swscale: x86: Add some forgotten 12-bit planar YUV cases
[libav.git] / libswscale / x86 / scale.asm
2016-10-12 Michael Niedermayerswscale: x86: Add some forgotten 12-bit planar YUV...
2016-05-04 Vittorio Giovaracosmetics: Fix spelling mistakes
2012-10-30 Diego Biurrunx86: yasm: Use complete source path for macro helper...
2012-10-30 Diego Biurrunx86: include x86inc.asm in x86util.asm
2012-04-11 Henrik Gramnerx86inc improvements for 64-bit
2012-03-15 Ronald S. Bultjeswscale: convert hscale() to use named arguments.
2012-03-15 Ronald S. Bultjeswscale: convert hscale to cpuflags().
2012-03-06 Ronald S. Bultjeswscale: make filterPos 32bit.
2012-01-27 Ronald S. Bultjeconfig.asm: change %ifdef directives to %if directives.
2012-01-04 Ronald S. Bultjeswscale: split scale.asm.
2011-12-14 Diego Biurrunswscale: Mark yuv2planeX_8_mmx as MMX2; it contains...
2011-11-13 Ronald S. Bultjeswscale: handle unaligned buffers in yuv2plane1
2011-11-06 Ronald S. Bultjeswscale: write yuv2plane1 MMX/SSE2/SSE4/AVX functions.
2011-10-23 Ronald S. Bultjeswscale: add missing colons to x86 assembly yuv2planeX.
2011-10-22 Ronald S. Bultjeswscale: make yuv2yuvX_10_sse2/avx 8/9/16-bits aware.
2011-10-22 Kieran Kunhyayuv2planeX10 SIMD
2011-10-11 Ronald S. Bultjeswscale: use aligned move for storage into temporary...
2011-09-13 Ronald S. Bultjesws: implement MMX/SSE2/SSSE3/SSE4 versions for horizon...