h264/aarch64: optimize neon loop filter
[libav.git] / libavformat /
2018-08-31 Martin Storsjötcp: Use ff_connect_parallel for RFC 8305 style connecting
2018-08-31 Martin Storsjönetwork: Add RFC 8305 style "Happy Eyeballs"/"Fast...
2018-08-17 Martin Storsjötls_openssl: Fix checks for SSL_ERROR_WANT_WRITE in...
2018-08-14 Martin Storsjönetwork: Check for EINTR in ff_poll_interrupt
2018-08-14 Simon Thelennetwork: Use ff_neterrno instead of AVERROR(errno)...
2018-08-14 Andrey Utkinhttp: pass return code from http_open_cnx_internal...
2018-07-13 Sven Duekinglibsrt: Pass the correct pointer for the passphrase
2018-06-04 Sven Duekingavformat/libsrt: add latency options and deprecate...
2018-06-03 Sven Duekingavformat/libsrt: add payload size option
2018-04-26 Diego Biurruntls_mbedtls: Use non-deprecated header file
2018-04-25 Thomas Volkertlibavformat: add mbedTLS based TLS
2018-04-20 Diego Biurrunbuild: Group external library protocols separately
2018-03-28 Sven DuekingAdd Haivision SRT protocol
2018-03-12 Luca Barbatoivf: Support VP9 and AV1 as well
2018-03-06 Luca Barbatohls: Add a discontinuity marker on recover
2018-02-23 James Almerhvcc: zero initialize the nal buffers past the last...
2018-02-06 Diego BiurrunDrop some unnecessary config.h #includes
2018-01-24 Josh Allmannrtmp: Plug leak if sending bytes read report fails.
2017-11-30 Tristan Matthewsrtsp: only break on parse_rtsp_message on error
2017-11-06 Sean McGovernmatroskadec: allow RealAudio/Cook/Sipro streams of...
2017-11-03 James Almermatroskadec: don't warn about unknown spherical medata...
2017-10-27 Peter Großedashenc: copy stream frame rate to output stream
2017-10-27 Anton Schubertdashenc: fix bitrate estimation with correct scaling
2017-09-26 Jacek Jendrzejhttp: Reset compressed header flag when starting to...
2017-09-24 Michael Niedermayersmacker: fix integer overflow with pts_inc
2017-09-24 Sean McGovernsmacker: return meaningful error codes on failure
2017-09-14 James Almeravio: update avio_alloc_context() doxy
2017-09-04 Martin Storsjöflvdec: Check the avio_seek return value after reading...
2017-08-31 Martin StorsjöRemove support for building for mingw32ce (Windows CE)
2017-08-30 wm4lavf: make avio_read_partial() public
2017-08-05 Mark Thompsonhevc: Improve stream constraint values in common header
2017-07-31 Sean McGovernmov: move stsd finalization to an appropriate place
2017-07-31 Sean McGovernmov: Do not set stsd_count if mov_read_stsd() fails
2017-07-30 Sean McGovernmov: log and return early on non-positive stsd entry...
2017-07-25 Sean McGovernrmdec: add missing brackets to compound statement
2017-07-22 wm4lavf: allow avformat_close_input() with NULL
2017-07-22 Anton Khirnovcaf: add an Opus tag
2017-07-17 Sean McGovernrmdec: don't ignore the return value of av_get_packet()
2017-07-10 Diego Biurrunbuild: Add feature test macros for glibc 2.19+
2017-07-05 Martin Storsjöos_support: Use HAVE_UWP instead of manually checking...
2017-07-02 Martin Storsjölavf: Remove codec_tag from dashenc and smoothstreamingenc
2017-06-20 Martin Storsjötls_gnutls: Readd support for nonblocking operation
2017-06-20 Martin Storsjötls_openssl: Readd support for nonblocking operation
2017-06-20 John Stebbinsmovenc: allow alternative hvc1 h.265 codec tag
2017-06-20 John Stebbinsmovenc: write correct format hvcc when tag is hvc1
2017-06-20 John Stebbinsmovenc: move tags definitions to where they are used
2017-06-20 John Stebbinsmovenc: simplify codec_tag lookup
2017-06-20 John Stebbinsmovenc: use correct tag list for AVOutputFormat.codec_tag
2017-06-02 Diego Biurruntls: Hide backend implementation details from users
2017-06-01 Martin Storsjöos_support: Remove the dynamic loading of getaddrinfo...
