2015-04-14 Stephen Hutchinsonavisynth: Bump minimum required version to interface...
2015-04-14 Stephen Hutchinsonavisynth: Fix detection of AviSynth 2.5
2015-04-14 wm4mpeg4videodec: Remove useless messages
2015-04-14 wm4mmal: Reference MMAL VC lib explicitly
2015-04-14 wm4mmal: Move system headers before local headers
2015-04-13 Vittorio Giovaraffv1: Check memory allocations
2015-04-12 Himangi Saraogirtsp: Fix unchecked return value
2015-04-12 Himangi Saraogirtsp: Check a malloc return value
2015-04-11 James Almerlibx265: print supported presets and tunes on error
2015-04-11 Michael Kostylevlibdc1394: Unbreak build after c201069fa
2015-04-10 Martin Storsjövfwcap: Unbreak building after c201069fa
2015-04-09 Diego Biurrunavdevice: Apply a more consistent file naming scheme
2015-04-09 Diego Biurrunavdevice: Add missing header for NULL_IF_CONFIG_SMALL
2015-04-09 Anders Nystromlibavformat: Handle error return from ff_listen_bind
2015-04-09 Ferdinand Oeinckhqx: Fix clipping error in idct put function
2015-04-09 Vittorio Giovarariff: Add 'M705' FourCC for mpeg2video
2015-04-09 Vittorio Giovaradnxhd: Log the selected profile id
2015-04-09 Vittorio Giovaramov: Rely on box type rather than file type for colr...
2015-04-09 Vittorio Giovarav210: Fix typo in header guards
2015-04-08 Diego Biurrung2meet: K&R formatting cosmetics
2015-04-08 wm4matroskadec: export cover art correctly
2015-04-07 Luca Barbatoparseutils: Make av_small_strptime public
2015-04-06 Luca Barbatoparseutils: Extend small_strptime to be used in avformat
2015-04-05 Anton Khirnovsvq3: initialize some required H264Context fields.
2015-04-05 Martin Storsjölibavcodec: Clarify the documentation of the internal...
2015-04-05 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/libx265: export chosen picture types
2015-04-05 Anton Khirnovh264: reset the private data in init_thread_copy()
2015-04-05 Anton Khirnovh264: remove a commented out nonsense line
2015-04-05 Anton Khirnovh264: drop redundant initialization of the scaling...
2015-04-05 Anton Khirnovh264: factor out common code from init() and init_threa...
2015-04-05 Anton Khirnovh264: drop redundant initialization in init()
2015-04-05 Anton Khirnovh264: initialize cur_chroma_format_idc
2015-04-05 Anton Khirnovh264: use the correct SPS during PPS parsing
2015-04-04 Himangi Saraogiavconv: Avoid theoretical NULL dereferences
2015-04-03 Anton Khirnovh264: disable ER by default
2015-04-03 Anton Khirnovavconv: do not overwrite the stream codec context for...
2015-04-03 Anton KhirnovFATE: add a test for parameter changes in HEVC
2015-04-03 Anton Khirnovhevc: make sure no dangling pointers remain around...
2015-04-03 Anton Khirnovhevc: do not change the VPS if its contents are the...
2015-04-03 Anton Khirnovhevc: export stream parameters from extradata
2015-04-03 Anton Khirnovhevc: split out setting AVCodecContext parameters
2015-04-03 Martin Storsjömpegtsenc: Take max_delay into account when buffering...
2015-04-01 Luca Barbatortsp: Add a buffer_size option
2015-04-01 Luca Barbatortp: Add an option to set the send/receive buffer size
2015-04-01 Luca Barbatortp: Map the urloptions to AVOptions
2015-03-30 Diego Biurrunbuild: Split JPEG-related tables off into a separate...
2015-03-30 Diego Biurrunmjpeg: Use a more precise type for put_marker()
2015-03-30 Diego Biurrunmjpeg: Move code only used in the encoder(s) to the...
2015-03-30 Himangi Saraogitiff: Return more meaningful error codes
2015-03-30 Diego Biurrunindeo: Give Indeo4/5 shared code a more consistent...
2015-03-30 Diego Biurrunqsv: Skip header compilation depending on what parts...
