(non)interlaced huffyuv patch by (Loren Merritt <lorenm at u dot washington dot edu>)
[libav.git] / tests / rotozoom.regression.ref
2004-09-17 Loren Merritt(non)interlaced huffyuv patch by (Loren Merritt <lorenm...
2004-09-10 Alex Beregszasziforgot to commit this
2004-09-03 Loren MerrittAlways write VOL control parameters, needed by old...
2004-08-14 Michael Niedermayer10l (lrintf(a)+b vs. lrintf(a+b))
2004-07-28 Michael Niedermayeruse non zero qscale for svq1 test
2004-06-30 Michael Niedermayer10l (fixes delayed frames during encoding)
2004-06-18 Michael Niedermayerregression checksum changes due to new resampling code
2004-06-03 Michael Niedermayerchange qscale -> lambda for the motion estimation
2004-05-29 Michael Niedermayerpass AVPacket into av_write_frame()
2004-05-12 Michael Niedermayersvq1 regression test
2004-05-05 Michael Niedermayernext_pts fix by (Wolfram Gloger <wmglo at dent dot...
2004-04-25 Michael Niedermayerrv10 decoding fix
2004-04-24 Michael Niedermayerqpel & SSE/SATD regression test
2004-04-16 Michael Niedermayer+-1 bugfix regression test checksum update
2004-04-12 Michael Niedermayerbit-exact
2004-04-08 Michael Niedermayerregression checksum update for alexs .mov time change
2004-03-28 Roman Shaposhnik * fixing 10l in movenc.c + updating regression patterns.
2004-03-23 Michael Niedermayeradd size of encoded stream to the regression tests
2004-03-22 Michael Niedermayertest more (i)dcts
2004-03-16 Michael Niedermayer1000000l (using uninitalized variable for initalizing...
2004-03-10 Michael Niedermayerh263+ custom pcf support
2004-03-09 Michael Niedermayer10l (1 vs. descrLength(1)) found by (Jean Le Feuvre...
2004-03-06 Michael Niedermayerh263 framerate & aspect ratio fixes
2004-02-14 Gildas BazinAAC support in mov, correct aspect ratio support and...
2004-02-13 Michael Niedermayerreplace a few pbBufPtr() by put_bits_count(), one of...
2004-02-13 Michael Niedermayersimplify MV availability check / dont use below last...
2004-02-13 Michael Niedermayermultithreaded/SMP motion estimation
2004-02-08 Michael Niedermayerima & ms adpcm regression test
2004-02-07 Michael Niedermayerg726 regression test
2004-01-05 Michael Niedermayerinterlaced dct decision cleanup
2004-01-02 Michael Niedermayernoise reduction regression test
2004-01-01 Michael Niedermayertrellis quantization regression test
2004-01-01 Michael Niedermayertest interlaced motion estimation too
2003-12-31 Michael Niedermayerfixpoint log() for tiny_psnr so it can output actual...
2003-12-30 Michael Niedermayerinterlaced motion estimation
2003-12-15 Fabrice BellardMPEG1/2 decoding update (buffered frames are decoded...
2003-12-14 Michael Niedermayererror concealment regression test
2003-12-10 Fabrice Bellardgenerate MPEG elementary streams in all cases - added...
2003-12-08 Michael NiedermayerAdvanced intra coding, modified quantization and altern...
2003-12-07 Michael Niedermayerslice flush / position fix
2003-11-28 Michael Niedermayercleanup
2003-11-12 Michael Niedermayerlast frame
2003-11-04 Michael Niedermayeruse .mp4 in one of the mpeg4 regression tests
2003-11-03 Michael Niedermayerffv1 regression test
2003-10-16 Michael Niedermayerpicture buffer cleanup, this fixes a assertion failure...
2003-10-07 Michael Niedermayeruse lagrange multipler instead of qp for ratecontrol...
2003-10-01 Michael Niedermayernut regression test
2003-09-24 Michael Niedermayerconstraint_parameter_flag fix
2003-09-13 Michael Niedermayermpeg sequence end code regression checksum update
2003-09-09 Fabrice Bellardmpegaudio decoder no longer forgets to decoder last...
2003-09-01 Michael Niedermayerasv2 regression test
2003-08-30 Michael Niedermayerfixing unused f_code values
2003-08-29 Michael Niedermayerbit_rate in mpeg1/2 should be 0x3FFFF for vbr or at...
2003-08-26 Michael Niedermayer100l (forget to reset me.skip for b frames)
2003-08-26 Michael Niedermayermpeg2 regression test
2003-08-20 Michael NiedermayerAC3 encoding patch ba (Ross Martin <ffmpeg at ross...
2003-07-29 Michael Niedermayerpatch for flv deblocking by (Garrick Meeker <gmeeker...
2003-07-12 Michael Niedermayerlossless jpeg regression test
2003-07-09 Michael Niedermayerflv regression test
2003-05-27 Michael Niedermayerasv1 regression test
2003-05-27 Michael Niedermayermotion vector vissualization for mpeg1/2
2003-04-24 Roman Shaposhnik * Making AVI encoding predictable (all JUNK chunks...
2003-04-12 Michael Niedermayerchecksum update for the avi zeros ...
2003-04-12 Michael Niedermayeruse bilinear interpolation for the rotozoom
2003-04-11 Michael Niedermayerfinished integrating rotozoom test in ffmpeg