aarch64: Add assembly support for -fsanitize=hwaddress tagged globals.
[libav.git] / tests /
2019-02-27 Janne Grunaucheckasm/h264: test 4:2:2 chroma loop filter functions
2019-02-16 Diego Biurruntests: Add a convenience function for video-only lavf...
2019-02-16 Diego Biurruntests: Convert lavf container tests to non-legacy test...
2019-02-16 Diego Biurruntests: Convert lavf pixfmt conversion tests to non...
2019-02-16 Diego Biurruntests: Convert lavf image tests to non-legacy test...
2019-02-16 Diego Biurruntests: Convert audio-only lavf tests to non-legacy...
2019-02-16 Diego Biurruntests: Convert image2pipe tests to non-legacy test...
2019-02-16 Diego Biurruntests: Use a predefined function for lavf-rm test
2019-02-16 Diego Biurruntests: Enable CRC test for yuv4mpeg
2019-02-16 Diego Biurruntests: Drop duplicate variable declaration
2019-02-16 Diego Biurruntests: Unify output directory creation
2019-02-16 Diego Biurrunbuild: Rename OBJDIRS variable to OUTDIRS
2019-01-26 Janne Grunaucheckasm/h264: add loop filter tests
2018-11-06 Carl Eugen Hoyosswscale: Add GRAY10
2018-02-26 Diego Biurrunfate: Error out more gracefully on configure failure
2017-12-12 Martin Storsjöcheckasm: Use LOCAL_ALIGNED for aligned variables on...
2017-10-19 Anton KhirnovFATE: add a test for the H.264 sample fixed by 7c4f6f6
2017-10-17 Mark Thompsoncbs: Add test dependencies
2017-09-27 Martin Storsjöcheckasm: Test more h264 idct variants
2017-09-26 Mark Thompsoncbs: Add some read/write tests
2017-09-12 Mark Thompsonmpeg12: Move finding the best frame rate to common...
2017-09-02 Martin StorsjöRevert "checkasm: Test more h264 idct variants"
2017-08-31 Martin Storsjöcheckasm: Test more h264 idct variants
2017-08-31 Martin StorsjöRevert "fate: Skip the checkasm test if CONFIG_STATIC...
2017-08-20 Mark Thompsonmpeg2enc: Don't mark all streams as component video
2017-07-28 Anton Khirnovfate/hevc: specify output pixel format explicitly
2017-07-05 Diego Biurrunfate: Add cinepak encoder vsynth tests
2017-05-15 Martin Storsjömovenc-test: Add tests for negative cts offsets
2017-05-15 Martin Storsjöcheckasm: aarch64: Specify alignment for the register_i...
2017-04-21 Martin Storsjöcheckasm: hevc: Add a hevc_ prefix to the add_residual...
2017-04-15 Michael Niedermayerswscale: Add gbrap10 output
2017-04-13 Diego Biurrunfmvc: Add FATE tests
2017-03-23 Diego Biurrunlavc: Remove deprecated XvMC support hacks
2017-03-09 Diego Biurruncfhd: Add FATE tests
2017-03-07 Vittorio Giovaramov: Export bounds and padding from spherical metadata
2017-03-06 Vittorio Giovarapixlet: Fix architecture-dependent code and values
2017-03-01 Paul B MaholAdd Apple Pixlet decoder
2017-03-01 Diego Biurrunfate: Add build-only targets to FATE
2017-03-01 Diego Biurrunbuild: Generalize yasm/nasm-related variable names
2017-03-01 Diego Biurrunbuild: Fine-grained link-time dependency settings
2017-02-28 Diego Biurrunfate: Rename WMV8_DRM decoder tests to WMV3_DRM
2017-02-27 Diego Biurrunfate: Make null comparison method more useful
2017-02-27 Diego BiurrunUse modern avconv syntax for codec selection in documen...
2017-02-27 Diego Biurrunfate: Use bitexact optimizations in the svq3-2 test
2017-02-24 Diego Biurrunfate: Add another SVQ3 test to increase coverage
2017-02-22 Luca Barbatomkv: Update the seek test to match 5d3953a5dc
2017-02-22 John Stebbinsfate: Update fate-lavf-mkv after commit 5d3953a5dc
2017-02-21 Mark Thompsonfate: Add webp alpha test
2017-01-09 Martin Storsjöfate: Skip the checkasm test if CONFIG_STATIC is disabled
2016-12-29 Martin Storsjöfate: Tweak printing of ignored tests
2016-12-29 Martin Storsjöfate: Unset the sig variable if ignoring a test failure
2016-12-28 Janne Grunaufate: Add --ignore-tests configure option for omitting...
