2008-01-08 Diego BiurrunRemove unused variable variance.
2008-01-08 Diego BiurrunFix test program compilation, random() needs to be...
2008-01-08 Guillaume LecrefECERFurl_write is part of the public API so it may not be...
2008-01-08 Diego PettenòRemove clip_table as it is not used anymore.
2008-01-08 Michael NiedermayerSplit range coding chapter in binary and integers
2008-01-08 Michael Niedermayerargh s/ffmpeg/snow/
2008-01-08 Michael NiedermayerRange coder state transition table, based on a patch...
2008-01-08 Michael NiedermayerRemove extra word.
2008-01-08 Baptiste Couduriercheck av_new_stream return value
2008-01-08 Baptiste Couduriercheck av_new_stream return value
2008-01-08 Roman Shaposhnik * fixing a bug preventing default values to be set...
2008-01-08 Michael NiedermayerMention damaged input testing.
2008-01-08 Michael NiedermayerA little proggy i wrote years ago.
2008-01-08 Michael NiedermayerRandomly change the amount of noise if nothing is expli...
2008-01-07 Ivo van PoortenLMLM4 demuxer
2008-01-07 Ivo van PoortenLinux Media Labs MPEG-4 (LMLM4) demuxer
2008-01-07 Ivo van PoortenImplement read_timestamp and enable seeking in PVA...
2008-01-07 Ivo van Poortencosmetics
2008-01-07 Ivo van Poortenremove unnecessary check
2008-01-07 Ivo van Poortenuse ff_parse_pes_pts for parsing an MPEG-PES timestamp
2008-01-07 Ivo van PoortenMove parsing of MPEG-PES timestamp to mpeg.h (as an...
2008-01-07 Roberto TogniMove printing of the license status at the end of confi...
2008-01-07 Andreas ÖmanDont crash if resampling is requested but no audio...
2008-01-07 Aurelien JacobsFix access to the last element of the table.
2008-01-07 Diego PettenòMark the ff_svq1_frame_size_table as constant.
2008-01-07 Diego PettenòMove wmv1_scantable to .rodata section by making it...
2008-01-07 Diego PettenòMake the av_class member of PPContext a poiner to const...
2008-01-07 Diego PettenòMark the tables in g726.c as constant.
2008-01-07 Diego PettenòMake v4l.c's video_formats constant and static.
2008-01-07 Diego PettenòRemove unused symbol.
2008-01-07 Justin Rugglessplit out init of downmix coeffs into a separate functi...
2008-01-07 Aurelien JacobsMake ff_mkv_codec_tags lie entirely in .rodata section.
2008-01-06 Justin Rugglesremove unneeded variable from AC3DecodeContext
2008-01-06 Justin Rugglesmake sure that the last coupling band stops at the...
2008-01-06 Diego Biurruncosmetics: Add another pair of parentheses to aid reada...
2008-01-06 Justin Rugglesfix phase flag processing for the case when coupling...
2008-01-06 Diego BiurrunRename two structures, identifiers starting with _...
2008-01-06 Baptiste Couduriercosmetics, split overly long lines
2008-01-06 Kostya ShishkovFractional parts of motion vectors should be accounted...
2008-01-06 Diego PettenòMake AVRtpPayloadTypes static and constant
2008-01-06 Justin Rugglesfix playing of multichannel audio for codecs without...
2008-01-05 Ivo van Poortencosmetics, superfluous space
2008-01-05 Ivo van Poortenproper check for valid pva_pts
2008-01-05 Ivo van Poortendo not return an error, but warn and recover when encou...
