Produce correct version string even when not run in a Subversion working copy.
[libav.git] / qt-faststart.c
2006-04-10 Baptiste Coudurierdecrease last_offset when ftyp is present
2006-03-27 Steve L'Homme#define fseeko/ftello to fseeko64/ftello64, fixes MinGW...
2006-03-21 Baptiste Coudurierfree ftyp atom
2006-03-16 Baptiste Coudurier> 2GB file fix
2006-03-16 Baptiste Coudurierkeep ftyp first
2006-03-16 Baptiste Coudurierfix warning
2006-03-16 Baptiste Coudurieruse fseeko and ftello to be 64 bit offsets compliant
2004-07-20 Mike Melansonyep, tyop
2004-03-26 Mike Melansonadded QT faststart remuxing utility to ffmpeg distribut...