Remove redundant --enable-shared-pp configure option and make the PP code
[libav.git] / tests /
2006-01-14 Michael Niedermayersplit snow53 test out
2006-01-13 Robert Swainupdate x264 wrapper.
2006-01-12 Diego BiurrunUpdate licensing information: The FSF changed postal...
2006-01-12 Michael Niedermayerbugs found by valgrind
2006-01-08 Michael Niedermayerfixing second last time Fran├žois Revol applies a patch...
2006-01-08 Michael Niedermayeruse h264 MC functions for 2xX Xx2 blocks in snow too
2006-01-07 Michael Niedermayeruse h264 MC functions for rectangular blocks too
2006-01-07 Michael Niedermayerregression test for iterative ME & wavelet cmp functions
2005-12-29 Michael Niedermayersecond try of improved lambda/qp guessing for motion...
2005-12-25 Michael Niedermayerdont discard least significant bits
2005-12-24 Michael Niedermayerslightly better mv_penalty table
2005-12-23 Michael Niedermayerminor typo
2005-12-22 Michael Niedermayerimproved lambda/qp guessing for motion estimation RD...
2005-12-22 Diego BiurrunCOSMETICS: tabs --> spaces, some prettyprinting
2005-12-17 Diego BiurrunCOSMETICS: Remove all trailing whitespace.
2005-11-13 Alex Beregszasziupdated regression reference
2005-11-13 Alex Beregszaszi10l to michael not updating this after changing crc...
2005-11-13 Alex Beregszaszimake ffserver regressions work again
2005-11-13 Alex Beregszasziremove -e debug=off, unsupported my some wget versions...
2005-09-21 Sam HocevarAdd a leading zero to the sequence files generated...
2005-09-21 Diego BiurrunAdd some files generated by regression tests.
2005-09-12 Michael Niedermayerthe people want lower case ...
2005-09-12 Michael Niedermayerconverting a few more options to AVOptions
2005-09-12 Michael Niedermayerconvert some options in ffmpeg.c to AVOptions
2005-09-11 Michael Niedermayerchecksum doesnt cover the forward_ptr anymore (seems...
2005-09-11 Michael Niedermayerforward_ptr doesnt contain its own length anymore
2005-09-05 Michael Niedermayerset a few variables correctly
2005-09-02 Michael Niedermayerforgot to commit this after dv changes
2005-08-30 Michael Niedermayeroptimizations
2005-08-30 Michael Niedermayerregression tests for dv
2005-07-25 Michael Niedermayeryamaha adpcm regression test
2005-07-18 Michael Niedermayerenabling ffserver regression tests
2005-07-18 Michael Niedermayerffserver segfault & other fatal failure fixes
2005-06-27 Michael Niedermayernut prefers extradata style global headers
2005-06-03 Michael Niedermayermpegts regression test
2005-06-03 Michael Niedermayerfix stream class
2005-05-18 Michael Niedermayerfix mpeg2 chroma_420_type
2005-05-14 Michael Niedermayerffm.c rev 1.39+
2005-05-14 Michael Niedermayerround duration up in mov
2005-05-08 Michael Niedermayer#defines for strict_std_compliance and split between...
2005-05-05 Justin RugglesWhile adding stereo rematrixing, I came across somethin...
2005-04-26 Roine GustafssonAdds read probe to y4m, and changes the extension to...
2005-04-25 Michael NiedermayerPIX_FMT_NONE and related fixes
2005-04-17 Yartrebofix overflow in mc_block() patch by (Yartrebo )yartrebo...
2005-04-15 Michael Niedermayerstore the number of runs to avoid storing the last...
2005-04-10 Michael Niedermayerrescale coefficients during IDWT, that way the lifting...
2005-04-09 Michael Niedermayerincreasing precission of the quantization parameter
2005-04-05 Michael Niedermayer10% faster unpack_coeffs
2005-04-05 Michael Niedermayerfixing lossless snow
2005-04-03 Michael Niedermayersnow regression test
2005-03-23 Calcium31_ASF_compatibility_with_WMP_and_add_index.patch by...
