1/2 resolution decoding
[libav.git] / libavcodec / mpeg12.c
2004-09-25 Michael Niedermayer1/2 resolution decoding
2004-09-10 Michael Niedermayermess cleanup
2004-09-02 Michael Niedermayertypo
2004-09-02 Michael Niedermayeroptional non spec compliant optimizations for mpeg1
2004-09-02 Michael Niedermayeroptional non spec compliant optimizations
2004-08-13 Michael Niedermayeruser overrideable level & profile
2004-07-16 Wolfram GlogerAvoid segfault on ffmpeg "buffer flush" in mpeg12.c...
2004-06-30 Michael Niedermayer10l (fixes delayed frames during encoding)
2004-06-26 Michael Niedermayersupport skiping of mb rows during decoding
2004-06-25 Michael Niedermayeroptimization
2004-06-12 Ivan Kalvachevbetter cbp handling and small speedup in mpeg12
2004-06-11 Ivan Kalvachevmpeg2 chroma422/444 support, may be slower, may be...
2004-05-21 Michael Niedermayerdata_size = 0 cleanup
2004-04-30 Michael Niedermayerintra_dc_precission>0 encoding support
2004-04-29 Ivan Kalvachevcola test
2004-04-29 Michael Niedermayerremove duplicated find_frame_end() code
2004-04-27 Michael Niedermayersimplify
2004-04-22 Michael Niedermayercorrupted field pictures segfault fix
2004-04-19 Michael Niedermayerexporting field_select/ref_index values
2004-04-18 Michael Niedermayerfix exported motion vectors
2004-04-16 Michael Niedermayerunify table indexing (motion_val,dc_val,ac_val,coded_bl...
2004-04-02 Michael Niedermayerskiped mbs in interlaced b frames fix
2004-03-24 Falk Hüffnerwarning patrol
2004-03-22 Michael Niedermayer1000l for iive
2004-03-16 Michael Niedermayer1000000l (using uninitalized variable for initalizing...
2004-03-16 Michael Niedermayerinit cleanup
2004-03-16 Ivan Kalvachevuse pan_scan to remove some weight, proper pan_scan...
2004-03-15 Ivan Kalvachevmpeg12 fix 10l of aspect calucalations, return gop...
2004-03-15 Ivan Kalvachevmove MPV_common_init after parsing stream parameters...
2004-03-13 Michael Niedermayerremoving broken mpeg_decode_gop()
2004-03-09 Michael Niedermayerfind_start_code() optimization (about 2x faster now...
2004-03-05 Zdenek Kabelac* more consts
2004-03-05 Zdenek Kabelac* const warn elimination
2004-03-04 Ivan Kalvachevsilence warnings
2004-03-02 Ivan Kalvachevadd vlc for cbp=0 that is valid in 422,444
2004-03-02 Michael Niedermayer10l (segfault fix)
2004-03-02 Ivan Kalvachevforgot default chroma_format value
2004-03-01 Ivan Kalvachevinitial chroma_format changes,xvmc tweaks and codec_cap
2004-02-28 Michael Niedermayermpeg2 field pic decoding fix
2004-02-26 Michael NiedermayerAVCodec.supported_framerates
2004-02-23 Michael Niedermayermultithreaded mpeg2 decoding
2004-02-19 Ivan Kalvachevuse get_format
2004-02-16 Michael Niedermayermore error checks for the sequence header
2004-02-13 Michael Niedermayermultithreaded/SMP motion estimation
2004-02-06 Alex Beregszasziget_bit_count -> put_bits_count
2004-01-22 Michael Niedermayerclosed gop support & flags2 as all bits in flags are...
2004-01-18 Michael Niedermayerremoving broken framerate conversation hack in mpeg1/2
2004-01-10 Michael Niedermayercopyright year update of the files i touched and rememb...
2004-01-08 Michael Niedermayeruninitalized variables fix by (Gildas Bazin <gbazin...
