picture size", OFFSET(gop_size), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, 12, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
108 {"rate_emu", "frame rate emulation", OFFSET(rate_emu), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
109 {"ar", "set audio sampling rate (in Hz)", OFFSET(sample_rate), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
110 {"ac", "set number of audio channels", OFFSET(channels), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
111 {"cutoff", "set cutoff bandwidth", OFFSET(cutoff), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, A|E},
112 {"frame_size", NULL, OFFSET(frame_size), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, A|E},
113 {"frame_number", NULL, OFFSET(frame_number), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
115 {"real_pict_num", NULL, OFFSET(real_pict_num), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
116 #endif
118 {"qcomp", "video quantizer scale compression (VBR)", OFFSET(qcompress), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLOAT, 0.5, -FLT_MAX, FLT_MAX, V|E},
119 {"qblur", "video quantizer scale blur (VBR)", OFFSET(qblur), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLOAT, 0.5, 0, FLT_MAX, V|E},
120 {"qmin", "min video quantizer scale (VBR)", OFFSET(qmin), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, 2, 1, 51, V|E},
121 {"qmax", "max video quantizer scale (VBR)", OFFSET(qmax), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, 31, 1, 51, V|E},
122 {"qdiff", "max difference between the quantizer scale (VBR)", OFFSET(max_qdiff), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, 3, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
123 {"bf", "use 'frames' B frames", OFFSET(max_b_frames), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, 0, FF_MAX_B_FRAMES, V|E},
124 {"b_qfactor", "qp factor between p and b frames", OFFSET(b_quant_factor), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLOAT, 1.25, -FLT_MAX, FLT_MAX, V|E},
125 {"rc_strategy", "ratecontrol method", OFFSET(rc_strategy), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
126 {"b_strategy", "strategy to choose between I/P/B-frames", OFFSET(b_frame_strategy), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, 0, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
127 {"wpredp", "weighted prediction analysis method", OFFSET(weighted_p_pred), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, 0, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
128 {"hurry_up", NULL, OFFSET(hurry_up), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D},
129 {"ps", "rtp payload size in bytes", OFFSET(rtp_payload_size), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
130 {"mv_bits", NULL, OFFSET(mv_bits), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
131 {"header_bits", NULL, OFFSET(header_bits), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
132 {"i_tex_bits", NULL, OFFSET(i_tex_bits), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
133 {"p_tex_bits", NULL, OFFSET(p_tex_bits), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
134 {"i_count", NULL, OFFSET(i_count), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
135 {"p_count", NULL, OFFSET(p_count), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
136 {"skip_count", NULL, OFFSET(skip_count), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
137 {"misc_bits", NULL, OFFSET(misc_bits), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
138 {"frame_bits", NULL, OFFSET(frame_bits), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
139 {"codec_tag", NULL, OFFSET(codec_tag), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
140 {"bug", "workaround not auto detected encoder bugs", OFFSET(workaround_bugs), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLAGS, FF_BUG_AUTODETECT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "bug"},
141 {"autodetect", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_BUG_AUTODETECT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "bug"},
142 {"old_msmpeg4", "some old lavc generated msmpeg4v3 files (no autodetection)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_BUG_OLD_MSMPEG4, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "bug"},
143 {"xvid_ilace", "Xvid interlacing bug (autodetected if fourcc==XVIX)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_BUG_XVID_ILACE, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "bug"},
144 {"ump4", "(autodetected if fourcc==UMP4)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_BUG_UMP4, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "bug"},
145 {"no_padding", "padding bug (autodetected)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_BUG_NO_PADDING, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "bug"},
146 {"amv", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_BUG_AMV, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "bug"},
147 {"ac_vlc", "illegal vlc bug (autodetected per fourcc)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_BUG_AC_VLC, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "bug"},
148 {"qpel_chroma", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_BUG_QPEL_CHROMA, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "bug"},
149 {"std_qpel", "old standard qpel (autodetected per fourcc/version)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_BUG_STD_QPEL, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "bug"},
150 {"qpel_chroma2", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_BUG_QPEL_CHROMA2, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "bug"},
151 {"direct_blocksize", "direct-qpel-blocksize bug (autodetected per fourcc/version)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_BUG_DIRECT_BLOCKSIZE, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "bug"},
152 {"edge", "edge padding bug (autodetected per fourcc/version)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_BUG_EDGE, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "bug"},
153 {"hpel_chroma", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_BUG_HPEL_CHROMA, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "bug"},
154 {"dc_clip", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_BUG_DC_CLIP, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "bug"},
