2016-01-13 Andreas Cadhalpunnuv: sanitize negative fps rate
2016-01-13 Andreas Cadhalpunon2avc: limit number of bits to 30 in get_egolomb
2016-01-12 Anton Khirnovnvenc: generate dts properly
2016-01-12 Anton Khirnovnvenc: fix encoding with B-frames
2016-01-12 Anton Khirnovnvenc: flush the encoder before closing it, as required...
2016-01-12 Anton Khirnovnvenc: rename encoders
2016-01-12 Anton Khirnovnvenc: better error handling
2016-01-12 Anton Khirnovmovenc-test: stop setting the GLOBAL_HEADER codec flag
2016-01-12 Anton Khirnovmux: drop the warning about global headers
2016-01-11 Andreas Cadhalpunlavc: Use get_bitsz where needed
2016-01-11 Andreas Cadhalpunlavc: Add get_bitsz()
2016-01-11 Vittorio Giovarasunrastenc: Properly load codec private options
2016-01-11 Kieran Kunhyaget_bits: Support max_depth > 2 in GET_RL_VLC_INTERNAL
2016-01-11 Clément Bœschlavu: add AV_CEIL_RSHIFT and use it in various places
2016-01-11 Clément Bœschswfdec: support compressed swf
2016-01-11 Alexandra Hájkováasfdec: Fix typo in comment
2016-01-11 Luca BarbatoAPIchanges: Add missing av_pix_fmt_get_chroma_sub_sampl...
2016-01-08 Martin Storsjöarm: Fix vfp dead code elimination with have_vfp_vm
2016-01-07 Martin Storsjöcheckasm: Check register clobbering on aarch64
2016-01-07 Martin Storsjöcheckasm: Check register clobbering on arm
2016-01-07 Andreas Cadhalpunavpacket: fix size check in packet_alloc
2016-01-07 Alexandra Hájkováasfdec: Remove unused function parameters
2016-01-07 Andreas Cadhalpunasfdec: reject size > INT64_MAX in asf_read_unknown
2016-01-07 Andreas Cadhalpunasfdec: only set asf_pkt->data_size after sanity checks
2016-01-07 Anton Khirnovqsvenc: split encoding frames and reading from the...
2016-01-07 Maxym Dmytrychenkoqsvenc: properly handle the warning from MFXVideoCORE_S...
2016-01-04 Luca Barbatoavconv: Drop an impossible check
2016-01-04 Luca Barbatoavconv: Simplify poll_filters() return value check
2016-01-03 Diego Biurrunh264_refs: Remove broken trace debug code
2016-01-03 Diego Biurrunlavc: Add missing #includes for ff_dlog()
2016-01-01 Maxym Dmytrychenkoqsvdec: properly handle the warning from MFXVideoCORE_S...
2016-01-01 Maxym Dmytrychenkoqsvenc_hevc: improve the default settings
2016-01-01 Anton Khirnovh264: improve behaviour with invalid reference lists
2015-12-31 Alexandra Hájkovádca: use defines for subband related constants
2015-12-30 Janne Grunaux86: use emms after ff_int32_to_float_fmul_scalar_sse
2015-12-29 Janne Grunaucheckasm: x86: post commit review fixes
2015-12-29 Janne Grunaux86: zero extend the 32-bit length in int32_to_float_fm...
2015-12-26 Diego BiurrunRemove stray line breaks from avpriv_{report_missing_fe...
2015-12-26 Diego Biurrunrtpdec_jpeg: Coalesce redundant error checks
2015-12-24 Alexandra Hájkovádca: remove unused decode_hf function and quant_d tables
2015-12-23 Alexandra Hájkovádca: change the core to work with integer coefficients.
2015-12-23 Alexandra Hájkovádca: Add math helpers.
2015-12-21 Janne Grunaucheckasm: add fmtconvert tests
2015-12-21 Janne Grunaucheckasm: add synth_filter test
2015-12-21 Janne Grunaucheckasm: add tests for dcadsp
2015-12-21 Janne Grunaucheckasm: add float comparison util functions
2015-12-21 Janne Grunaux86: checkasm: check for or handle missing cleanup...
