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2004-03-13 Mike Melansonadded SGI image format, encoding and decoding, courtesy...
2004-03-13 Mike MelansonMatroska credits
2004-03-08 Benjamin Larssonss patch by (Benjamin Larsson <banan at student dot...
2004-02-18 Alex Beregszasziflac
2004-02-14 Michael Niedermayermsadpcm encoding
2004-02-07 Roman Shaposhnik * docs update for G.726
2004-02-05 Mike Melansoninitial commit for Quicktime Animation (RLE) video...
2004-02-03 Mike Melansonadded support for EA ADPCM and SMJPEG IMA ADPCM
2004-01-12 Roberto TogniMSZH and ZLIB decoder support
2004-01-02 Mike MelansonVMD support
2004-01-01 Mike Melansonremove vile lie (MS ADPCM encoding is not supported...
2003-12-30 Michael Niedermayerinfo about h and tpel
2003-12-27 Michael Niedermayerits nice to include 'what it does & why' in submitted...
2003-12-10 Fabrice Bellardupdate
2003-12-03 Mike Melansoninitial support for Duck TrueMotion v1 (think of it...
2003-11-14 Mike Melansonyep, FLI support
2003-11-07 Roberto Togni8BPS decoder
2003-10-25 Michael Niedermayerdiff -up looks better then diff -u
2003-10-12 Alex Beregszasziadd some missing codecs
2003-10-03 Mike Melansonimplemented Id Quake II CIN support
2003-10-02 Alex Beregszaszinut and vcr2
2003-10-01 Roman Shaposhnik * preAlpha DV encoding support -- there's still...
2003-10-01 Mike MelansonNew demuxers: Sega FILM/CPK, Westwood VQA & AUD; new...
2003-09-28 Michael NiedermayerAMR-WB support by (Johannes Carlsson <joca at rixmail...
2003-09-16 Fabrice Bellarddoc update
2003-09-14 Mike Melansoninitial Interplay video decoder
2003-09-11 Fabrice Bellarddoc update
2003-09-08 Fabrice BellardAC3 note
2003-09-08 Mike Melansonfringe feature update
2003-09-02 Mike Melansonit seems that ffmpeg can also mux QT/MP4 now
2003-09-02 Mike Melansondoc update
2003-08-24 Fabrice Bellardupdate
2003-08-24 Fabrice Bellardadded all options
2003-08-24 Fabrice Bellardexplain Windows Native and Cross build - linked to...
2003-08-24 Fabrice Bellardupdated supported codec/format
2003-08-24 Fabrice Bellardadded ffplay documentation - added automatic man page...
2003-08-22 Fabrice Bellardupdate
2003-07-22 Fabrice Bellardmention libavformat API examples
2003-07-22 Fabrice Bellardincorrect comment
2003-07-22 Fabrice Bellardmention the two asf formats
2003-07-09 Michael NiedermayerFFmpeg & evaluating performance on the PowerPC Architec...
2003-06-17 Michael Niedermayerupdate
2003-06-10 Philip GladstoneHave the test.asf stream enabled by default (thanks...
2003-06-02 Fabrice Bellardautogeneration of html files
2003-06-02 Fabrice Bellardupdate
2003-05-29 Mike Melansonoverdue format updates
2003-05-14 Roman Shaposhnikmisc. updates
2003-04-19 Fabrice Bellardupdate from texi
2003-04-16 Fabrice Bellardremoved useless copyright policy - added xawtv link
2003-04-09 Philip Gladstone* Add Video4MotionVector in a stream description to...
2003-04-04 Michael Niedermayerh264 update
2003-03-08 Michael Niedermayerupdate
2003-02-08 Michael Niedermayerupdate
2003-01-19 Michael Niedermayeradd/put_pixels_clamped update
2003-01-16 Michael Niedermayerupdate
2003-01-11 Michael Niedermayergmc1
2003-01-11 Michael Niedermayermore links
2003-01-11 Michael Niedermayeroptimization tips
2002-12-28 Fabrice Bellardupdated html docs
2002-12-27 Michael Niedermayerupdate
2002-12-22 Philip GladstoneChanged thru to through and fixed several other typos
2002-12-21 Philip GladstoneApplied Mark Hill's patches.
2002-12-21 Philip GladstoneAdded my TODO list
2002-12-20 François RevolThat should be enough for now :)
2002-12-20 Michael Niedermayermy TODO ...
2002-12-20 Fabrice Bellardupdated with my current projets - add your own TODO...
2002-11-30 Philip GladstoneMoved hook documentation into the doc directory
2002-11-21 Philip GladstoneUpdated to reflect the current state of ffserver (as...
2002-11-20 Fabrice Bellardadded example to hack with SDP/multicast streaming
2002-11-19 Fabrice Bellardupdate
2002-11-19 Fabrice Bellardupdate
2002-11-19 Fabrice Bellardffserver documentation update
2002-11-19 Fabrice Bellarddoc update
2002-11-04 Fabrice Bellardadded faq.html
2002-11-04 Fabrice Bellardupdated FAQ - converted it to texinfo
2002-10-27 Fabrice Bellardadded Michael's page
2002-10-27 Fabrice Bellardnew texinfo documentation - HTML version also included
2002-10-15 Fabrice Bellardremoved obsolete file
2002-08-29 Michael Niedermayerbase64 encoded patches posted to the devel list are...
2002-07-27 Philip GladstoneAdd notes on the ?date= format.
2002-07-27 Philip GladstoneAdd some examples of using ACL
2002-07-25 Fabrice Bellardadded 'NoDaemon' command - added RTP/RTSP stream example
2002-07-20 François Revolbeos/mov/adpcm patch by François Revol <revol at free...
2002-06-05 Philip GladstoneAdd the copyright/comment/author/title keywords
2002-05-30 Philip GladstoneAdded Launch, FaviconURL and Redirect examples
2002-05-25 Fabrice Bellardupdate
2002-05-20 Fabrice Bellardupdate
2002-05-20 Fabrice Bellardadded regression test mention
2002-05-18 Fabrice Bellardupdated for my short term goals
2002-05-17 Philip Gladstone* Added a note that says that WMP cannot stream .mpg...
2002-05-17 Philip GladstoneAdded use of StartSendOnKey
2002-05-16 Philip Gladstone* Updated with new stream configuration items
2002-05-09 Juanjo- Updating docs....
2002-05-09 Philip Gladstone* Updated so that some streams actually work!
2002-05-09 Philip Gladstone* These are my notes on streaming
2002-03-20 Juanjo- Fix pts calculation on mpeg mux (A/V sync) - Thanks...
2001-09-24 Fabrice Bellardupdate
2001-09-16 Fabrice Bellardadded patch info (I prefer only diff -u) and clear...
2001-09-16 Fabrice Bellardadded image question
2001-08-15 Fabrice Bellardupdated