2002-10-29 Fabrice Bellardupdate
2002-10-29 Michael Niedermayer-fomit-frame-pointer is needed for the PIC code
2002-10-29 Michael Niedermayerusing fewer registers (fixes compilation bug hopefully)
2002-10-29 Colin Leroyfix compilation on non-x86 with gcc 2.95
2002-10-28 Fabrice Bellardupdated
2002-10-28 Michael Niedermayerpostprocessing cleanup:
2002-10-28 Alex BeregszasziFOURCC removed, using ff_get_fourcc instead (should...
2002-10-28 Fabrice Bellardfixed block size selection
2002-10-28 Fabrice Bellardunified wav header parsing - added extradata support
2002-10-28 Fabrice Bellardadded new fft/mdct code - added fft-test program
2002-10-28 Fabrice Bellardadded wma decoder
2002-10-28 Fabrice Bellardpreparing integration of new AC3 decoder
2002-10-28 Fabrice Bellardnew generic FFT/MDCT code for audio codecs
2002-10-28 Fabrice Bellardupdated - feel free to correct/improve
2002-10-27 Fabrice Bellardadded Michael's page
2002-10-27 Fabrice Bellardnew texinfo documentation - HTML version also included
2002-10-27 Michael Niedermayerget_vlc2()
2002-10-27 Arpi3rd 10l - don't let it read data beyond the end of...
2002-10-27 Alex Beregszaszi2nd 10l (noticed by arpi)
2002-10-27 Alex Beregszasziminor speedup noticed by arpi
2002-10-27 Alex Beregszaszi10l
2002-10-27 Alex Beregszaszireworked decode_frame marker searching, fixes many...
2002-10-27 Michael Niedermayermergeing inter & intra rl_length tables (50% smaller...
2002-10-27 Michael Niedermayer75% smaller rl_length table
2002-10-27 Leon van Stuivenbergdsputil mmi cleanup patch by (Leon van Stuivenberg...
2002-10-27 Michael Niedermayerhandle direct rendering buffer allocation failure
2002-10-26 Kareilafixing bitrate display if -acodec copy is used, patch...
2002-10-26 Jürgen Keilsegfault fix patch by (Juergen Keil <jk at tools dot...
2002-10-25 Michael Niedermayerfixing decoding of streams with no keyframe at the...
2002-10-25 Michael Niedermayeridct_permutation_type variable, so the permutation...
2002-10-25 Michael Niedermayerregression test for H263+
2002-10-25 Michael Niedermayerslice encoding cleanup
2002-10-24 Michael Niedermayerclip MVs for direct mode
2002-10-23 Colin Leroyfixing RGB32->RGB16 on big endian patch by (Colin Leroy...
2002-10-23 Michael Niedermayeroptimize block_permute()
2002-10-23 Michael Niedermayerfixing interlaced MC & edge-emu
2002-10-22 Michael Niedermayermore defaults
2002-10-22 Michael Niedermayerxvid qpel bug autodetect
2002-10-22 Michael Niedermayerxvid qpel bug workaround
2002-10-22 Fabrice Bellardput/get portable for IEEE double - renamed put_native_s...
2002-10-21 Fabrice Bellardsingle frame output fix
2002-10-21 Fabrice Bellardchanged write_packet API - should work as before
2002-10-21 Fabrice Bellarduse new PTS api - corrected AV sync for transcoding...
2002-10-21 Fabrice Bellardthe new output PTS handling is now generic
2002-10-21 D Richard Felker IIInew ffserver options patch by (D Richard Felker III...
2002-10-21 Fabrice Bellarduse PTS api - suppressed redundant fourcc tags (don...
2002-10-21 Fabrice Bellarduse consistant PTS handling - fixed MPEG2 Pack header...
2002-10-21 Fabrice BellardAV synchronisation API
2002-10-20 Michael Niedermayernew video grab device for ATI All-In-Wonder cards based...
