dnxhdenc: fix invalid reads in dnxhd_mb_var_thread().
[libav.git] / libavformat /
2013-01-24 Martin Storsjörtpenc_chain: Use the original AVFormatContext for...
2013-01-24 Martin Storsjörtp: Make sure the output format pointer is set
2013-01-23 Martin Storsjörtp: Make sure priv_data is set before reading it
2013-01-23 Xi Wangrtpenc: fix overflow checking in avc_mp4_find_startcode()
2013-01-23 Xi Wangrtmp: fix buffer overflows in ff_amf_tag_contents()
2013-01-23 Xi Wangrtmp: fix multiple broken overflow checks
2013-01-21 Martin Storsjörtpenc: Start the sequence numbers from a random offset
2013-01-21 Jindrich Makovickaavidec: use sensible error codes instead of -1
2013-01-20 Martin Storsjösrtp: Move a variable to a local scope
2013-01-20 Martin Storsjösrtp: Add tests for the crypto suite with 32/80 bit...
2013-01-20 Martin Storsjösrtp: cosmetics: Use fewer lines for the test vectors
2013-01-20 Martin Storsjösrtp: Don't require more input data than what actually...
2013-01-20 Martin Storsjösrtp: Improve the minimum encryption buffer size check
2013-01-20 Martin Storsjösrtp: Add support for a few DTLS-SRTP related crypto...
2013-01-20 Martin Storsjörtpdec/srtp: Handle CSRC fields being present
2013-01-20 Martin Storsjörtpdec: Check the return value from av_new_packet
2013-01-20 Martin Storsjörtpdec: Move setting the parsing flags to the actual...
2013-01-20 Martin Storsjörtpdec: Split handling of mpeg12 audio/video to a separ...
2013-01-20 Martin Storsjörtpdec: Split mpegts parsing to a normal depacketizer
2013-01-20 Martin Storsjörtpdec: Reorder payload handler registration alphabetically
2013-01-20 Martin Storsjömpegts: Share the cleanup code between the demuxer...
2013-01-20 Martin Storsjörtpdec_mpeg4: Return one AAC AU per AVPacket
2013-01-17 Luca Barbatolavc: support ZenoXVID custom tag
2013-01-16 Justin Rugglesidcin: fix memleaks in idcin_read_packet()
2013-01-16 Martin Storsjörtpdec_mpeg4: Check the remaining amount of data before...
2013-01-15 Martin Storsjörtpdec_mpeg4: Check the return value from malloc
2013-01-15 Martin Storsjösrtp: Mark a few variables as uninitialized
2013-01-15 Martin Storsjölavf: Add a fate test for the SRTP functions
2013-01-15 Martin Storsjösdp: Include SRTP crypto params if using the srtp protocol
2013-01-15 Martin Storsjölavf: Add a protocol for SRTP encryption/decryption
2013-01-15 Martin Storsjörtsp: Support decryption of SRTP signalled via RFC...
2013-01-15 Martin Storsjölavf: Add functions for SRTP decryption/encryption
2013-01-15 Diego Biurrunnutdec: Always return a value from nut_read_timestamp()
2013-01-14 Giorgio Vazzanaoggparsetheora: fix comment header parsing
2013-01-14 Luca Barbatonut: support vp9 tag
2013-01-14 Tom Fineganmkv: support vp9 tag
2013-01-14 Martin Storsjörtpdec: Make variables that should wrap unsigned
2013-01-14 Martin Storsjörtpdec: Handle more received packets than expected...
2013-01-14 Martin Storsjörtpdec: Simplify insertion into the linked list queue
2013-01-14 Martin Storsjörtpdec: Remove a woefully misplaced comment
2013-01-14 Michael Niedermayerrtmpproto: Fix assignments in if()
2013-01-14 Michael Niedermayerlavf: Fix assignments in if()
2013-01-12 Martin Storsjörtpdec: Send a valid "delay since SR" value in the...
2013-01-12 Martin Storsjörtpdec: Calculate and report packet reception jitter
2013-01-12 Martin Storsjörtpdec: Fix the calculation of expected number of packets
2013-01-11 Martin Storsjörtpdec: Remove a useless todo comment
2013-01-11 Martin Storsjörtsp: Remove an outdated comment
2013-01-11 Martin Storsjörtsp: Remove references to weirdly named variables...
