lavc/qsvenc: dump BufferSizeInKB message
[libav.git] / libavcodec / qsvenc.c
2018-09-02 Zhong Lilavc/qsvenc: dump BufferSizeInKB message
2018-09-02 Zhong Lilavc/qsvenc: allow to set qp range for h264 BRC
2018-08-23 Zhong Liqsvenc: Fix a misleading log message
2018-08-06 Maxym Dmytrychenkoqsv: enforcing continuous memory layout
2018-07-26 Dmitry Rogozhkinavcodec/qsv: fix async support
2018-06-11 Zhong Liqsvenc: use the compression_level to replace private...
2018-04-08 Maxym Dmytrychenkoqsv: adding Multi Frame Encode support
2018-03-16 Zhong Liqsvenc: add the Access Unit Delimiter NAL Unit support
2018-03-16 Zhong Liqsvenc: Fix a typo of FrameRateExtD/FrameRateExtN
2018-03-05 Zhong Liqsvenc: Provide a detailed error message if the paramet...
2018-02-11 Zhong Liqsvenc: AVBR is not supported on non-windows OS
2017-12-12 Luca Barbatoqsv: Support explicit lookahead downscaling
2017-12-12 Li, Zhonglavc/qsvenc: add error messeage if ICQ unsupported.
2017-12-12 Li, Zhonglavc/qsvenc: set HRD buffer size
2017-11-24 Li, Zhongqsvenc: cavlc option is only available for h264
2017-07-25 Huang, Zhengxulibavcodec/mjpeg_qsv: Add QSV MJPEG encoder
2017-04-23 Aaron Levinsonqsvenc: Make sure the interlaced encoding works
2017-04-23 Aaron Levinsonqsvenc: Use MFXVideoENCODE_Query() to update the parameters
2017-04-02 Mark Thompsonqsvenc: Allow use of hw_device_ctx to make the internal...
2017-04-02 Mark Thompsonqsv: Add ability to create a session from a device
2017-01-13 Luca Barbatoqsv: Set the correct range for la_depth
2016-11-07 Anton Khirnovqsv{enc,dec}: extend the internal frame allocator
2016-11-07 Anton Khirnovqsv{dec,enc}: use a struct as a memory id with internal...
2016-11-07 Anton Khirnovqsv{dec,enc}: always use an internal mfxFrameSurface1
2016-07-22 Anton Khirnovqsvenc: print warnings from encode/init
2016-07-22 Anton Khirnovqsvenc: do not re-execute encoding on all positive...
2016-07-22 Anton Khirnovqsv: print more complete error messages
2016-07-22 Anton Khirnovqsvenc: take only the allocated dimensions from the...
2016-07-22 Anton Khirnovqsvenc: add support for p010
2016-06-21 Anton Khirnovqsvenc: support getting the session from an AVHWFramesC...
2016-02-24 Maxym Dmytrychenkoqsvenc: store the sync point in heap memory
2016-01-25 Vittorio Giovaraqsvenc: Add private option to replace coder_type
2016-01-23 Anton Khirnovqsvenc: fix a typo
2016-01-21 Vittorio Giovaralavc: Move b_frame_strategy and b_sensitivity to codec...
2016-01-07 Anton Khirnovqsvenc: split encoding frames and reading from the...
2016-01-07 Maxym Dmytrychenkoqsvenc: properly handle the warning from MFXVideoCORE_S...
2015-12-06 Anton Khirnovqsvenc: export CPB props side data
2015-11-20 Anton Khirnovqsvenc: expose additional encoding options
2015-11-20 Anton Khirnovqsvenc: support more RC methods
2015-11-20 Anton Khirnovqsvenc: fix setting maxrate for VBR
2015-11-20 Anton Khirnovqsvenc: print the actual video parameters used by MSDK
2015-10-16 Anton Khirnovqsvenc: add an API for allocating opaque surfaces
2015-10-16 Anton Khirnovqsvenc: cosmetics, reindent
2015-10-16 Anton Khirnovqsvenc: set the timestamp for PIX_FMT_QSV frames as...
2015-10-16 Anton Khirnovqsvenc: support passing arbitrary external buffers...
2015-09-28 Anton Khirnovqsvenc: do not try to close the encoder if the session...
2015-07-27 Vittorio Giovaralavc: Consistently prefix input buffer defines
2015-07-27 Vittorio Giovaralavc: AV-prefix all codec flags
2015-07-20 Vittorio GiovaraDeprecate avctx.coded_frame
2015-07-20 Vittorio GiovaraGather all coded_frame allocations and free functions...
2015-07-19 Anton Khirnovqsvenc: properly handle asynchronous encoding
2015-07-08 Anton Khirnovlavc: add Intel libmfx-based HEVC encoder
2015-07-08 Anton Khirnovlavc: add Intel libmfx-based MPEG2 encoder
2015-03-27 Anton Khirnovlavc: add Intel libmfx-based H.264 encoder