2017-04-30 Mark Thompsonvp9_raw_reorder_bsf: Remove a redundant allocation
2017-04-28 Anton Khirnovmpeg4audio: Make avpriv_copy_pce_data() inline
2017-04-28 Martin Storsjöarm: hevc_idct: Tune the add_res_8x8 and add_res_32x32...
2017-04-27 Seppo Tomperihevc: Add NEON add_residual for bitdepth 8
2017-04-27 Vittorio Giovaramlp_parser: Drop in-parser downmix functionality
2017-04-27 Vittorio Giovaraaac_ac3_parser: Drop in-parser downmix functionality
2017-04-27 James Almeravprobe: use av_spherical_projection_name() to print...
2017-04-27 James Almerdump: use av_spherical_projection_name() to print spher...
2017-04-27 James Almerspherical: add functions to retrieve and request projec...
2017-04-26 Mark Thompsonvaapi: Add external control of allow-profile-mismatch
2017-04-26 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add flag to allow profile mismatch with hardware...
2017-04-26 Mark Thompsonvaapi_encode: Use gop_size consistently in RC parameters
2017-04-26 Vittorio Giovaraavfoundation: update to use AVCodecParameters
2017-04-26 Vittorio Giovaramlp: Factor out channel layout subset checks
2017-04-26 Vittorio Giovaramlp: Drop ff_ prefix from a static function
2017-04-26 Vittorio Giovaramlp: Rename the channel layout variable
2017-04-26 James Almermatroskaenc: don't warn about unknown spherical metadat...
2017-04-26 Anton Khirnovmem: uninline av_malloc(z)_array()
2017-04-25 Alexandra Hájkováhevc: Add support for bitdepth 10 for IDCT DC
2017-04-25 Seppo Tomperihevc: Add NEON IDCT DC functions for bitdepth 8
2017-04-25 Diego Biurrunclearvideo: Convert to the new bitstream reader
2017-04-25 Kostya ShishkovAdd ClearVideo decoder
2017-04-24 Luca Barbatoavprobe: Handle unknown values for the color description
2017-04-24 Paul B Maholutvideodec: Fix gradient prediction when stride does...
2017-04-24 Paul B Maholutvideodec: Fix decoding odd sizes with interlaced...
2017-04-24 Luca Barbatoavplay: Do not try to allocate new frames when the...
2017-04-24 Luca Barbatoconfigure: Fix sem_timedwait probe
2017-04-24 Luca Barbatoconfigure: Properly escape arguments in filter/filter_o...
2017-04-24 Anton Khirnovdca: Move the downmix request check outside the loop
2017-04-24 Sean McGovernvc1dec: raise an error if sprite picture data is missing
2017-04-24 Diego Biurrundoc/examples/output: Cast pointer to the right (const...
2017-04-24 Diego Biurrundoc/examples/filter_audio: const correctness
2017-04-24 Diego Biurrunswscale-test: const correctness
2017-04-23 Aaron Levinsonqsvenc: Make sure the interlaced encoding works
2017-04-23 Aaron Levinsonqsvenc: Use MFXVideoENCODE_Query() to update the parameters
2017-04-21 Martin Storsjöcheckasm: hevc: Add a hevc_ prefix to the add_residual...
2017-04-20 Luca Barbatomm: Skip unexpected audio packets
2017-04-20 Luca Barbatomjpeg: Report non-3 component rgb lossless as not supported
2017-04-20 Luca Barbatoflv: Validate the packet size
2017-04-20 Luca Barbatotravis: Exclude gcc for the macOS target
2017-04-19 Luca Barbatodca: Account for lfe when checking for the channel...
2017-04-15 Luca Barbatoswscale: Convert the check check_image_pointers helper...
2017-04-15 Luca Barbatoswscale: Do not shift negative values directly
2017-04-15 Paul B Maholutvideodec: Support for gradient prediction
2017-04-15 Paul B Maholutvideodec: Reuse the huffyuv add_left
2017-04-15 Paul B Maholutvideodec: Support ULY4 and ULH4
2017-04-15 Paul B Maholutvideodec: Support UQRA and UQRG
2017-04-15 Michael Niedermayerswscale: Add gbrap10 output
2017-04-13 Paul B Maholswscale: Add input support for gbrap10 pixel format
2017-04-13 Paul B Maholpixfmt: Add gbrap10 pixel format
2017-04-13 Paul B Maholutvideodec: Support UQY2
2017-04-13 Luca Barbatoavformat: Free the internal codec context at the end
2017-04-13 Luca Barbatogolomb: Simplify get_ur_golomb_jpegls
2017-04-13 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeutvideodec: Prevent possible signed overflow
2017-04-13 Diego Biurrunfmvc: Add FATE tests
2017-04-13 Paul B MaholAdd FM Screen Capture Codec decoder
2017-04-12 Alexandra Hájkováhevc: Add NEON 16x16 IDCT
2017-04-12 Anton Khirnovac3_parser: add a public function for parsing the data...