2004-01-05 Michael Niedermayersimplify
2004-01-04 Michael Niedermayergop timestamp fix
2004-01-04 Michael Niedermayerframe rate emulation "fix" by (Mean <fixounet at free...
2004-01-04 Michael NiedermayerSVCD scan offset stuff
2004-01-01 Michael Niedermayerprint vbv buffer size & bitrate when decoding with...
2003-12-30 Michael Niedermayerinterlaced motion estimation
2003-12-30 Wolfgang Hesselermotion vector vissualization improvements patch by...
2003-12-17 Michael Niedermayervbv_delay
2003-12-14 Michael Niedermayermv vissualization & field picture fix
2003-12-14 Wolfgang Hesselercygwin fix and dont average interlaced MVs patch by...
2003-12-14 Michael Niedermayer10l (printing qscale before parsing it)
2003-12-12 Fabrice Bellardfixed top_field_first support when encoding
2003-12-10 Fabrice Bellardinterlaced DCT support for MPEG2 encoding
2003-12-10 Fabrice Bellardfixed potential problem if aspect_ratio_info == 0 for...
2003-12-10 Michael NiedermayerMB_TYPE_INTERLACED info fix
2003-12-09 Fabrice Bellardfixed low delay decoding
2003-12-09 Wolfgang Hesselermove motion_val & mb_type to AVFrame patch by (Wolfgang...
2003-12-04 Michael Niedermayerrv20 (h263) b frame decoding support
2003-12-01 Michael Niedermayerh263 loop filter
2003-11-13 Ivan Kalvachevsilence few warnings
2003-11-12 Ivan Kalvachevmpegvideo is back
2003-11-03 Michel Bardiauxav_log() patch by (Michel Bardiaux <mbardiaux at peakti...
2003-10-30 Michael Niedermayer100l (SAR is written as height/width instead of width...
2003-10-27 Ivan KalvachevXvMC speedup by removing one memcpy and doing MB packing
2003-10-20 Michael Niedermayermpeg2 aspect ratio encoding fixed
2003-10-20 Michael NiedermayerAVRational
2003-10-20 Michael Niedermayerexport mpeg2 active display area / pan scan
2003-10-14 Mike Melansondisable encoders where appropriate (patch courtesy...
2003-10-05 Michael Niedermayermpeg1 + trellis quant segfault fix
2003-09-27 Michael Niedermayerhurry_up fix?
2003-09-24 Michael Niedermayerconstraint_parameter_flag fix
2003-08-30 Michael Niedermayerfixing unused f_code values
2003-08-29 Michael Niedermayerbit_rate in mpeg1/2 should be 0x3FFFF for vbr or at...
2003-08-29 Michael Niedermayer10l (closed gop bit)
2003-08-26 Michael Niedermayermpeg2 regression test
2003-08-25 Michael Niedermayermpeg2 encoding
2003-08-22 Michael Niedermayercustom quant matrix encoding support
2003-08-22 Michael NiedermayerPSX MDEC decoder, based upon some code from Sebastian...
2003-08-22 Fabrice Bellardrepeat_pict was never returned
2003-08-12 Roman Shaposhnik * fixing a regression in mpeg encoder (not setting...
2003-07-29 Michael Niedermayerrate distortion mb decision support
2003-07-26 Ivan Kalvachevinitial XvMC support
2003-07-26 Michael Niedermayerati vcr2 uv swap
2003-07-24 Michael Niedermayervcr2 cleanup
2003-07-24 Michael NiedermayerATI VCR2 decoding support
2003-07-23 Michael Niedermayerlast frame decoding fix
2003-07-20 Michael Niedermayerdefault for slices is display order again
2003-07-17 Michael NiedermayerAVCodec.flush()
2003-07-07 Michael Niedermayermpeg 2 seeking fix
2003-07-06 Michael NiedermayerCODEC_FLAG_LOW_DELAY fix
2003-06-27 Michael Niedermayer2x100l