os2 support patch by ("Slavik Gnatenko" <miracle9 at newmail dot ru>)
[libav.git] / libavformat / utils.c
2003-01-11 Slavik Gnatenkoos2 support patch by ("Slavik Gnatenko" <miracle9 at...
2003-01-11 Fabrice Bellardjpeg detection fix - fixed imagepipe output
2003-01-11 Fabrice Bellardadded still image support
2002-12-20 Bill Eldridgemingw patch by (Bill Eldridge <bill at rfa dot org>)
2002-12-11 Philip Gladstone* Extend the syntax of a filename for the img reader...
2002-12-09 Michael NiedermayerAVVideoFrame -> AVFrame
2002-12-04 Michael Niedermayercleanup
2002-11-25 Fabrice Bellardrenamed libav to libavformat