155 {"ms", "workaround various bugs in microsofts broken decoders", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_BUG_MS, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "bug"},
156 {"trunc", "trancated frames", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST,FF_BUG_TRUNCATED, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "bug"},
157 {"lelim", "single coefficient elimination threshold for luminance (negative values also consider dc coefficient)", OFFSET(luma_elim_threshold), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
158 {"celim", "single coefficient elimination threshold for chrominance (negative values also consider dc coefficient)", OFFSET(chroma_elim_threshold), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
159 {"strict", "how strictly to follow the standards", OFFSET(strict_std_compliance), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, A|V|D|E, "strict"},
160 {"very", "strictly conform to a older more strict version of the spec or reference software", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_COMPLIANCE_VERY_STRICT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D|E, "strict"},
161 {"strict", "strictly conform to all the things in the spec no matter what consequences", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_COMPLIANCE_STRICT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D|E, "strict"},
163 {"inofficial", "allow unofficial extensions", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_COMPLIANCE_INOFFICIAL, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D|E, "strict"},
164 {"experimental", "allow non standardized experimental things", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_COMPLIANCE_EXPERIMENTAL, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D|E, "strict"},
165 {"b_qoffset", "qp offset between P and B frames", OFFSET(b_quant_offset), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLOAT, 1.25, -FLT_MAX, FLT_MAX, V|E},
166 {"er", "set error detection aggressivity", OFFSET(error_recognition), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, FF_ER_CAREFUL, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, A|V|D, "er"},
167 {"careful", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_ER_CAREFUL, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "er"},
168 {"compliant", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_ER_COMPLIANT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "er"},
169 {"aggressive", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_ER_AGGRESSIVE, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "er"},
170 {"very_aggressive", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_ER_VERY_AGGRESSIVE, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "er"},
171 {"has_b_frames", NULL, OFFSET(has_b_frames), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
172 {"block_align", NULL, OFFSET(block_align), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
173 {"parse_only", NULL, OFFSET(parse_only), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
174 {"mpeg_quant", "use MPEG quantizers instead of H.263", OFFSET(mpeg_quant), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
175 {"stats_out", NULL, OFFSET(stats_out), FF_OPT_TYPE_STRING, DEFAULT, CHAR_MIN, CHAR_MAX},
177 {"qsquish", "how to keep quantizer between qmin and qmax (0 = clip, 1 = use differentiable function)", OFFSET(rc_qsquish), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLOAT, DEFAULT, 0, 99, V|E},
178 {"rc_qmod_amp", "experimental quantizer modulation", OFFSET(rc_qmod_amp), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLOAT, DEFAULT, -FLT_MAX, FLT_MAX, V|E},
179 {"rc_qmod_freq", "experimental quantizer modulation", OFFSET(rc_qmod_freq), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
180 {"rc_override_count", NULL, OFFSET(rc_override_count), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
181 {"rc_eq", "set rate control equation", OFFSET(rc_eq), FF_OPT_TYPE_STRING, DEFAULT, CHAR_MIN, CHAR_MAX, V|E},
182 {"maxrate", "set max video bitrate tolerance (in bits/s)", OFFSET(rc_max_rate), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
183 {"minrate", "set min video bitrate tolerance (in bits/s)", OFFSET(rc_min_rate), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
184 {"bufsize", "set ratecontrol buffer size (in bits)", OFFSET(rc_buffer_size), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, A|V|E},
185 {"rc_buf_aggressivity", "currently useless", OFFSET(rc_buffer_aggressivity), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLOAT, 1.0, -FLT_MAX, FLT_MAX, V|E},
186 {"i_qfactor", "qp factor between P and I frames", OFFSET(i_quant_factor), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLOAT, -0.8, -FLT_MAX, FLT_MAX, V|E},
187 {"i_qoffset", "qp offset between P and I frames", OFFSET(i_quant_offset), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLOAT, 0.0, -FLT_MAX, FLT_MAX, V|E},
188 {"rc_init_cplx", "initial complexity for 1-pass encoding", OFFSET(rc_initial_cplx), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLOAT, DEFAULT, -FLT_MAX, FLT_MAX, V|E},
189 {"dct", "DCT algorithm", OFFSET(dct_algo), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, 0, INT_MAX, V|E, "dct"},
190 {"auto", "autoselect a good one (default)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_DCT_AUTO, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "dct"},
191 {"fastint", "fast integer", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_DCT_FASTINT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "dct"},
192 {"int", "accurate integer", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_DCT_INT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "dct"},
193 {"mmx", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_DCT_MMX, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "dct"},
194 {"mlib", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_DCT_MLIB, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "dct"},
195 {"altivec", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_DCT_ALTIVEC, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "dct"},
196 {"faan", "floating point AAN DCT", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_DCT_FAAN, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "dct"},