2017-04-12 Diego Biurrunthread: Define ff_mutex_* macros as stub functions...
2017-04-10 Andreas Unterwegerexamples: Fixed and extended Doxygen documentation
2017-04-10 Vittorio Giovaradecode: Initialize ret before using it
2017-04-10 Vittorio Giovarafiltfmts-test: Mark filter as const
2017-04-10 Vittorio Giovaralavfi: Drop unused and empty header file
2017-04-10 Luca Barbatomatroska: Read only the data written in the scratch...
2017-04-05 Sean McGovernmpeg4videodec: raise an error if sprite_trajectory...
2017-04-03 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Better names for functions that sanitize...
2017-04-03 Diego Biurrunmov: Move code shared with CAF to a separate file
2017-04-02 Mark Thompsonqsvenc: Allow use of hw_device_ctx to make the internal...
2017-04-02 Mark Thompsonqsvdec: Allow use of hw_device_ctx to make the internal...
2017-04-02 Mark Thompsonqsv: Add ability to create a session from a device
2017-04-02 Mark Thompsondoc: Add VAAPI encoders
2017-04-02 Mark Thompsonvaapi_encode: Add VP9 support
2017-04-02 Mark Thompsonvp9: Add bsf to fix reordering in raw streams
2017-04-02 Ronald S. Bultjevp9: Add bsf to merge superframes
2017-04-02 Mark Thompsonavconv: Flush output BSFs when encode reaches EOF
2017-04-02 Mark Thompsonvf_deinterlace_vaapi: Add support for field rate output
2017-04-02 Mark Thompsonpthread_frame: Propagate sw_pix_fmt across threads
2017-03-31 Martin Storsjölibavutil: Make LOCAL_ALIGNED(xx be equal to LOCAL_ALIG...
2017-03-31 Martin Storsjöhevc: Avoid using LOCAL_ALIGNED for 4 byte alignment
2017-03-31 Diego Biurruntakdec: Use ISO C printf conversion specifiers where...
2017-03-29 Anton Khirnovdcadec: remove extra indirection
2017-03-29 Martin Storsjöhevcdec: Use LOCAL_ALIGNED_* for declaring local variab...
2017-03-28 Martin Storsjöarm: Always build the hevcdsp_init_arm.c file
2017-03-28 Diego Biurrunjack: Drop support for old (2012) JACK versions
2017-03-27 Mark Thompsonhwcontext: Move NONE to the be the first member of...
2017-03-27 Alexandra Hájkováhevc: Add NEON 4x4 and 8x8 IDCT
2017-03-27 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Disable inline assembly for PathScale compilers
2017-03-26 Sean McGovernnsvdec: don't ignore the return value of av_get_packet()
2017-03-26 Ricardo Constantinortmpproto: send swfverify value as swfurl if latter...
2017-03-24 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Skip check for inline assembly capabilities...
2017-03-23 Vittorio GiovaraAPIchanges: Update bump dates
2017-03-23 Luca Barbatoavplay: Use the named syntax for buffersrc arguments
2017-03-23 Vittorio Giovaravf_showinfo: Display spherical properties
2017-03-23 Vittorio Giovaravf_showinfo: Simplify reporting stereo3d information
2017-03-23 Vittorio Giovaraspherical: Change types of bounding and pad to uint32_t
2017-03-23 Vittorio Giovaralavu: Drop deprecated av_dlog macro
2017-03-23 Vittorio Giovaralavu: Drop deprecated option type
2017-03-23 Vittorio Giovaralavu: Drop deprecated VDPAU pixel formats
2017-03-23 Vittorio Giovaralavc: Drop deprecated stream codec tag
2017-03-23 Vittorio Giovaralavc: Drop deprecated options moved to private contexts