cosmetics: Fix spelling mistakes
[libav.git] / libavformat /
2016-05-04 Vittorio Giovaracosmetics: Fix spelling mistakes
2016-05-04 Alexandra HájkováRemove unnecessary get_bits.h #includes and add missing...
2016-05-03 Diego BiurrunDrop pointless assert.h #includes
2016-05-03 Luca Barbatompegts: Validate the SL Packet Header Configuration
2016-04-30 Martin Storsjörtpdec_vp9: Support parsing the scalability structure
2016-04-30 Martin Storsjörtpdec_h264: Use avpriv_report_missing_feature instead...
2016-04-30 Martin Storsjörtpdec: Use AVERROR_PATCHWELCOME instead of AVERROR...
2016-04-30 Martin Storsjörtpdec_vp9: Update header parsing to spec draft 02
2016-04-30 Martin Storsjörtpdec_vp9: Make sure to free the temp buffer on close
2016-04-21 Martin Storsjölibavformat: Update the comment about AVOutputFormat...
2016-04-21 Martin Storsjömovenc: Handle pts == NOPTS when autoflushing
2016-04-19 Martin Storsjömovenc: Update a comment to reflect how the code actual...
2016-04-19 Luca Barbatoimg2enc: Refactor the atomic renaming code
2016-04-19 Anton KhirnovGenerate the lists of enabled protocols/bsfs from confi...
2016-04-07 Diego Biurrunbuild: Split test programs off into separate files
2016-04-07 Diego Biurrunbuild: miscellaneous cosmetics
2016-04-03 Luca Barbatomatroska: Write the field order information
2016-03-31 Luca Barbatomatroska: Support interlaced content correctly
2016-03-25 Ico Doornekamprtpdec_jpeg: fix low contrast image on low quality...
2016-03-25 Anton Khirnovrtmpdh: add an stdio.h include
2016-03-24 Diego Biurruntestprogs: Clean up #includes
2016-03-24 Martin Storsjöunix: Use rw_timeout for setting the connect timeout
2016-03-24 Martin Storsjötcp: Use rw_timeout for setting the connect/listen...
2016-03-24 Martin Storsjöavio: Copy URLContext generic options into child URLCon...
2016-03-24 Martin Storsjöfile: Add an option for following a file that is being...
2016-03-24 Andrey Utkinavio: Add an option 'rw_timeout'
2016-03-24 Martin Storsjöavio: Apply avoptions on the URLContext itself as well
2016-03-23 wm4lavf: use new decode API
2016-03-23 wm4lavc: introduce a new decoding/encoding API with decoup...
2016-03-23 Diego Biurrunbuild: Add component for the SRTP common code
2016-03-22 Vittorio Giovaranuv: Use the correct context for av_image_check_size
2016-03-20 Luca Barbatompegts: Forward the errors on mpeg4 objects parsing
2016-03-15 Luca Barbatomatroska: Support V_QUICKTIME as written in the specifi...
2016-03-11 Luca Barbatomov: Check the entries value when parsing dref boxes
2016-03-05 Vittorio Giovaramov: Trim dref absolute path
2016-03-05 Anton Khirnovasfenc: remove an unused variable
2016-03-05 Anton Khirnovasfenc: fix some possible integer overflows
2016-03-04 Anton Khirnovavformat_find_stream_info: move duration guessing after...
2016-03-01 Mark Harrissdp: fix opus sprop-stereo fmtp syntax
2016-02-26 Anton Khirnovlavf: add a missing bump and APIchanges for the codecpa...
2016-02-24 Vittorio Giovaraimg2: Drop av_ prefix for a static function
2016-02-23 Anton Khirnovlavf: replace AVStream.codec with AVStream.codecpar
2016-02-22 Anton Khirnovlavf: add a protocol whitelist/blacklist for file opene...
2016-02-22 Anton Khirnovurlprotocol: receive a list of protocols from the caller
2016-02-22 Anton Khirnovaviobuf: add a private data struct for avio_open()ed...
2016-02-22 Anton Khirnovprotocols: make the list of protocols static
2016-02-22 Anton Khirnovlavf: move urlcontext_child_class_next() to protocols.c
2016-02-22 Anton Khirnovlavf: move avio_enum_protocols() to protocols.c
2016-02-22 Anton Khirnovlavf: reorganize URLProtocols
2016-02-22 Anton Khirnovhls: disallow opening nested files in child demuxers
2016-02-22 Anton Khirnovsmoothstreamingenc: do not open the files as read+write
2016-02-22 Anton Khirnovdashenc: eliminate ffurl_* usage
2016-02-22 Anton Khirnovlavf: use the io_open callbacks for files opened from...