197 {"lumi_mask", "compresses bright areas stronger than medium ones", OFFSET(lumi_masking), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLOAT, 0, -FLT_MAX, FLT_MAX, V|E},
198 {"tcplx_mask", "temporal complexity masking", OFFSET(temporal_cplx_masking), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLOAT, 0, -FLT_MAX, FLT_MAX, V|E},
199 {"scplx_mask", "spatial complexity masking", OFFSET(spatial_cplx_masking), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLOAT, 0, -FLT_MAX, FLT_MAX, V|E},
200 {"p_mask", "inter masking", OFFSET(p_masking), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLOAT, 0, -FLT_MAX, FLT_MAX, V|E},
201 {"dark_mask", "compresses dark areas stronger than medium ones", OFFSET(dark_masking), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLOAT, 0, -FLT_MAX, FLT_MAX, V|E},
202 {"idct", "select IDCT implementation", OFFSET(idct_algo), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, 0, INT_MAX, V|E|D, "idct"},
203 {"auto", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_IDCT_AUTO, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E|D, "idct"},
204 {"int", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_IDCT_INT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E|D, "idct"},
205 {"simple", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_IDCT_SIMPLE, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E|D, "idct"},
206 {"simplemmx", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_IDCT_SIMPLEMMX, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E|D, "idct"},
207 {"libmpeg2mmx", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_IDCT_LIBMPEG2MMX, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E|D, "idct"},
208 {"ps2", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_IDCT_PS2, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E|D, "idct"},
209 {"mlib", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_IDCT_MLIB, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E|D, "idct"},
210 {"arm", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_IDCT_ARM, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E|D, "idct"},
211 {"altivec", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_IDCT_ALTIVEC, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E|D, "idct"},
212 {"sh4", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_IDCT_SH4, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E|D, "idct"},
213 {"simplearm", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_IDCT_SIMPLEARM, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E|D, "idct"},
214 {"simplearmv5te", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_IDCT_SIMPLEARMV5TE, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E|D, "idct"},
215 {"simplearmv6", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_IDCT_SIMPLEARMV6, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E|D, "idct"},
216 {"simpleneon", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_IDCT_SIMPLENEON, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E|D, "idct"},
217 {"simplealpha", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_IDCT_SIMPLEALPHA, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E|D, "idct"},
218 {"h264", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_IDCT_H264, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E|D, "idct"},
219 {"vp3", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_IDCT_VP3, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E|D, "idct"},
220 {"ipp", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_IDCT_IPP, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E|D, "idct"},
221 {"xvidmmx", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_IDCT_XVIDMMX, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E|D, "idct"},
222 {"faani", "floating point AAN IDCT", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_IDCT_FAAN, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D|E, "idct"},
223 {"slice_count", NULL, OFFSET(slice_count), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
224 {"ec", "set error concealment strategy", OFFSET(error_concealment), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLAGS, 3, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "ec"},
225 {"guess_mvs", "iterative motion vector (MV) search (slow)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_EC_GUESS_MVS, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "ec"},
226 {"deblock", "use strong deblock filter for damaged MBs", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_EC_DEBLOCK, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "ec"},
227 {"bits_per_coded_sample", NULL, OFFSET(bits_per_coded_sample), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
228 {"pred", "prediction method", OFFSET(prediction_method), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "pred"},
229 {"left", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_PRED_LEFT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "pred"},
230 {"plane", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_PRED_PLANE, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "pred"},
231 {"median", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_PRED_MEDIAN, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "pred"},
232 {"aspect", "sample aspect ratio", OFFSET(sample_aspect_ratio), FF_OPT_TYPE_RATIONAL, DEFAULT, 0, 10, V|E},
233 {"debug", "print specific debug info", OFFSET(debug), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLAGS, DEFAULT, 0, INT_MAX, V|A|S|E|D, "debug"},
234 {"pict", "picture info", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_DEBUG_PICT_INFO, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "debug"},
235 {"rc", "rate control", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_DEBUG_RC, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "debug"},
236 {"bitstream", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_DEBUG_BITSTREAM, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "debug"},
237 {"mb_type", "macroblock (MB) type", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_DEBUG_MB_TYPE, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "debug"},