2016-12-22 Diego Biurrunbuild: Move build-system-related helper files to a...
2016-12-14 Derek Buitenhuisfate: Add h264 test for frame num gaps
2016-12-08 Wan-Teh Changavutil: fix data race in av_get_cpu_flags()
2016-12-07 Vittorio Giovarafate: Add spherical and stereo3d mov tests
2016-12-03 Diego BiurrunRemove Plan 9 support
2016-11-30 Martin Storsjöarm: vp9itxfm: Skip empty slices in the first pass...
2016-11-23 Ronald S. Bultjecheckasm: vp9dsp: benchmark all sub-IDCTs (but not...
2016-11-23 Martin StorsjöRevert "checkasm: vp9dsp: Benchmark the dc-only version...
2016-11-23 Martin Storsjöfate.sh: Allow setting other make flags for running...
2016-11-16 Vittorio Giovarafate: Add h264 and hevc extradata reload tests
2016-11-16 Martin Storsjöcheckasm: vp9dsp: Benchmark the dc-only version of...
2016-11-11 Ronald S. Bultjecheckasm: add vp9dsp.itxfm_add tests.
2016-11-08 Diego Biurrunfate: checkasm: Split monolithic test into individual...
2016-11-08 Diego Biurruncheckasm: Add --test parameter to check only specific...
2016-11-07 Luca Barbatoswscale: Add GRAY12
2016-11-03 Martin Storsjövp9: Flip the order of arguments in MC functions
2016-11-01 Vittorio Giovaramov: Evaluate the movie display matrix
2016-11-01 Vittorio Giovarafate: Add tests for mov display matrix
2016-10-22 Alexandra Hájkovácheckasm: Add a test for HEVC add_residual
2016-10-22 Diego BiurrunReplace leftover uses of -aframes|-dframes|-vframes...
2016-10-18 Luca Barbatofate: Update filter-pixfmts-scale gbrap12le hash missin...
2016-10-18 Martin Storsjöcheckasm: aarch64: Don't clobber x29 in checkasm_stack_...
2016-10-18 Michael Niedermayerswscale: Properly load alpha for planar rgb
2016-10-17 Diego Biurrunbuild: Drop arch-specific checkasm Makefiles
2016-10-17 Diego Biurrunbuild: Drop duplicate asm recipe
2016-10-16 Martin Storsjöcheckasm: aarch64: Add filler args to make sure all...
2016-10-16 Martin Storsjöcheckasm: aarch64: Clobber the stack before calling...
2016-10-16 Martin Storsjöcheckasm: arm/aarch64: Fix the amount of space reserved...
2016-10-16 Anton Khirnovlavf: use the new bitstream filter for extracting extradata
2016-10-12 Luca Barbatoswscale: Add the GBRAP12 output
2016-10-12 Luca Barbatoswscale: Enable GBRP12 output
2016-10-12 Vittorio Giovaraswscale: Add missing yuv444p12 swapping
2016-10-11 Alexandra Hájkovácheckasm: add a test for HEVC IDCT
2016-10-04 Ronald S. Bultjecheckasm: add VP9 loopfilter tests.
2016-10-02 Vittorio Giovarafate: Add test for rscc palette
2016-10-02 Anton Khirnovlavu: remove the custom atomic API
2016-10-02 Alexandra Hájkovácheckasm: Add test for huffyuvdsp add_bytes
2016-09-29 Diego Biurrunhevc: Change type of array stride parameters to ptrdiff_t
2016-09-27 Luca Barbatopixfmt: Add yuv444p12 pixel format
2016-09-27 Luca Barbatopixfmt: Add yuv422p12 pixel format
2016-09-27 Luca Barbatopixfmt: Add yuv420p12 pixel format
2016-09-22 Anton Khirnovaudiodsp: reorder arguments for vector_clipf
2016-09-22 Anton Khirnovcheckasm: add tests for audiodsp
2016-09-22 Anton Khirnovcheckasm: add a test for blockdsp
2016-09-11 Luca Barbatocheckasm: Read the unsigned value as it should
2016-09-05 Diego Biurrunbuild: Fix directory dependencies of tests/pixfmts...
2016-08-26 Diego Biurrunvp8: Change type of stride parameters to ptrdiff_t
2016-08-03 Ronald S. Bultjecheckasm: add vp9 MC tests.