2004-09-22 Michael Niedermayerlast timestamp and -vsync 0 fix
2004-09-22 Jeff Muizelaar * simplification patch by Jeffrey Ryan Muizelaar
2004-09-22 Roman Shaposhnik * fixing a regression introduced by the last seek...
2004-09-21 Michael Niedermayer8 -> FRAC_BITS
2004-09-21 Alex BeregszasziDecoding to bgr15/16 from 16bit input. Decoding of...
2004-09-21 Alex Beregszaszigreyscale decoding (option to skip u,v planes) support
2004-09-21 Alex Beregszaszilot of bigendian fixes
2004-09-21 Michael Niedermayergcc 2.95 compile fix by (Jan Knutar <jknutar at nic...
2004-09-20 Michael Niedermayerinitial timestamp fix
2004-09-20 Michael Niedermayer1/0 fix for files with size=0
2004-09-20 Michael Niedermayercheck if the user specified timestamps are strictly...
2004-09-19 Roman Shaposhnik * fix for a DV regression introduced with the last...
2004-09-19 Michael Niedermayerav_rescale with user specified rounding
2004-09-19 D Richard Felker IIIconsistent use of types patch by (D Richard Felker...
2004-09-19 Roman Shaposhnik * a couple of silly defaults to make everybody happy.
2004-09-19 Roman Shaposhnik * misc. fixes and hacks to improve timing detection...
2004-09-18 Nathan Kurz * seek in raw DV patch by Nathan Kurz (nate at...
2004-09-18 Michael Niedermayerpassing an array or double precission parameters for...
2004-09-17 Loren Merrittsimplify getsymbol patch by (Loren Merritt <lorenm...
2004-09-17 Michael Niedermayerhuffyuv writes to AVCodecContext.stats_out only once...
2004-09-17 Michael Niedermayerwarning the user about possible incompatibilities
2004-09-17 Loren Merritt(non)interlaced huffyuv patch by (Loren Merritt <lorenm...
2004-09-16 Romain Dolbeauh264 qpel mc, size 16 patch by (Romain Dolbeau <dolbeau...
2004-09-16 Loren Merritt10l (scene change pict_type was wrong after coded_frame...
2004-09-16 Todd Kirbyremoving the .so file when make clean is run patch...
2004-09-16 Michael Niedermayermake distclean
2004-09-16 Mike MelansonIBM Ultimotion video decoder, courtesy of Konstantin...
2004-09-16 Mike Melansonadded support for the elusive AVI palette change chunk...
2004-09-15 Michael Niedermayer10l
2004-09-15 Michael Niedermayerper picture psnr
2004-09-15 Michael Niedermayervarious fixes for the main chunk demux loop
2004-09-15 Michael Niedermayerchanging size segfault fix
2004-09-14 Michael Niedermayercomment fix
2004-09-14 Michael Niedermayerqprd + mpeg2 segfault fix
2004-09-14 Roman Shaposhnik * I was finally convinced. And besides, if err it...
2004-09-13 Roberto TogniAVC (H264 in mp4 files, fourcc avc1) support
2004-09-13 Michael Niedermayerpre_cmp fix
2004-09-13 Maarten DanielsH.261 decoder improvements
2004-09-12 Michael Niedermayer100l (forgot to set the 8x8 mc functions, so ME did...