238 {"qp", "per-block quantization parameter (QP)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_DEBUG_QP, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "debug"},
239 {"mv", "motion vector", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_DEBUG_MV, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "debug"},
240 {"dct_coeff", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_DEBUG_DCT_COEFF, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "debug"},
241 {"skip", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_DEBUG_SKIP, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "debug"},
242 {"startcode", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_DEBUG_STARTCODE, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "debug"},
243 {"pts", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_DEBUG_PTS, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "debug"},
244 {"er", "error recognition", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_DEBUG_ER, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "debug"},
245 {"mmco", "memory management control operations (H.264)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_DEBUG_MMCO, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "debug"},
246 {"bugs", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_DEBUG_BUGS, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "debug"},
247 {"vis_qp", "visualize quantization parameter (QP), lower QP are tinted greener", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_DEBUG_VIS_QP, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "debug"},
248 {"vis_mb_type", "visualize block types", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_DEBUG_VIS_MB_TYPE, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "debug"},
249 {"buffers", "picture buffer allocations", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_DEBUG_BUFFERS, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "debug"},
250 {"vismv", "visualize motion vectors (MVs)", OFFSET(debug_mv), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, 0, INT_MAX, V|D, "debug_mv"},
251 {"pf", "forward predicted MVs of P-frames", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_DEBUG_VIS_MV_P_FOR, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "debug_mv"},
252 {"bf", "forward predicted MVs of B-frames", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_DEBUG_VIS_MV_B_FOR, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "debug_mv"},
253 {"bb", "backward predicted MVs of B-frames", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_DEBUG_VIS_MV_B_BACK, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "debug_mv"},
254 {"mb_qmin", "obsolete, use qmin", OFFSET(mb_qmin), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
255 {"mb_qmax", "obsolete, use qmax", OFFSET(mb_qmax), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
256 {"cmp", "full pel me compare function", OFFSET(me_cmp), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "cmp_func"},
257 {"subcmp", "sub pel me compare function", OFFSET(me_sub_cmp), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "cmp_func"},
258 {"mbcmp", "macroblock compare function", OFFSET(mb_cmp), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "cmp_func"},
259 {"ildctcmp", "interlaced dct compare function", OFFSET(ildct_cmp), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, FF_CMP_VSAD, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "cmp_func"},
260 {"dia_size", "diamond type & size for motion estimation", OFFSET(dia_size), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
261 {"last_pred", "amount of motion predictors from the previous frame", OFFSET(last_predictor_count), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
262 {"preme", "pre motion estimation", OFFSET(pre_me), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
263 {"precmp", "pre motion estimation compare function", OFFSET(me_pre_cmp), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "cmp_func"},
264 {"sad", "sum of absolute differences, fast (default)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_CMP_SAD, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "cmp_func"},
265 {"sse", "sum of squared errors", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_CMP_SSE, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "cmp_func"},
266 {"satd", "sum of absolute Hadamard transformed differences", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_CMP_SATD, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "cmp_func"},
267 {"dct", "sum of absolute DCT transformed differences", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_CMP_DCT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "cmp_func"},
268 {"psnr", "sum of squared quantization errors (avoid, low quality)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_CMP_PSNR, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "cmp_func"},
269 {"bit", "number of bits needed for the block", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_CMP_BIT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "cmp_func"},
270 {"rd", "rate distortion optimal, slow", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_CMP_RD, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "cmp_func"},
271 {"zero", "0", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_CMP_ZERO, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "cmp_func"},
272 {"vsad", "sum of absolute vertical differences", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_CMP_VSAD, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "cmp_func"},
273 {"vsse","sum of squared vertical differences", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_CMP_VSSE, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "cmp_func"},
274 {"nsse", "noise preserving sum of squared differences", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_CMP_NSSE, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "cmp_func"},
276 {"w53", "5/3 wavelet, only used in snow", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_CMP_W53, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "cmp_func"},
277 {"w97", "9/7 wavelet, only used in snow", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_CMP_W97, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "cmp_func"},
278 #endif
