Fix off-by-1 error in the tag parsing code.
[libav.git] / libavformat / id3v2.c
2010-04-22 Jai MenonFix off-by-1 error in the tag parsing code.
2010-02-01 Anton KhirnovAdd a list of generic tags and change demuxers to follo...
2009-12-13 Michael NiedermayerMore entries for ff_id3v2_metadata_conv from ffmbc.
2009-12-13 Michael Niedermayers/author/artist/ for ID3
2009-10-15 Jai MenonSkip padding bytes correctly in ID3 tags.
2009-10-05 Anton Khirnovid3v2: Export all text information frames with correct...
2009-10-05 Anton KhirnovMP3 muxer: Write all metadata.
2009-09-29 Anton KhirnovAdd id3v2 metadata conversion table and use it in mp3...
2009-09-23 Anton Khirnovid3v2: Add support for UTF-16 encoding.
2009-09-23 Anton Khirnovid3v2: Use 0 instead of '\0'.
2009-09-23 Anton Khirnovid3v2: check for enough space to write full UTF-8 chara...
2009-06-29 Michael Niedermayerindent
2009-06-29 Michael Niedermayerid3v2.4.0 uses syncsafe integers for sizes of frames.
2009-06-25 Michael NiedermayerFix id3v2.2 frame size parsing.
2009-06-25 Michael NiedermayerFix id3v2.3/4 tag size parsing.
2009-06-19 Patrick DehneMove id3v1/id3v2 handling code from mp3.c to id3v[12].c.
2009-06-11 Diego Biurruncosmetics: Prettyprint one more line to have columns...
2009-06-11 Diego Biurruncosmetics: Reformat to K&R and prettyprint newly create...
2009-06-11 Patrick DehneMove id3v2 parsing code from mp3.c to id3v2.h and id3v2.c.
2009-01-19 Alex ConverseFix probing of files with ID3v2 tags. Discussed at
2009-01-15 Alex ConverseFactorise id3v2 header parsing from mp3.c to be shared