10l (symbol mangling)
[libav.git] / CREDITS
2005-05-17 Mike MelansonFraps FPS1 video decoder (v1 & v2), courtesy of Roine...
2005-03-27 Michael Niedermayeradd Loïc Le Loarer
2005-03-06 Mike Melansonfirst pass at ALAC decoder from David Hammerton; while...
2005-02-26 Mike Melansondoc update for Shorten codec
2004-11-26 Michael Niedermayercredits for Michel Bardiaux
2004-10-28 Mike Melansoncredited with H.261 encoder
2004-10-11 Måns Rullgårdcredits patch by (Måns Rullgård <mru at mru dot ath...
2004-09-25 Michael Niedermayersome credits for all these patches
2004-08-14 Mike MelansonTechSmith Camtasia (TSCC) video decoder, courtesy of...
2004-08-14 Patrice BensoussaniTunes metadata encoding support patch by (Patrice...
2004-03-13 Mike Melansoncredit update
2004-03-13 Mike Melansonadded SGI image format, encoding and decoding, courtesy...
2004-03-13 Mike MelansonMatroska credits
2004-02-25 Michael NiedermayerWolfgang Hesseler (mv/dct coeff export & mv vissualiztion)
2004-02-07 Roman Shaposhnik * docs update for G.726
2004-02-03 Mike Melansonadded support for EA ADPCM and SMJPEG IMA ADPCM
2004-01-02 Mike MelansonVMD support
2003-10-01 Mike MelansonNew demuxers: Sega FILM/CPK, Westwood VQA & AUD; new...
2003-09-08 Mike Melansonfringe feature update
2003-09-02 Mike Melansondoc update
2002-11-20 Fabrice Bellardupdate
2002-11-19 Fabrice Bellardupdate
2002-11-19 Fabrice Bellardadded CREDITS file (tell me if I forgot someone)