279 {"dctmax", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_CMP_DCTMAX, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "cmp_func"},
280 {"chroma", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_CMP_CHROMA, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "cmp_func"},
281 {"pre_dia_size", "diamond type & size for motion estimation pre-pass", OFFSET(pre_dia_size), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
282 {"subq", "sub pel motion estimation quality", OFFSET(me_subpel_quality), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, 8, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
283 {"dtg_active_format", NULL, OFFSET(dtg_active_format), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
284 {"me_range", "limit motion vectors range (1023 for DivX player)", OFFSET(me_range), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
285 {"ibias", "intra quant bias", OFFSET(intra_quant_bias), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, FF_DEFAULT_QUANT_BIAS, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
286 {"pbias", "inter quant bias", OFFSET(inter_quant_bias), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, FF_DEFAULT_QUANT_BIAS, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
287 {"color_table_id", NULL, OFFSET(color_table_id), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
288 {"internal_buffer_count", NULL, OFFSET(internal_buffer_count), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
289 {"global_quality", NULL, OFFSET(global_quality), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
290 {"coder", NULL, OFFSET(coder_type), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "coder"},
291 {"vlc", "variable length coder / huffman coder", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_CODER_TYPE_VLC, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "coder"},
292 {"ac", "arithmetic coder", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_CODER_TYPE_AC, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "coder"},
293 {"raw", "raw (no encoding)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_CODER_TYPE_RAW, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "coder"},
294 {"rle", "run-length coder", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_CODER_TYPE_RLE, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "coder"},
295 {"deflate", "deflate-based coder", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_CODER_TYPE_DEFLATE, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "coder"},
296 {"context", "context model", OFFSET(context_model), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
297 {"slice_flags", NULL, OFFSET(slice_flags), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
298 {"xvmc_acceleration", NULL, OFFSET(xvmc_acceleration), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
299 {"mbd", "macroblock decision algorithm (high quality mode)", OFFSET(mb_decision), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "mbd"},
300 {"simple", "use mbcmp (default)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_MB_DECISION_SIMPLE, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "mbd"},
301 {"bits", "use fewest bits", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_MB_DECISION_BITS, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "mbd"},
302 {"rd", "use best rate distortion", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_MB_DECISION_RD, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "mbd"},
303 {"stream_codec_tag", NULL, OFFSET(stream_codec_tag), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
304 {"sc_threshold", "scene change threshold", OFFSET(scenechange_threshold), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
305 {"lmin", "min lagrange factor (VBR)", OFFSET(lmin), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, 2*FF_QP2LAMBDA, 0, INT_MAX, V|E},
306 {"lmax", "max lagrange factor (VBR)", OFFSET(lmax), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, 31*FF_QP2LAMBDA, 0, INT_MAX, V|E},
307 {"nr", "noise reduction", OFFSET(noise_reduction), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
308 {"rc_init_occupancy", "number of bits which should be loaded into the rc buffer before decoding starts", OFFSET(rc_initial_buffer_occupancy), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
309 {"inter_threshold", NULL, OFFSET(inter_threshold), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
311 {"error", NULL, OFFSET(error_rate), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
312 {"antialias", "MP3 antialias algorithm", OFFSET(antialias_algo), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "aa"},
313 {"auto", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_AA_AUTO, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "aa"},
314 {"fastint", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_AA_FASTINT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "aa"},
315 {"int", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_AA_INT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "aa"},
316 {"float", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_AA_FLOAT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "aa"},
317 {"qns", "quantizer noise shaping", OFFSET(quantizer_noise_shaping), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
318 {"threads", NULL, OFFSET(thread_count), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, 1, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E|D},
319 {"me_threshold", "motion estimaton threshold", OFFSET(me_threshold), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
320 {"mb_threshold", "macroblock threshold", OFFSET(mb_threshold), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
321 {"dc", "intra_dc_precision", OFFSET(intra_dc_precision), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, 0, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
322 {"nssew", "nsse weight", OFFSET(nsse_weight), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, 8, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
323 {"skip_top", "number of macroblock rows at the top which are skipped", OFFSET(skip_top), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D},
324 {"skip_bottom", "number of macroblock rows at the bottom which are skipped", OFFSET(skip_bottom), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D},