2013-01-11 Martin Storsjörtp: Rename a static variable to normal naming conventions
2013-01-11 Martin Storsjörtp: Cosmetic cleanup
2013-01-10 Dale Curtismatroska: Fix use after free
2013-01-10 Martin Storsjörtpdec_vp8: Don't trim too much data from broken frames
2013-01-10 Martin Storsjörtpdec_vp8: Simplify code by using an existing helper...
2013-01-10 Martin Storsjörtpdec: Add a terminating null byte at the end of the...
2013-01-09 Luca Barbatoyuv4mpeg: do not use deprecated functions
2013-01-09 Luca Barbatooggdec: fix faulty cleanup prototype
2013-01-09 Justin Rugglesidcin: return 0 from idcin_read_packet() on success.
2013-01-09 Justin Rugglesidcin: better error handling
2013-01-09 Justin Rugglesidcin: check for integer overflow when calling av_get_p...
2013-01-09 Justin Rugglesidcin: allow seeking back to the first packet
2013-01-09 Justin Rugglesidcin: set AV_PKT_FLAG_KEY for video packets with a...
2013-01-09 Justin Rugglesidcin: set start_time and packet duration instead of...
2013-01-09 Justin Rugglesidcin: set channel_layout
2013-01-09 Justin Rugglesidcin: fix check for presence of an audio stream
2013-01-09 Justin Rugglesidcin: validate header parameters
2013-01-09 Justin Rugglesau: remove unnecessary casts
2013-01-09 Justin Rugglesau: return AVERROR codes instead of -1
2013-01-09 Justin Rugglesau: cosmetics: pretty-print and remove pointless comments
2013-01-09 Justin Rugglesau: use ff_raw_write_packet()
2013-01-09 Justin Rugglesau: set stream start time and packet durations
2013-01-09 Justin Rugglesau: use %u when printing id and channels since they...
2013-01-09 Justin Rugglesau: validate sample rate
2013-01-09 Justin Rugglesau: move skipping of unused data to before parameter...
2013-01-09 Justin Rugglesau: do not arbitrarily limit channel count
2013-01-09 Justin Rugglesau: do not set pkt->size directly
2013-01-09 Justin Rugglesau: set block_align and use it in au_read_packet()
2013-01-09 Justin Rugglesau: set bit rate
2013-01-09 Justin Rugglesau: validate bits-per-sample separately from codec tag
2013-01-09 Martin Storsjörtpdec_vp8: Mark broken packets with AV_PKT_FLAG_CORRUPT
2013-01-08 Justin Rugglesoggenc: add a page_duration option and deprecate the...
2013-01-08 Martin Storsjörtpdec_vp8: Request a keyframe if RTP packets are lost
2013-01-08 Martin Storsjörtpdec: Support sending RTCP feedback packets
2013-01-08 Martin Storsjörtpdec: Store the dynamic payload handler in the rtpdec...
2013-01-08 Martin Storsjörtpdec_vp8: Avoid a warning about a possibly unused...
2013-01-08 Martin Storsjörtpdec_vp8: Make sure the previous packet is returned
2013-01-08 Martin Storsjörtpdec_vp8: Set the timestamp when returning a deferred...
2013-01-08 Kanglinhlsenc: Make the start_number option set the right...
2013-01-08 Martin Storsjörtsp: Respect max_delay for the reordering queue when...
2013-01-08 Martin Storsjörtsp: Recheck the reordering queue if getting a new...
2013-01-07 Benjamin Larssonxwma: Remove unused variable
2013-01-07 Diego Biurrunasfdec: Fix printf format string length modifier
2013-01-06 Luca Barbatooggdec: make sure the private parse data is cleaned up
2013-01-06 Luca Barbatooggdec: free the ogg streams on read_header failure
2013-01-06 Diego BiurrunDrop Snow codec
2013-01-05 Xi Wangmxfdec: fix NULL checking in mxf_get_sorted_table_segme...
2013-01-03 Martin Storsjöaviobuf: Discard old buffered, previously read data...
2013-01-03 Martin Storsjörtsp: Add support for depacketizing RTP data via custom IO
2013-01-03 Martin Storsjörtpdec: Move the URLContext used for RTCP RR out from...
2013-01-03 Martin Storsjöaviobuf: Partial support for reading in read/write...
2013-01-03 Clément Bœschbuild: Avoid detecting bogus components named 'x'