added support for EA ADPCM and SMJPEG IMA ADPCM
[libav.git] / libavcodec / allcodecs.c
2004-02-03 Mike Melansonadded support for EA ADPCM and SMJPEG IMA ADPCM
2004-01-12 Roberto TogniMSZH and ZLIB decoder support
2004-01-02 Mike Melansonfirst pass at Sierra VMD A/V decoders; video looks...
2003-12-03 Mike Melansoninitial support for Duck TrueMotion v1 (think of it...
2003-11-30 Michael Niedermayerrv20 decoder
2003-11-14 Mike Melansonyep, FLI support
2003-11-12 Ivan Kalvachevmpegvideo is back
2003-11-10 Fabrice Bellardnew audio/video parser API
2003-11-10 Mike Melansonadded Apple Graphics (SMC) decoder
2003-11-07 Roberto Togni8BPS decoder
2003-10-15 Mike Melansonactivate the XA and ADX ADPCM codecs
2003-10-11 Alex BeregszasziSunplus JPEG codec (SP5X) support
2003-10-11 Alex Beregszaszitheora decoding support (only keyframes for now, becaus...
2003-10-04 Michael NiedermayerPatch for AAC encoding with libfaac by (Gildas Bazin...
2003-10-03 Mike Melansonimplemented Id Quake II CIN support
2003-10-02 Mike Melansonfirst pass at a VQA video decoder
2003-10-01 Mike MelansonNew demuxers: Sega FILM/CPK, Westwood VQA & AUD; new...
2003-09-29 Roman Shaposhnik * DV handling was streamlined for both muxing/demuxi...
2003-09-28 Michael NiedermayerAMR-WB support by (Johannes Carlsson <joca at rixmail...
2003-09-08 Mike MelansonNew fringe codecs: WC3/Xan video, Xan DPCM, DK3 & DK4...
2003-09-02 Mike Melansoninitial commit for Id RoQ and Interplay MVE multimedia...
2003-09-01 Michael Niedermayerasv2 encoding
2003-09-01 Michael NiedermayerASV2 decoder
2003-08-26 Michael Niedermayermpeg2 regression test
2003-08-25 Michael Niedermayermpeg2 encoding
2003-08-22 Michael NiedermayerPSX MDEC decoder, based upon some code from Sebastian...
2003-07-27 Alex BeregszasziCLJR decoding support
2003-07-26 Ivan Kalvachevinitial XvMC support
2003-07-24 Michael NiedermayerATI VCR1 decoder
2003-07-10 Michael Niedermayer1000l (forgot to commit)
2003-06-17 Michael Niedermayerlossless mjpeg encoding (planar yuv & RGB) and somerela...
2003-06-13 Nick KurshevRealAudio 1.0 (14_4) and 2.0 (28_8) native decoders...
2003-06-09 Michael NiedermayerFFV1 codec (our very simple lossless intra only codec...
2003-06-05 Zdenek Kabelac* 3gp patch by Joca
2003-06-03 Michael Niedermayer4xm adpcm
2003-06-01 Michael Niedermayer4xm codec
2003-05-19 Michael NiedermayerASV1 codec
2003-05-14 joca@rixmail.seAMR-NB audio support patch by (<joca at rixmail dot...
2003-05-12 Zdenek Kabelac* support for AAC audio streams via libfaad
2003-05-09 Michael Niedermayersvq3 decoder by anonymous
2003-05-07 Roman Shaposhnik * introducing new public interface in imgconvert.c
2003-05-05 Mike Melansonfirst pass at a new VP3 video decoder
2003-04-15 Mike Melansonnative Indeo3 decoder implementation
2003-04-04 Michael NiedermayerH264 decoder & demuxer
2003-03-06 Michael Niedermayerper file doxy
2003-02-09 Mike Melansonregister cyuv with allcodecs.c
2003-01-29 Michael Niedermayer--disable-risky support
2003-01-27 Fabrice BellardDV audio decoder by Roman Shaposhnick
2002-12-27 Michael Niedermayerqpel encoding
2002-12-08 Michael Niedermayerremove fake wmv2 codec
2002-11-22 Mark Hills* Ogg/Vorbis patch by Mark Hills
2002-11-20 Alex Beregszaszimjpegb support (need more samples)
2002-11-14 Michael Niedermayerhuffyuv
2002-11-02 François Revoladded MACE (Macintosh Audio Compression/Expansion)...
2002-10-28 Fabrice Bellardadded wma decoder
2002-10-04 Fabrice Bellardadded DV support
2002-09-01 Mark Hillsoggvorbis support patch by (Mark Hills <mark at pogo...
2002-07-20 François Revolbeos/mov/adpcm patch by François Revol <revol at free...
2002-07-09 Nick Kurshevnew codec: Sorenson v1
2002-06-18 Michael Niedermayerwmv1 support
2002-06-11 Fabrice Bellardput codec registering in another file so that the user...