2005-03-23 Calcium28_fix_parameters_in_G726.patch by (Calcium | calcium...
2005-03-23 Michael Niedermayerfix time stored in mov
2005-03-23 Michael Niedermayertrying to fix a few minor values in the mp4/mov muxer
2005-03-15 Michael Niedermayersample_size fix
2005-03-15 Michael Niedermayerset global_quality
2005-02-22 Michael Niedermayerswitch MPEG4 fourcc to FMP4
2005-02-07 Michael Niedermayerchecksum change due to (don't crash on null codec patch...
2005-02-07 Michael Niedermayermax/avg bitrate change (movenc.c 1.25->1.26)
2005-02-07 Michael Niedermayermax/avg bitrate change (movenc.c 1.25->1.26)
2005-02-07 Michael Niedermayerregression test checksum change due to the mov header...
2005-02-07 Michael Niedermayerreversing the 1.52->1.53 change (handle fixed sample_si...
2005-02-01 Michael Niedermayercompare audio files 16bit wise instead of 8bit
2005-02-01 Michael Niedermayersupport comparing files with some posiion offset relati...
2005-02-01 Michael Niedermayersigned 16bit support
2005-01-30 Michael Niedermayerdithering for the mpeg audio decoder
2005-01-30 Michael Niedermayerquick and dirty PSNR check for audio
2005-01-20 Michael Niedermayerjpeg style yuv fixes
2005-01-12 Roine Gustafssonhandle fixed sample_size patch by Roine Gustafsson...
2005-01-04 Roine Gustafsson- Writes correct unknown aspect
2005-01-03 Philip GladstoneRemove .mpg streams due to a standards compliance issue
2005-01-01 Michael Niedermayerspaces in path fixes
2004-12-24 Michael Niedermayerr/w -> rb/wb
2004-12-23 Michael Niedermayerfopen "r" -> "rb"
2004-12-07 Michael Niedermayerrv20 regression test
2004-12-06 Michael Niedermayerrm encoding fix
2004-11-28 Loren Merrittsplit ffhuffyuv into 2 codecs:
2004-11-28 Michael Niedermayerfix some codec_id values so that new ones can be added...
2004-11-22 Michael Niedermayerfake regression errors caused by randomly choosen dct...
2004-11-16 Michael Niedermayermv/mb reuse regression test
2004-11-12 Michael Niedermayerswitch pnm from imagepipe to image2pipe
2004-11-12 Maarten DanielsH261 fixing and cleaning:
2004-11-06 Michael Niedermayercbr audio muxing fix
2004-10-31 Michael Niedermayerswitch ffv1 to the put/get_symbol() from snow
2004-10-31 Michael Niedermayerswitch ffv1 from CABAC to the range coder
2004-10-28 Michael Niedermayerfix and cleanup h261 mb_type selection
2004-10-28 Michael Niedermayersuppress uninerresting output
2004-10-28 Michael Niedermayerh.261 regression test
2004-10-25 Wolfram Glogerfix -pixfmt mono[bw] patch by (Wolfram Gloger <wmglo...
2004-10-21 Michael Niedermayer100l (dont reset the sample position at the block end)
2004-10-16 Michael Niedermayeruser setable preload and max_mux_delay
2004-10-03 Michael Niedermayerinitial dts fix
2004-10-03 Michael Niedermayerpts/dts 100l fix
2004-10-03 Michael NiedermayerSCR timestamp fix try #1
2004-09-27 Roman Shaposhnik * experimental dynamic audio stream allocation for...
2004-09-22 Michael Niedermayerjpeg regression test
2004-09-22 Michael Niedermayerwrite shorter headers if possible
2004-09-20 Michael Niedermayer1/0 fix for files with size=0
2004-09-17 Loren Merritt(non)interlaced huffyuv patch by (Loren Merritt <lorenm...
2004-09-10 Alex Beregszasziforgot to commit this