2015-03-29 Luca Barbatoudp: Fix pkt_size management
2015-03-29 Hendrik Leppkeslavc: add libdcadec decoder
2015-03-29 Hendrik Leppkeslavc: add profile define for DTS Express
2015-03-29 wm4lavc: add MMAL hardware decoder wrapper
2015-03-27 Anton Khirnovlavc: add Intel libmfx-based H.264 encoder
2015-03-27 Anton Khirnovqsvdec: add 'decode' to the non-static function names
2015-03-27 Anton Khirnovqsvdec: split off some code that will be shared with...
2015-03-27 Anton Khirnovqsv: rename to qsvdec
2015-03-24 Stephen Hutchinsonavisynth: update documentation about the avisynth_c...
2015-03-24 Stephen Hutchinsonavisynth: Fix compilation against current 2.6 header(s).
2015-03-23 Hendrik Leppkesvaapi_h264: fix slice data offset
2015-03-23 Hendrik Leppkesdxva2_h264: fix slice offset in long slice structs
2015-03-23 Michael Niedermayerlavc: Prefer x264 over openh264 if both libraries are...
2015-03-23 Vittorio Giovarapixfmt: Update documentation with prefixed pixel formats
2015-03-23 Vittorio Giovarapixdesc: Replace a few leftover instances of non AV...
2015-03-23 Vittorio Giovarafate: Add test for tscc2 in mov
2015-03-23 Vittorio Giovaramov: Write the display matrix in order
2015-03-23 Martin Storsjömovenc: Write the make and model metadata keys for...
2015-03-21 Federico Tomassettiavfilter: Document avfilter_graph_alloc return value
2015-03-21 Federico Tomassettioggdec: Check memory allocation
2015-03-21 Federico Tomassettimms: Check memory allocation
2015-03-21 Federico Tomassettiavplay: Check memory allocation
2015-03-21 Federico Tomassettirmenc: Check memory allocation
2015-03-21 Federico Tomassettiswscale: Check memory allocation
2015-03-21 Anton Khirnovh264: move [uv]linesize to the per-slice context
2015-03-21 Anton Khirnovh264_cabac: remove now unnecessary H264Context function...
2015-03-21 Anton Khirnovh264: use a smaller struct for the ref lists
2015-03-21 Anton Khirnovh264_mb: remove an unused function parameter
2015-03-21 Anton Khirnovh264: drop some mpegvideo remnants from draw_horiz_band()
2015-03-21 Anton Khirnovh264: drop the now unused per-slice H264Contexts
2015-03-21 Anton Khirnovh264: use the main H264Context as the parent for all...
2015-03-21 Anton Khirnovh264_slice: constify all the uses of H264Context during...
2015-03-21 Anton Khirnovh264: move rbsp_buffer into the per-slice context
2015-03-21 Anton Khirnovh264: move remaining ER stuff into the per-slice context
2015-03-21 Anton Khirnoverror_resilience: do not require mbintra/skip tables
2015-03-21 Anton Khirnovh264: move top_borders into the per-slice context
2015-03-21 Anton Khirnovh264: move the scratch buffers into the per-slice context
2015-03-21 Anton Khirnovh264_loopfilter: constify all uses of H264Context
2015-03-21 Anton Khirnovh264_cavlc: constify all uses of H264Context
2015-03-21 Anton Khirnovh264_cabac: constify all uses of H264Context
2015-03-21 Anton Khirnovh264.c: constify all uses of H264Context in slice and...
2015-03-21 Anton Khirnovh264: move mb_mbaff into the per-slice context
2015-03-21 Anton Khirnovh264: move mb_field_decoding_flag into the per-slice...
2015-03-21 Anton Khirnovh264_mb: constify all uses of H264Context
2015-03-21 Anton Khirnovh264_mb: constify block_offset
2015-03-21 Anton Khirnovh264_mvpred: constify all uses of H264Context
2015-03-21 Anton Khirnovh264.h: constify all uses of H264Context
2015-03-21 Anton Khirnovh264_direct: constify all uses of H264Context
2015-03-21 Anton Khirnovh264: use a separate GetBitContext for slice data