h264_sei: Add namespace prefix to all SEI values
[libav.git] / libavcodec / vaapi_encode_h264.c
2017-05-16 Mark Thompsonh264_sei: Add namespace prefix to all SEI values
2017-04-26 Mark Thompsonvaapi_encode: Use gop_size consistently in RC parameters
2017-01-30 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h264: Enable VBR mode
2017-01-11 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h264: Scale log2_max_pic_order_cnt_lsb with max_b...
2017-01-04 Jun Zhaovaapi_h264: Fix POC on IDR frames
2016-10-02 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h264: Write bitstream restriction fields
2016-10-02 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h264: Fix CFR mode with frame_rate set in AVCodec...
2016-09-28 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h264: Set max_num_ref_frames to 1 when not using...
2016-09-28 Mark Thompsonvaapi_encode: Check packed header capabilities
2016-09-28 Mark Thompsonvaapi_encode: Refactor initialisation
2016-09-14 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h264: Fix HRD bit_rate/cpb_size scaling
2016-06-21 Anton Khirnovh264: add H264_ prefix to the NAL unit types
2016-06-21 Anton Khirnovh264: create a new header for common h264 definitions
2016-06-21 Anton Khirnovh264: rename h264.[ch] to h264dec.[ch]
2016-06-09 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h264: Add source version identifier as unregister...
2016-06-09 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h264: Add support for SEI messages
2016-06-09 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h264: Add support for VUI parameters
2016-05-27 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h264: Add trivial support for low-power encoding
2016-05-27 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h264: Fix frame_num after non-reference frames
2016-05-04 Vittorio Giovaracosmetics: Fix spelling mistakes
2016-04-15 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h264: Add encode quality option (for quality...
2016-04-15 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h264: Add -qp option, use it to replace use of...
2016-04-15 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h264: Add constant-bitrate encode support
2016-04-15 Mark Thompsonvaapi_encode: Refactor slightly to allow easier setting...
2016-03-30 Mark Thompsonlavc: VAAPI H.264 encoder