325 {"profile", NULL, OFFSET(profile), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, FF_PROFILE_UNKNOWN, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|A|E, "profile"},
326 {"unknown", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_PROFILE_UNKNOWN, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|A|E, "profile"},
327 {"aac_main", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_PROFILE_AAC_MAIN, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, A|E, "profile"},
328 {"aac_low", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_PROFILE_AAC_LOW, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, A|E, "profile"},
329 {"aac_ssr", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_PROFILE_AAC_SSR, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, A|E, "profile"},
330 {"aac_ltp", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_PROFILE_AAC_LTP, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, A|E, "profile"},
331 {"level", NULL, OFFSET(level), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, FF_LEVEL_UNKNOWN, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|A|E, "level"},
332 {"unknown", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, FF_LEVEL_UNKNOWN, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|A|E, "level"},
333 {"lowres", "decode at 1= 1/2, 2=1/4, 3=1/8 resolutions", OFFSET(lowres), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, 0, 0, INT_MAX, V|D},
334 {"skip_threshold", "frame skip threshold", OFFSET(frame_skip_threshold), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
335 {"skip_factor", "frame skip factor", OFFSET(frame_skip_factor), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
336 {"skip_exp", "frame skip exponent", OFFSET(frame_skip_exp), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
337 {"skipcmp", "frame skip compare function", OFFSET(frame_skip_cmp), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, FF_CMP_DCTMAX, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "cmp_func"},
338 {"border_mask", "increases the quantizer for macroblocks close to borders", OFFSET(border_masking), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLOAT, DEFAULT, -FLT_MAX, FLT_MAX, V|E},
339 {"mblmin", "min macroblock lagrange factor (VBR)", OFFSET(mb_lmin), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, FF_QP2LAMBDA * 2, 1, FF_LAMBDA_MAX, V|E},
340 {"mblmax", "max macroblock lagrange factor (VBR)", OFFSET(mb_lmax), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, FF_QP2LAMBDA * 31, 1, FF_LAMBDA_MAX, V|E},
341 {"mepc", "motion estimation bitrate penalty compensation (1.0 = 256)", OFFSET(me_penalty_compensation), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, 256, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
342 {"skip_loop_filter", NULL, OFFSET(skip_loop_filter), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, AVDISCARD_DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "avdiscard"},
343 {"skip_idct" , NULL, OFFSET(skip_idct) , FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, AVDISCARD_DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "avdiscard"},
344 {"skip_frame" , NULL, OFFSET(skip_frame) , FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, AVDISCARD_DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "avdiscard"},
345 {"none" , NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, AVDISCARD_NONE , INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "avdiscard"},
346 {"default" , NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, AVDISCARD_DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "avdiscard"},
347 {"noref" , NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, AVDISCARD_NONREF , INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "avdiscard"},
348 {"bidir" , NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, AVDISCARD_BIDIR , INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "avdiscard"},
349 {"nokey" , NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, AVDISCARD_NONKEY , INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "avdiscard"},
350 {"all" , NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, AVDISCARD_ALL , INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|D, "avdiscard"},
351 {"bidir_refine", "refine the two motion vectors used in bidirectional macroblocks", OFFSET(bidir_refine), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, 1, 0, 4, V|E},
352 {"brd_scale", "downscales frames for dynamic B-frame decision", OFFSET(brd_scale), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, 0, 10, V|E},
353 {"crf", "enables constant quality mode, and selects the quality (x264)", OFFSET(crf), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLOAT, DEFAULT, 0, 51, V|E},
354 {"cqp", "constant quantization parameter rate control method", OFFSET(cqp), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, -1, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
355 {"keyint_min", "minimum interval between IDR-frames (x264)", OFFSET(keyint_min), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, 25, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
356 {"refs", "reference frames to consider for motion compensation (Snow)", OFFSET(refs), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, 1, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
357 {"chromaoffset", "chroma qp offset from luma", OFFSET(chromaoffset), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
358 {"bframebias", "influences how often B-frames are used", OFFSET(bframebias), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
359 {"trellis", "rate-distortion optimal quantization", OFFSET(trellis), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|A|E},
360 {"directpred", "direct mv prediction mode - 0 (none), 1 (spatial), 2 (temporal), 3 (auto)", OFFSET(directpred), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, 2, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E},
361 {"bpyramid", "allows B-frames to be used as references for predicting", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG2_BPYRAMID, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags2"},