2008-01-05 Ivo van Poortenvalidate streamid before use
2008-01-05 Ivo van Poortenchange audio codec id to mp2
2008-01-05 Ivo van Poortenproper type and initialization of pva_pts
2008-01-05 Ivo van Poortenremove unnecessary shift
2008-01-05 Justin Rugglescheck for request_channels in dca init function
2008-01-05 Justin Rugglesadd downmixing support to libfaad decoder
2008-01-05 Justin Rugglescosmetics: indentation after last commit
2008-01-05 Justin Rugglesmove E-AC3 header parsing to ff_ac3_parse_header()
2008-01-05 Justin Rugglesremove unneeded variables from AC3HeaderInfo
2008-01-05 Justin Rugglesdo not set channels before checking request_channels
2008-01-05 Justin Rugglesuse request_channels in liba52 decoder
2008-01-05 Justin Rugglescosmetics: indentation
2008-01-05 Justin Rugglescheck for request_channels at codec init
2008-01-05 Justin Rugglesdo not set channels before checking request_channels
2008-01-05 Luca AbeniUpdate maintainership information after the rtp.c split
2008-01-05 Justin Rugglesadjust output channels based on AVCodecContext.request_...
2008-01-05 Michael NiedermayerDrop non key frames before the first key frame.
2008-01-04 Aurelien Jacobsinstall crc.h which is now part of public API
2008-01-04 Aurelien Jacobsimprove CRC API
2008-01-04 Luca AbeniSplit the RTP muxer out of rtp.c, to simplify the RTSP...
2008-01-04 Benjamin LarssonEnable proper output from the LFE channel, based on...
2008-01-04 Luca AbeniSplit the RTP demuxing functions out of rtp.c, to simpl...
2008-01-04 Michael Niedermayerindent
2008-01-04 Michael NiedermayerFlip key and element so types match, not that it matter...
2008-01-04 Michael NiedermayerDocument O() time.
2008-01-04 Michael NiedermayerDocument node removial API.
2008-01-04 Michael NiedermayerFix selftest.
2008-01-04 Michael NiedermayerSupport removing elements.
2008-01-04 Michael NiedermayerMove *malloc() out of tree.c, that way the code can...
2008-01-04 Kostya ShishkovRV30 thirdpel motion compensation support
2008-01-04 lars.taeuber... A few lines of text about the range coder, part of...
2008-01-04 Diego BiurrunAdd a note about the license of libamr.
2008-01-04 Diego BiurrunSpell out WB and NB.
2008-01-04 Diego BiurrunChange some files to only include the necessary headers.
2008-01-04 Benoit FouetInitialize "saved" buffer to zero.
2008-01-04 Ronald S. BultjeMake three rm demuxer functions non static.
2008-01-04 Michael NiedermayerAlways set next correctly, even if a matching element...
2008-01-04 Diego PettenòMake pp_help a constant pointer to constant characters...
2008-01-04 Justin Rugglescosmetics: indentation and add a TODO comment
2008-01-03 Justin Rugglesonly check ac3 crc if AVCodecContext.error_resilience > 0
2008-01-03 Justin Rugglescosmetics: indentation after last commit
2008-01-03 Justin Rugglesremove workaround which is no longer needed due to
2008-01-03 Luca AbeniRationalize some dependencies between rtsp and rtp
2008-01-03 Luca AbeniFix the RTP muxer dependencies
2008-01-03 Ivo van Poortenuse one shift less in get_pts()
2008-01-03 Kostya ShishkovMake decode210() common function.
2008-01-03 Diego PettenòMake pp_get_mode_by_name_and_quality accept a constant...
2008-01-03 Diego PettenòMake filterDelimiters and optionDelimiters two static...
2008-01-03 Justin Rugglesadd crc check to ac3 decoder
2008-01-03 Aurelien Jacobsmention libavfilter in warning about deprecated vhook
2008-01-02 Ronald S. BultjeDrop RTSP default protocol.
2008-01-02 Christophe... Fix issue #301:
2008-01-02 Diego Biurruncosmetics: Reindent.
2008-01-02 Ronald S. BultjeMerge double-nested if into && condition.
2008-01-02 Aurelien Jacobsmove num_packets=0 where it belongs
2008-01-02 Ivo van PoortenTechnoTrend PVA Demuxer