2013-07-02 Michael Niedermayerjpeg2000: Use separate fields for int and float codepaths
2013-07-02 Michael Niedermayerjpeg2000: Split int/float codepaths depending on the DWT
2013-07-02 Michael Niedermayerjpeg2000: Improve reduced resolution decoding
2013-07-02 Michael Niedermayerjpeg2000: Compute quantization for 'scalar derived...
2013-07-02 Michael Niedermayerjpeg2000: Calculate code-block coord in ff_jpeg2000_ini...
2013-07-02 Michael Niedermayerjpeg2000: Fix compute precedence error in lut_gain...
2013-07-02 Michael Niedermayerjpeg2000: Initialize code blocks structures in precinct...
2013-07-02 Michael Niedermayerjpeg2000: Check that we have enough components for MCT
2013-07-02 Michael Niedermayerjpeg2000: Check that there is a SOT before SOD
2013-07-02 Michael Niedermayerjpeg2000: Remove unneeded returns
2013-07-02 Michael Niedermayerjpeg2000: Propagate error code from get_cox()
2013-07-02 Michael Niedermayerjpeg2000: Check that nreslevels2decode has been initial...
2013-07-02 Michael Niedermayerjpeg2000: Drop unused and writeonly fields
2013-07-02 Michael Niedermayerjpeg2000: Correctly calculate sgnd
2013-07-02 Michael Niedermayerjpeg2000: check len before parsing header
2013-07-02 Michael Niedermayerjpeg2000: Check component number in get_coc() and get_qcc()
2013-07-02 Michael Niedermayerjpeg2000: Check zero bit-plane validity
2013-07-02 Luca Barbatojpeg2000: Validate block lengthinc
2013-07-02 Michael Niedermayerjpeg2000: Validate SIZ parsing
2013-07-02 Michael Niedermayerjpeg2000: Validate SOT parsing
2013-07-02 Michael Niedermayerjpeg2000: Use bytestream2
2013-07-02 Luca Barbatojpeg2000: Clean up return paths and error messages
2013-07-02 Luca Barbatojpeg2000: Define the maximum decomposition levels
2013-07-02 Michael Niedermayerjpeg2000: Check code-block size
2013-07-02 Luca Barbatojpeg2000: Validate resolution levels
2013-07-02 Anton Khirnovoggdec: do not fall back on binary search in the generi...
2013-07-02 Loren Merrittlls/x86: use 3-operator vaddpd in ADDPD_MEM
2013-07-01 Luca BarbatoRevert "indeo5: reject negative motion vectors"
2013-07-01 Luca Barbatoindeo: check for reference when inheriting mvs
2013-07-01 Luca Barbatoindeo5: reject negative motion vectors
2013-07-01 Luca Barbatoindeo: use proper error code
2013-07-01 Luca Barbatoindeo: Properly forward the error codes
2013-06-30 Loren Merrittx86: lpc: fix a segfault in av_evaluate_lls_sse2()
2013-06-30 Luca Barbatomjpeg: Check the unescaped size for overflows
2013-06-30 Luca Barbatomjpeg: Move code out of else branch
2013-06-29 Derek Buitenhuisavconv: Don't include colorspace.h
2013-06-29 Luca Barbatowmapro: error out on impossible scale factor offsets
2013-06-29 Luca Barbatowmapro: check the min_samples_per_subframe
2013-06-29 Luca Barbatopictor: use the correct logging context
2013-06-29 Loren Merrittlpc: use levinson for the first pass of multipass cholesky
2013-06-29 Loren Merrittx86: lpc: simd av_evaluate_lls
2013-06-29 Loren Merrittx86: lpc: simd av_update_lls
2013-06-29 Loren Merrittlpc: use function pointers, in preparation for asm
2013-06-29 Loren Merrittlpc: remove "decay" argument
2013-06-28 Luca Barbatowmapro: check num_vec_coeffs against the actual availab...
2013-06-28 Luca Barbatowmapro: return early on unsupported condition
2013-06-28 Luca Barbatowmapro: make sure there is room to store the current...