2017-05-31 Luca Barbatohlsenc: Support recovery from an already present playlist
2017-05-15 Martin Storsjömovenc-test: Add tests for negative cts offsets
2017-05-15 Martin Storsjömovenc: Don't write any edit list if the start offset...
2017-05-15 Martin Storsjömovenc: Add an option for enabling negative CTS offsets
2017-05-11 Martin Storsjömpjpeg: Use proper CR/LF in multipart headers
2017-05-02 Diego Biurrunaac: Split function to parse ADTS header data into...
2017-04-28 Anton Khirnovmpeg4audio: Make avpriv_copy_pce_data() inline
2017-04-27 James Almerdump: use av_spherical_projection_name() to print spher...
2017-04-26 James Almermatroskaenc: don't warn about unknown spherical metadat...
2017-04-25 Kostya ShishkovAdd ClearVideo decoder
2017-04-20 Luca Barbatomm: Skip unexpected audio packets
2017-04-20 Luca Barbatoflv: Validate the packet size
2017-04-15 Paul B Maholutvideodec: Support ULY4 and ULH4
2017-04-15 Paul B Maholutvideodec: Support UQRA and UQRG
2017-04-13 Paul B Maholutvideodec: Support UQY2
2017-04-13 Luca Barbatoavformat: Free the internal codec context at the end
2017-04-13 Paul B MaholAdd FM Screen Capture Codec decoder
2017-04-12 Anton Khirnovac3_parser: add a public function for parsing the data...
2017-04-10 Luca Barbatomatroska: Read only the data written in the scratch...
2017-04-03 Diego Biurrunmov: Move code shared with CAF to a separate file
2017-03-31 Diego Biurruntakdec: Use ISO C printf conversion specifiers where...
2017-03-26 Sean McGovernnsvdec: don't ignore the return value of av_get_packet()
2017-03-26 Ricardo Constantinortmpproto: send swfverify value as swfurl if latter...
2017-03-23 Vittorio Giovaraspherical: Change types of bounding and pad to uint32_t
2017-03-23 Vittorio Giovaralavf: Drop deprecated hint to set muxer timebase
2017-03-23 Vittorio Giovaralavf: Drop deprecated AVFract type and related field
2017-03-23 Vittorio Giovaralavf: Drop deprecated bitexact functionality
2017-03-23 Vittorio GiovaraBump major versions of all libraries
2017-03-22 Carl Eugen Hoyosflvdec: Set avg_frame_rate for video streams
2017-03-21 Luca Barbatortsp: Move message parsing to a separate function
2017-03-20 Diego Biurrunrtmp: Move RTMP digest calculation to a separate file
2017-03-15 James Almermatroskaenc: add support for Spherical Video elements
2017-03-09 Kieran KunhyaAdd Cineform HD Decoder
2017-03-07 Vittorio Giovaramkv: Export bounds and padding from spherical metadata
2017-03-07 James Almermkv: Add support for Spherical Video elements
2017-03-07 Vittorio Giovaramov: Export bounds and padding from spherical metadata
2017-03-07 Vittorio Giovaraspherical: Add tiled equirectangular type and projectio...
2017-03-07 Vittorio Giovaramov: Validate cubemap layout
2017-03-07 Vittorio Giovaramov: Validate spherical metadata version
2017-03-07 Vittorio Giovaramov: Ignore old spherical metadata when newer version...
2017-03-07 Aaron Colwellmov: Fix spherical metadata_source parsing
2017-03-01 Paul B MaholAdd Apple Pixlet decoder
2017-02-28 Luca Barbatortsp: Lazily set up the pollfd array once
2017-02-27 Luca Barbatortsp: Lazily allocate the pollfd array
2017-02-27 Luca Barbatortsp: Move the pollfd setup out of the for loop
2017-02-27 Luca Barbatortsp: Factor out packet reading
2017-02-25 James Almerapetag: account for header size if present when returni...
2017-02-25 James Almerapetag: fix flag value to signal footer presence
2017-02-24 John Stebbinsasfdec: fix reading files larger than 2GB
2017-02-21 John Stebbinsmatroskaenc: factor ts_offset into block timecode compu...