362 {"wpred", "weighted biprediction for b-frames (H.264)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG2_WPRED, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags2"},
363 {"mixed_refs", "one reference per partition, as opposed to one reference per macroblock", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG2_MIXED_REFS, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags2"},
364 {"dct8x8", "high profile 8x8 transform (H.264)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG2_8X8DCT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags2"},
365 {"fastpskip", "fast pskip (H.264)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG2_FASTPSKIP, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags2"},
366 {"aud", "access unit delimiters (H.264)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG2_AUD, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags2"},
367 {"skiprd", "RD optimal MB level residual skipping", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG2_SKIP_RD, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags2"},
368 {"complexityblur", "reduce fluctuations in qp (before curve compression)", OFFSET(complexityblur), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLOAT, 20.0, FLT_MIN, FLT_MAX, V|E},
369 {"deblockalpha", "in-loop deblocking filter alphac0 parameter", OFFSET(deblockalpha), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, -6, 6, V|E},
370 {"deblockbeta", "in-loop deblocking filter beta parameter", OFFSET(deblockbeta), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, -6, 6, V|E},
371 {"partitions", "macroblock subpartition sizes to consider", OFFSET(partitions), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLAGS, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "partitions"},
372 {"parti4x4", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, X264_PART_I4X4, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "partitions"},
373 {"parti8x8", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, X264_PART_I8X8, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "partitions"},
374 {"partp4x4", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, X264_PART_P4X4, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "partitions"},
375 {"partp8x8", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, X264_PART_P8X8, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "partitions"},
376 {"partb8x8", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, X264_PART_B8X8, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "partitions"},
377 {"sc_factor", "multiplied by qscale for each frame and added to scene_change_score", OFFSET(scenechange_factor), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, 6, 0, INT_MAX, V|E},
378 {"mv0_threshold", NULL, OFFSET(mv0_threshold), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, 256, 0, INT_MAX, V|E},
379 {"ivlc", "intra vlc table", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG2_INTRA_VLC, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags2"},
380 {"b_sensitivity", "adjusts sensitivity of b_frame_strategy 1", OFFSET(b_sensitivity), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, 40, 1, INT_MAX, V|E},
381 {"compression_level", NULL, OFFSET(compression_level), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, FF_COMPRESSION_DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|A|E},
382 {"use_lpc", "sets whether to use LPC mode (FLAC)", OFFSET(use_lpc), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, -1, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, A|E},
383 {"lpc_coeff_precision", "LPC coefficient precision (FLAC)", OFFSET(lpc_coeff_precision), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, 0, INT_MAX, A|E},
384 {"min_prediction_order", NULL, OFFSET(min_prediction_order), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, -1, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, A|E},
385 {"max_prediction_order", NULL, OFFSET(max_prediction_order), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, -1, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, A|E},
386 {"prediction_order_method", "search method for selecting prediction order", OFFSET(prediction_order_method), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, -1, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, A|E},
387 {"min_partition_order", NULL, OFFSET(min_partition_order), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, -1, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, A|E},
388 {"max_partition_order", NULL, OFFSET(max_partition_order), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, -1, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, A|E},
389 {"timecode_frame_start", "GOP timecode frame start number, in non drop frame format", OFFSET(timecode_frame_start), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT64, 0, 0, INT64_MAX, V|E},
390 {"drop_frame_timecode", NULL, 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG2_DROP_FRAME_TIMECODE, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags2"},
391 {"non_linear_q", "use non linear quantizer", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG2_NON_LINEAR_QUANT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags2"},
392 {"request_channels", "set desired number of audio channels", OFFSET(request_channels), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, 0, INT_MAX, A|D},
393 {"drc_scale", "percentage of dynamic range compression to apply", OFFSET(drc_scale), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLOAT, 1.0, 0.0, 1.0, A|D},
394 {"reservoir", "use bit reservoir", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG2_BIT_RESERVOIR, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, A|E, "flags2"},
395 {"mbtree", "use macroblock tree ratecontrol (x264 only)", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG2_MBTREE, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags2"},
396 {"bits_per_raw_sample", NULL, OFFSET(bits_per_raw_sample), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, DEFAULT, INT_MIN, INT_MAX},
397 {"channel_layout", NULL, OFFSET(channel_layout), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT64, DEFAULT, 0, INT64_MAX, A|E|D, "channel_layout"},
398 {"request_channel_layout", NULL, OFFSET(request_channel_layout), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT64, DEFAULT, 0, INT64_MAX, A|D, "request_channel_layout"},