2015-12-21 Janne Grunauarm64: fix inverted register order in transpose_4x4H
2015-12-16 Andreas Cadhalpunexr: fix out of bounds read in get_code
2015-12-16 Andreas Cadhalpunopus: Fix typo causing overflow in silk_stabilize_lsf
2015-12-14 Janne Grunauarm: add ff_int32_to_float_fmul_array8_neon
2015-12-14 Janne Grunauarm64: int32_to_float_fmul neon asm
2015-12-14 Janne Grunauarm64: port synth_filter_float_neon from arm
2015-12-14 Janne Grunauarm64: convert dcadsp neon asm from arm
2015-12-14 Janne Grunauarm: add a cpu flag for the VFPv2 vector mode
2015-12-14 Janne Grunaux86_64: int32_to_float_fmul_scalar sign extend integer...
2015-12-14 Janne Grunauarm64: add cycle counter support
2015-12-14 Janne Grunaulibavutil: move FFALIGN macro from common.h to macros.h
2015-12-14 Stefan Pöschelmpegtsenc: add flag to embed an AC-3 ES the DVB way
2015-12-14 Kip Warneravresample: Mark avresample_buffer() as pointer to...
2015-12-14 Anton Khirnovr3d: fix an invalid read introduced in 6bf4c1d
2015-12-13 Martin Storsjörtmpproto: Include the full path as app when "slist...
2015-12-12 Anton Khirnovvocdec: do not create the stream in read_header()
2015-12-12 Anton Khirnovvocdec: put the code not shared with other demuxers...
2015-12-12 Anton Khirnovflvdec: do not create any streams in read_header()
2015-12-12 Anton Khirnovlavc: make avpriv_mpa_decode_header private on next...
2015-12-12 Anton Khirnovmp3dec: replace avpriv_mpa_decode_header with avpriv_mp...
2015-12-12 Anton Khirnovmpegaudiodecheader: check the header in avpriv_mpegaudi...
2015-12-12 Anton Khirnovlavc: get the profile name through the codec descriptor...
2015-12-12 Anton Khirnovlavc: add profiles to AVCodecDescriptor
2015-12-12 Anton Khirnovlavc: print the name of the codec, not its implementati...
2015-12-12 Anton Khirnovr3d: do not create the audio stream until we know the...
2015-12-12 Anton Khirnovff_parse_specific_params: do not use AVCodecContext...
2015-12-12 Anton Khirnovrmenc: do not use AVCodecContext.frame_size
2015-12-12 Anton Khirnovmpegvideo_enc: actually add the side data with vbv_dela...
2015-12-11 Dave Yeohevcdsp: use a macro for .rodata section
2015-12-08 Luca Barbatoopenh264: Directly include the deprecation guards header
2015-12-08 Luca Barbatolog: Use a do {} while (0) for tlog
2015-12-07 Aaron Colwellmatroskadec: Fix sample_aspect_ratio for stereo matrosk...
2015-12-07 Vittorio Giovarasgienc: Make sure to initialize skipped header portions
2015-12-07 Vittorio Giovaralavc: Drop exporting 2-pass encoding stats
2015-12-07 Vittorio Giovaralavc: Deprecate coder_type and its symbols
2015-12-07 Anton Khirnovh264: do not call frame_start() for missing frames
2015-12-07 Anton Khirnovaacdec: fix aac_static_table_init() prototype
2015-12-07 Anton Khirnovavpacket: use ERANGE instead of EOVERFLOW
2015-12-07 Ganesh Ajjanagaddertsp: free opts dictionary on failure of getnameinfo
2015-12-07 Ganesh Ajjanagaddemovenc-test: add a missing va_end call
2015-12-06 Anton Khirnovmxfenc: always assume long gop
2015-12-06 Anton Khirnovlavc: export Dirac parsing API used by the ogg demuxer...
2015-12-06 Anton Khirnovmpegenc: use the CPB props side data
2015-12-06 Anton Khirnovmovenc: use the CPB props side data
2015-12-06 Anton Khirnovqsvenc: export CPB props side data
2015-12-06 Anton Khirnovnvenc: export CPB props side data
2015-12-06 Anton Khirnovmpegvideo_enc: export vbv_delay in side data
2015-12-06 Anton Khirnovmpegvideo_enc: export CPB props side data
2015-12-06 Anton Khirnovlibx264: export CPB props side data
2015-12-06 Anton Khirnovlibvpxenc: export CPB props side data
2015-12-06 Anton Khirnovlibopenh264enc: export CPB props side data
2015-12-06 Anton Khirnovlavc: add a packet side data type for VBV-like parameters
2015-12-06 Anton Khirnovavconv: pass the global codec side data to the muxer