2013-06-28 Luca Barbatolavc: move put_bits_left in put_bits.h
2013-06-26 Luca Barbatoaac: return meaningful errors
2013-06-26 Luca Barbatoaac: K&R formatting cosmetics
2013-06-24 Alex Smithconfigure: Do not omit frame pointers for msvc/icl...
2013-06-24 Alex Smithconfigure: Do not explicitly set Oy for msvc/icl
2013-06-24 Derek Buitenhuisfate: Add Canopus Lossless YUY2 test
2013-06-24 Derek Buitenhuiscllc: Use outbuf in RGB and ARGB functions
2013-06-24 Derek Buitenhuiscllc: Implement YUV support
2013-06-24 Derek Buitenhuisdoc/platform: Add info about ICL
2013-06-24 Rafaël Carrélavf: don't abort if both encoder and muxer aspect...
2013-06-24 Rafaël Carrématroskaenc: restore compatibility with non referenced...
2013-06-24 Kieran Kunhyalavc: Add option to encode MPEG-2 AAC with libfdk-aac
2013-06-23 Diego Biurrunconfigure: whitespace cosmetics
2013-06-23 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Simplify an expression with enabled_all.
2013-06-22 Alex Smithconfigure: More msvc/icl combining
2013-06-22 Luca Barbatoogg: relax demuxer conformance checks
2013-06-22 Luca Barbatoavconv: report the error for codec open failure
2013-06-22 Luca Barbatoavconv: drop additional strerror fallback
2013-06-20 Anton Khirnovlavc: free the padded last frame during audio encoding...
2013-06-20 Anton Khirnovvsrc_movie: do not free avoption variables in uninit()
2013-06-19 Alex Smithconfigure: Remove unneeded icl inline compatibility...
2013-06-18 Anton Khirnovlavfi: switch ff_default_get_audio_buffer() to av_frame...
2013-06-17 Vittorio Giovaralavfi: math typo in interlace filter
2013-06-16 Kostya Shishkovsmacker: check frame size validity
2013-06-16 Kostya Shishkovsmacker: pad the extradata allocation
2013-06-16 Kostya Shishkovsmacker: check the return value of smacker_decode_tree
2013-06-16 Kostya Shishkovsmacker: fix an off by one in huff.length computation
2013-06-16 Janne Grunauutils: fix avcodec_flush_buffers pre-reference counting...
2013-06-16 Luca Barbatoavf: move url utility functions in a separate file
2013-06-16 Luca Barbatoavf: move ff_write_chained to mux.c
2013-06-16 Luca Barbatoavf: move riff tags accessors where they belong
2013-06-16 Luca Barbatoavf: move ff_http_match_no_proxy to network
2013-06-16 Luca Barbatoavf: split off format register and lookup function
2013-06-16 Luca Barbatobitstream: forward error values and drop few abort()
2013-06-16 Luca Barbatobitstream: K&R formatting cosmetics
2013-06-15 Luca Barbatoh264_mp4toannexb_bsf: return a padded buffer
2013-06-15 Luca Barbatoh264_mp4toannexb_bsf: factor out extradata parsing
2013-06-15 Luca Barbatoh264_mp4toannexb_bsf: K&R formatting cosmetics
2013-06-12 Luca Barbato4xm: check bitstream_size boundary before using it
2013-06-12 Luca Barbato4xm: refactor decode_p_block
2013-06-12 Luca Barbato4xm: do not overread the source buffer in decode_p_block
2013-06-12 Luca Barbato4xm: do not overread the prestream buffer
2013-06-12 Luca Barbato4xm: validate the buffer size before parsing it
2013-06-12 Luca Barbato4xm: reject frames not compatible with the declared...
2013-06-12 Luca Barbato4xm: drop pointless assert
2013-06-12 Luca Barbato4xm: forward errors from decode_p_block
2013-06-12 Luca Barbato4xm: fold last_picture lazy allocation in decode_p_frame
2013-06-12 Luca Barbato4xm: do not overread while parsing header
2013-06-12 Luca Barbato4xm: refactor fourxm_read_header
2013-06-12 Luca Barbato4xm: K&R formatting cosmetics
2013-06-12 Luca Barbato4xm: use the correct logging context
2013-06-12 Michael Niedermayerg2meet: Fix a typo in the height comparison
2013-06-12 Kostya Shishkovg2meet: do not leak buffers