399 {"rc_max_vbv_use", NULL, OFFSET(rc_max_available_vbv_use), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLOAT, 1.0/3, 0.0, FLT_MAX, V|E},
400 {"rc_min_vbv_use", NULL, OFFSET(rc_min_vbv_overflow_use), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLOAT, 3, 0.0, FLT_MAX, V|E},
401 {"ticks_per_frame", NULL, OFFSET(ticks_per_frame), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, 1, 1, INT_MAX, A|V|E|D},
402 {"color_primaries", NULL, OFFSET(color_primaries), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, AVCOL_PRI_UNSPECIFIED, 1, AVCOL_PRI_NB-1, V|E|D},
403 {"color_trc", NULL, OFFSET(color_trc), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, AVCOL_TRC_UNSPECIFIED, 1, AVCOL_TRC_NB-1, V|E|D},
404 {"colorspace", NULL, OFFSET(colorspace), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, AVCOL_SPC_UNSPECIFIED, 1, AVCOL_SPC_NB-1, V|E|D},
405 {"color_range", NULL, OFFSET(color_range), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, AVCOL_RANGE_UNSPECIFIED, 0, AVCOL_RANGE_NB-1, V|E|D},
406 {"chroma_sample_location", NULL, OFFSET(chroma_sample_location), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, AVCHROMA_LOC_UNSPECIFIED, 0, AVCHROMA_LOC_NB-1, V|E|D},
407 {"psy", "use psycho visual optimization", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG2_PSY, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags2"},
408 {"psy_rd", "specify psycho visual strength", OFFSET(psy_rd), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLOAT, 1.0, 0, FLT_MAX, V|E},
409 {"psy_trellis", "specify psycho visual trellis", OFFSET(psy_trellis), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLOAT, 0, 0, FLT_MAX, V|E},
410 {"aq_mode", "specify aq method", OFFSET(aq_mode), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, 1, 0, INT_MAX, V|E},
411 {"aq_strength", "specify aq strength", OFFSET(aq_strength), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLOAT, 1.0, 0, FLT_MAX, V|E},
412 {"rc_lookahead", "specify number of frames to look ahead for frametype", OFFSET(rc_lookahead), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, 40, 0, INT_MAX, V|E},
413 {"ssim", "ssim will be calculated during encoding", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG2_SSIM, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags2"},
414 {"intra_refresh", "use periodic insertion of intra blocks instead of keyframes", 0, FF_OPT_TYPE_CONST, CODEC_FLAG2_INTRA_REFRESH, INT_MIN, INT_MAX, V|E, "flags2"},
415 {"crf_max", "in crf mode, prevents vbv from lowering quality beyond this point", OFFSET(crf_max), FF_OPT_TYPE_FLOAT, DEFAULT, 0, 51, V|E},
416 {"log_level_offset", "set the log level offset", OFFSET(log_level_offset), FF_OPT_TYPE_INT, 0, INT_MIN, INT_MAX },
417 {NULL},
418 };
420 #undef A
421 #undef V
422 #undef S
423 #undef E
424 #undef D
425 #undef DEFAULT
427 static const AVClass av_codec_context_class = { "AVCodecContext", context_to_name, options, LIBAVUTIL_VERSION_INT, OFFSET(log_level_offset) };
429 void avcodec_get_context_defaults2(AVCodecContext *s, enum AVMediaType codec_type){
430 int flags=0;
431 memset(s, 0, sizeof(AVCodecContext));
433 s->av_class= &av_codec_context_class;
435 s->codec_type = codec_type;
436 if(codec_type == AVMEDIA_TYPE_AUDIO)
438 else if(codec_type == AVMEDIA_TYPE_VIDEO)
440 else if(codec_type == AVMEDIA_TYPE_SUBTITLE)
442 av_opt_set_defaults2(s, flags, flags);
444 s->time_base= (AVRational){0,1};
445 s->get_buffer= avcodec_default_get_buffer;
446 s->release_buffer= avcodec_default_release_buffer;
447 s->get_format= avcodec_default_get_format;
448 s->execute= avcodec_default_execute;
449 s->execute2= avcodec_default_execute2;
450 s->sample_aspect_ratio= (AVRational){0,1};
451 s->pix_fmt= PIX_FMT_NONE;
452 s->sample_fmt= SAMPLE_FMT_NONE;
454 s->palctrl = NULL;
455 s->reget_buffer= avcodec_default_reget_buffer;
456 s->reordered_opaque= AV_NOPTS_VALUE;
457 }
459 AVCodecContext *avcodec_alloc_context2(enum AVMediaType codec_type){
460 AVCodecContext *avctx= av_malloc(sizeof(AVCodecContext));
462 if(avctx==NULL) return NULL;
464 avcodec_get_context_defaults2(avctx, codec_type);
466 return avctx;
467 }
469 void avcodec_get_context_defaults(AVCodecContext *s){
470 avcodec_get_context_defaults2(s, AVMEDIA_TYPE_UNKNOWN);
471 }
473 AVCodecContext *avcodec_alloc_context(void){
474 return avcodec_alloc_context2(AVMEDIA_TYPE_UNKNOWN);
475 }
477 int avcodec_copy_context(AVCodecContext *dest, const AVCodecContext *src)
478 {
479 if (dest->codec) { // check that the dest context is uninitialized
480 av_log(dest, AV_LOG_ERROR,
481 "Tried to copy AVCodecContext %p into already-initialized %p\n",
482 src, dest);
483 return AVERROR(EINVAL);
484 }
485 memcpy(dest, src, sizeof(*dest));
487 /* set values specific to opened codecs back to their default state */
488 dest->priv_data = NULL;
489 dest->codec = NULL;
490 dest->palctrl = NULL;
491 dest->slice_offset = NULL;
492 dest->internal_buffer = NULL;
493 dest->hwaccel = NULL;
494 dest->execute = NULL;
495 dest->execute2 = NULL;
496 dest->reget_buffer = NULL;
497 dest->thread_opaque = NULL;
499 /* reallocate values that should be allocated separately */
500 dest->rc_eq = NULL;
501 dest->extradata = NULL;
502 dest->intra_matrix = NULL;
503 dest->inter_matrix = NULL;
504 dest->rc_override = NULL;
505 if (src->rc_eq) {
506 dest->rc_eq = av_strdup(src->rc_eq);
507 if (!dest->rc_eq)
508 return AVERROR(ENOMEM);
509 }
511 #define alloc_and_copy_or_fail(obj, size, pad) \
512 if (src->obj && size > 0) { \
513 dest->obj = av_malloc(size + pad); \
514 if (!dest->obj) \
515 goto fail; \
516 memcpy(dest->obj, src->obj, size); \
517 if (pad) \
518 memset(((uint8_t *) dest->obj) + size, 0, pad); \
519 }
520 alloc_and_copy_or_fail(extradata, src->extradata_size,
522 alloc_and_copy_or_fail(intra_matrix, 64 * sizeof(int16_t), 0);
523 alloc_and_copy_or_fail(inter_matrix, 64 * sizeof(int16_t), 0);
524 alloc_and_copy_or_fail(rc_override, src->rc_override_count * sizeof(*src->rc_override), 0);
525 #undef alloc_and_copy_or_fail
527 return 0;
529 fail:
530 av_freep(&dest->rc_override);
531 av_freep(&dest->intra_matrix);
532 av_freep(&dest->inter_matrix);
533 av_freep(&dest->extradata);
534 av_freep(&dest->rc_eq);
535 return AVERROR(ENOMEM);
536 }