2016-02-22 Anton Khirnovnutenc: do not use AVCodecContext.frame_size
2016-02-22 Luca Barbatomatroska: Always consider S_TEXT/UTF8 as SRT when demuxing
2016-02-19 Diego Biurrunrtpdec: Use the right logging context
2016-02-19 Luca Barbatomkv: Force the full parsing of mp3
2016-02-19 Luca Barbatomov: Force the full parsing of mp3
2016-02-18 Diego Biurrunvoc: Split ff_voc_get_packet into a separate file
2016-02-18 Diego Biurrunbuild: Introduce iso_media component
2016-02-18 Diego Biurrunbuild: Let the WTV demuxer select the MPEG-TS demuxer
2016-02-18 Diego Biurruncosmetics: Drop empty comment lines
2016-02-16 Vittorio Giovaramov: Fix the format specifier type for size
2016-02-14 Luca Barbatomov: Use the correct type for size
2016-02-13 Luca Barbatolavf: Dump the cpb side data information
2016-02-07 Andreas Cadhalpunasfdec: make sure packet_size is non-zero before seeking
2016-02-07 Andreas Cadhalpunasfdec: check for too small size in asf_read_unknown
2016-02-07 Andreas Cadhalpunasfdec: check avio_skip in asf_read_simple_index
2016-02-07 Andreas Cadhalpunasfdec: break if EOF is reached after asf_read_packet_h...
2016-01-25 Vittorio Giovarayuv4mpegenc: Use AV_CEIL_RSHIFT where needed
2016-01-24 Anton Khirnovhls: eliminate ffurl_* usage
2016-01-24 Anton Khirnovlavf: allow custom IO for all files
2016-01-21 Piotr Bandurskiriff: add C210 FourCC (Canopus C210)
2016-01-21 Piotr Bandurskiriff: add YUYV FourCC (Drastic YUYV)
2016-01-21 Derek Buitenhuismov: Add an option to toggle dref opening
2016-01-19 Martin Storsjöflvdec: Add sanity checking of the last packet size
2016-01-19 Michael Niedermayerflvdec: perform duration search just once
2016-01-13 Andreas Cadhalpunnutdec: only copy the header if it exists
2016-01-13 Andreas Cadhalpunnuv: sanitize negative fps rate
2016-01-12 Anton Khirnovmovenc-test: stop setting the GLOBAL_HEADER codec flag
2016-01-12 Anton Khirnovmux: drop the warning about global headers
2016-01-11 Clément Bœschswfdec: support compressed swf
2016-01-11 Alexandra Hájkováasfdec: Fix typo in comment
2016-01-07 Alexandra Hájkováasfdec: Remove unused function parameters
2016-01-07 Andreas Cadhalpunasfdec: reject size > INT64_MAX in asf_read_unknown
2016-01-07 Andreas Cadhalpunasfdec: only set asf_pkt->data_size after sanity checks
2015-12-26 Diego BiurrunRemove stray line breaks from avpriv_{report_missing_fe...
2015-12-26 Diego Biurrunrtpdec_jpeg: Coalesce redundant error checks
2015-12-14 Stefan Pöschelmpegtsenc: add flag to embed an AC-3 ES the DVB way
2015-12-14 Anton Khirnovr3d: fix an invalid read introduced in 6bf4c1d
2015-12-13 Martin Storsjörtmpproto: Include the full path as app when "slist...
2015-12-12 Anton Khirnovvocdec: do not create the stream in read_header()
2015-12-12 Anton Khirnovvocdec: put the code not shared with other demuxers...
2015-12-12 Anton Khirnovflvdec: do not create any streams in read_header()
2015-12-12 Anton Khirnovmp3dec: replace avpriv_mpa_decode_header with avpriv_mp...
2015-12-12 Anton Khirnovmpegaudiodecheader: check the header in avpriv_mpegaudi...
2015-12-12 Anton Khirnovr3d: do not create the audio stream until we know the...
2015-12-12 Anton Khirnovff_parse_specific_params: do not use AVCodecContext...
2015-12-12 Anton Khirnovrmenc: do not use AVCodecContext.frame_size
2015-12-07 Aaron Colwellmatroskadec: Fix sample_aspect_ratio for stereo matrosk...