2002-10-20 Michael Niedermayerfixing msmpeg4v3 encoding at bitrates <128k
2002-10-19 Michael Niedermayerfixing h263 slice decoding (again)
2002-10-19 Michael Niedermayerfixing interlaced dct with 4mv
2002-10-19 Michael Niedermayerfixing h263 decoding (did segfault)
2002-10-18 Michael Niedermayerfixing interlaced dct + hq mode
2002-10-17 Michael Niedermayeravoid multiple init
2002-10-16 Michael Niedermayerinit flags before using it (found by arpi)
2002-10-16 Michael Niedermayercomplete mpeg4 GMC decoding support
2002-10-16 Michael Niedermayerfixing alt_scan for the first frame (variable was reset)
2002-10-15 Michael Niedermayerwarning fixes
2002-10-15 Michael Niedermayerfixing unused variables & adding missing options
2002-10-15 Fabrice Bellardbetter framework for specific mpeg mux options such...
2002-10-15 Fabrice Bellardsuppressed vcd flag - use new mpeg mux format instead
2002-10-15 Fabrice Bellardremoved obsolete file
2002-10-14 Michael Niedermayerbetter padding bug detection
2002-10-14 Fabrice Bellardremoved warnings
2002-10-14 Fabrice Bellardremoved invalid header include
2002-10-14 Fabrice Bellardadded null output format for speed testing
2002-10-14 Fabrice Bellardraw picture support in mux
2002-10-14 Fabrice Bellardcross compiling support
2002-10-14 Fabrice Bellardbetter MPEG4 support (at least can view some mpeg4...
2002-10-14 Michael Niedermayermpeg4 header parser clenup (needed for parsing of VOL...
2002-10-13 Michael Niedermayerfixing wmv1 slice decoding
2002-10-13 Michael Niedermayerfixing yuy2 upscaling (use -sws 0 for the faster but...
2002-10-13 Michael Niedermayermmx yuy2 output
2002-10-13 Michael Niedermayerbetter/cleaner error resilience (done in a 2nd pass...
2002-10-13 Michael Niedermayeryuy2 output support
2002-10-11 Falk HüffnerMove Alpha optimized IDCT to own file. Based on a patch...
2002-10-11 Alex Beregszasziadded mjpeg
2002-10-11 Fabrice Bellardremoved unused variables
2002-10-11 Fabrice Bellardactivated 'raw stream copy' feature (use -acodec copy...
2002-10-11 Fabrice Bellardcorrected pixel format display
2002-10-11 Fabrice Bellardadded stream copy capability
2002-10-11 Fabrice Bellarduse C99 syntax for field init
2002-10-10 Fabrice Bellardadded two pass info
2002-10-10 Fabrice Bellardadded mpeg in avi support
2002-10-10 Fabrice Bellardadded two pass support (same syntax as mencoder)
2002-10-09 Michael Niedermayermpeg1 2pass encoding
2002-10-09 Fabrice Bellardresample fix by Petros Tsantoulis
2002-10-09 Fabrice Bellardadded DV support
2002-10-09 Fabrice Bellardsupport buffers containing more than one frame
2002-10-08 Fabrice Bellardadded raw DV demux (audio is currently not handled)
2002-10-08 Fabrice Bellardfixed NTSC end of line bug
2002-10-08 Fabrice Bellardminimum support for YUV411P (new combined scaler/conver...
2002-10-08 Jürgen Keil16x{8,16} {avg,put}_pixels support patch by (Juergen...
2002-10-07 Arpi10l - MMX/FPU state was not restored, causing nonsense...
2002-10-07 ArpiDV ntsc support, 411P colorspace added
2002-10-07 Falk Hüffner* Fix dct_unquantize_h263_axp for changed block_last_in...
2002-10-06 Måns Rullgårdc syntax update patch by (mru at users dot sourceforge...
2002-10-06 Michael Niedermayerset low_delay on encoding if no b frames
2002-10-06 Michael Niedermayertrying to fix the non-x86 IDCTs (untested)