2004-09-12 Michael Niedermayeruse h264 MC code if possible
2004-09-12 Michael Niedermayer10l (gcc 2.95 compilation)
2004-09-12 Michael Niedermayerfixed framerates
2004-09-12 Michael Niedermayeruse pointer arithmetic in mc_block(), 25% faster
2004-09-10 Michael Niedermayerget/set_sr_golomb() cleanup
2004-09-10 Michael Niedermayerfail if SSE && !memalign && !memalign_hack
2004-09-10 Michael Niedermayermess cleanup
2004-09-10 Alex Beregszasziput the warning to the right place to avoid crashes
2004-09-10 Alex Beregszasziforgot to commit this
2004-09-08 Michael Niedermayerh264_qpel8_hv_lowpass_mmx2/3dnow
2004-09-08 Michael Niedermayerh264_qpel4_hv_lowpass_mmx2/3dnow
2004-09-08 Alex Beregszaszinew signed golomb routines
2004-09-08 Alex Beregszaszitry to select w/h from tables
2004-09-08 Michael Niedermayernote about our speed with replying to patches
2004-09-08 Michael Niedermayer10l (wrong coded_picture)
2004-09-08 Michael Niedermayeroptimization
2004-09-07 Michael Niedermayeroptimization
2004-09-07 Michael Niedermayeroptimization
2004-09-07 Michael Niedermayerh264 luma motion compensation in mmx2/3dnow
2004-09-06 Michael Niedermayeruseless
2004-09-06 Michael Niedermayer10000l fix and use more mmx2/3dnow code for mpeg4 qpel...
2004-09-05 Michael Niedermayer20% faster predict_plane()
2004-09-04 Alex Beregszaszimore decorrelation types
2004-09-03 Loren MerrittAlways write VOL control parameters, needed by old...
2004-09-02 Michael Niedermayertypo
2004-09-02 Michael Niedermayeroptional non spec compliant optimizations for mpeg1
2004-09-02 Michael Niedermayeroptional non spec compliant optimizations
2004-09-02 Michael Niedermayerforgotten parameter
2004-09-02 Loren Merritth264 deblocking crash patch by (Loren Merritt <lorenm...
2004-08-31 Michael Niedermayer10l (keyframes and context resets)
2004-08-28 Michael Niedermayercleanup
2004-08-28 Michael Niedermayer10l
2004-08-28 Mike Melanson8-bit mode corrections
2004-08-27 Michael Niedermayermerge decode_subband() and dequantize()
2004-08-27 Michael Niedermayer11% faster decode_subband()
2004-08-27 Michael Niedermayer5% faster decode_subband()
2004-08-27 Michael Niedermayer46% faster decode_subband()
2004-08-27 Michael Niedermayer50% faster decode_subband()
2004-08-26 Michael Niedermayeryuv median encoding 10l fix
2004-08-26 Michael Niedermayerquad tree based motion compensation (currently only...
2004-08-25 Michael Niedermayertypo fix by (Marcin 'Morgoth' Kurek <morgoth6 at box43...
2004-08-25 Michael Niedermayeredge bugfix
2004-08-25 Bohdan Horstbsd patch by (Bohdan Horst <nexus at irc dot pl>)
2004-08-24 Michael Niedermayerlrintf emulation improvments
2004-08-23 Roman Shaposhnik * adding Michael's explanation to the FAQ
2004-08-22 Michael Niedermayer4x4 SSE compare function
2004-08-22 Roberto Tognih261
2004-08-22 Alex Beregszasziffmpeg short conversion got fixed somewhere, no need...
2004-08-21 Alex Beregszaszisnow and sonic
2004-08-21 Alex Beregszasziunofficial ids for sonic for using in nut (fixme)
2004-08-21 Alex Beregszaszinew opensource lossy/lossless audio codec based on...
2004-08-21 Alex Beregszaszinew copyrights
2004-08-19 Diego Biurrunk6 pop fix patch by (Diego Biurrun <diego at biurrun...
2004-08-19 Todd Kirbyenrtries for PIX_FMT_XVMC_MPEG2_MC and PIX_FMT_XVMC_MPE...
2004-08-18 Michael Niedermayercopy & paste bug
2004-08-18 Michael Niedermayernonsense removial
2004-08-18 Roman Shaposhnik * replacing calls to not-always-available gmtime_r...
2004-08-17 Michael Niedermayermore untested bigendian fixes
2004-08-17 Michael Niedermayerbig endian fix (untested)
2004-08-16 Michael Niedermayermemleak found by ("wxWindows_study" <quicktime2008...
2004-08-16 Michael Niedermayercleanup