2013-10-15 Anton Khirnovtiny_psnr: switch f32 handling to floating point
2013-10-15 Diego Biurrunbitstream: Check the result of av_malloc()
2013-10-15 Diego Biurruncavs: more K&R formatting cosmetics
2013-10-15 Derek Buitenhuismpegaudio_tablegen: Don't use llrint
2013-10-15 Derek Buitenhuiscos_tablegen: Don't use lrint
2013-10-15 Derek Buitenhuistablegen: Don't use cbrtf in host tools
2013-10-15 Derek Buitenhuistableprint: Fix use of a size_t print with MSVC
2013-10-14 Michael Niedermayerhttp: Check the auth string contents and not only the...
2013-10-14 Jason Garrett... x86: more AVX2 framework
2013-10-14 Jason Garrett... x86inc: FMA3/4 Support
2013-10-14 Derek Buitenhuisx86inc: Remove our FMA4 support
2013-10-14 Henrik Gramnerx86inc: Use VEX-encoded instructions in AVX functions
2013-10-14 Derek Buitenhuisavresample/x86: Switch operand order for mulps
2013-10-14 Martin Storsjörtmp: Allocate the prev_pkt arrays dynamically
2013-10-13 Luca Barbatocavs: Check for negative cbp
2013-10-13 Luca Barbatocavs: Return meaningful error values
2013-10-13 Luca Barbatocavs: K&R formatting cosmetics
2013-10-13 Martin Storsjöhttp: Support auth method detection for POST
2013-10-13 Martin Storsjöhttp: Add an option for forcing basic authentication
2013-10-13 Derek Buitenhuispthread: Fix deadlock during thread initialization
2013-10-12 Luca Barbatoindeo4: Check the inherited quant_mat
2013-10-12 Luca Barbatoindeo4: Check the block size if reusing the band config...
2013-10-12 Vittorio Giovaraoggparsevorbis: fail on memory allocation error
2013-10-12 James Almeroggvorbisdec: add support for embedded cover art
2013-10-12 James Almerflac: move picture parsing code in a separate file
2013-10-12 Nicolas Georgeoggdec: add support for Opus in Ogg demuxing
2013-10-12 Vittorio Giovaraoggparsevorbis: check allocations
2013-10-12 James Almeroggparsevorbis: support official chapter extension
2013-10-12 Anton Khirnovlavc doxy: extend/clarify avcodec_decode_audio4() doxy
2013-10-12 Anton Khirnovlavc doxy: remove false statements about alignment...
2013-10-12 Anton KhirnovFATE: add lavr resampling tests
2013-10-12 Anton KhirnovFATE: add lavr mixing tests
2013-10-12 Anton Khirnovaudio_mix: fix channel order in mix_1_to_2_fltp_flt_c
2013-10-12 Martin Storsjöriff: Add a mapping for VP6A
2013-10-10 Luca Barbatoprores: Reject negative run and level values
2013-10-10 Matthieu Bouronmxf: Add jpeg2000 codec to intra only codecs
2013-10-10 Tim Walkershorten: Fix out-of-array read
2013-10-10 Maxim Poliakovskiatrac3: Better name for IMDCT window initialization
2013-10-10 Maxim Poliakovskiatrac3: Remove unused gain compensation tables
2013-10-10 Luca Barbatoprores: Error out only on surely incomplete ac_coeffs
2013-10-10 Luca Barbatoprores: Add a codepath for decoding errors
2013-10-10 Martin Storsjöflvenc: Write proper cropping for VP6 even if there...
2013-10-10 Martin Storsjöflvenc: Support muxing VP6A as well
2013-10-10 Martin Storsjöflvenc: Don't pretend to support muxing "plain" VP6
2013-10-10 Martin Storsjövp6: Support cropping to AVCodecContext.width/height
2013-10-10 Luca Barbatoavi: directly resync on DV in AVI read failure
2013-10-10 Luca Barbatoavi: DV in AVI must be considered single stream
2013-10-10 Luca Barbatoavi: properly fail if the dv demuxer is missing
2013-10-09 Luca Barbatojpeg2000: Check block length
2013-10-09 Luca Barbatovmnc: Use meaningful return values
2013-10-09 Luca Barbatovmnc: Check the cursor dimensions
2013-10-09 Luca Barbatovmnc: Port to bytestream2
2013-10-09 Luca Barbatovmnc: K&R formatting cosmetics
2013-10-09 Henrik Gramnerx86inc: Remove .rodata kludges
2013-10-09 Derek Buitenhuisbuild: Require yasm 0.8.0 or higher
2013-10-09 Luca Barbatoshorten: Extend fixed_coeffs to properly support pred_o...
2013-10-07 Diego Biurrunx86: h264_idct: Update comments to match 8/10-bit depth...
2013-10-07 Henrik Gramnerx86inc: remove misaligned cpu flag
2013-10-07 Jason Garrett... x86inc: various minor backports from x264
2013-10-07 Derek Buitenhuisx86inc: Check for __OUTPUT_FORMAT__ having a value...
2013-10-07 Henrik Gramnerx86inc: Utilize the shadow space on 64-bit Windows
2013-10-07 Loren Merrittx86inc: create xm# and ym#, analagous to m#
2013-10-07 Loren Merrittx86inc: fix some corner cases of SWAP
2013-10-07 Henrik Gramnerx86inc: Use SSE instead of SSE2 for copying data
2013-10-07 Henrik Gramnerx86inc: Set ELF hidden visibility for global constants
2013-10-07 Loren Merrittbuild: Strip spurious labels
2013-10-07 Loren Merrittx86inc: activate REP_RET automatically
2013-10-06 Diego Biurrunx86: fdct: Employ more specific ifdefs
2013-10-06 Diego Biurrunbmv: Remove unused variable
2013-10-05 Vittorio Giovaraoggparsevorbis: return meaningful errors
2013-10-05 Diego Biurrunx86: dsputil: Separate ff_add_hfyu_median_prediction_cm...
2013-10-05 Vittorio Giovaraswscale: provide a default scaler if none is set
2013-10-05 Diego Biurrunx86: fdct: Initialize optimized fdct implementations...
2013-10-05 Diego Biurrunx86: xviddct: Employ more specific ifdefs
2013-10-05 Luca Barbatodoxy: Document avlog
2013-10-04 Martin Storsjöismindex: Change the duration field to int64_t
2013-10-04 Martin Storsjöismindex: Calculate the file duration among the include...
2013-10-04 Martin Storsjöismindex: Use the individual stream duration instead...
2013-10-04 Martin Storsjömov: Don't allocate arrays with av_malloc that will...
2013-10-04 Diego Biurrunx86: fdct: Only build fdct code if encoders have been...
2013-10-04 Martin Storsjörtmpproto: Validate the embedded flv packet size before...
2013-10-04 Martin Storsjörtmpproto: Readjust the end of the flv buffer if handle...
2013-10-04 Martin Storsjörtmpproto: Move the flv header/trailer addition to...
2013-10-04 Martin Storsjörtmpproto: Clear the flv allocation size on reallocp...
2013-10-04 Martin Storsjörtmpproto: Pass the 'live' parameter in the right unit
2013-10-04 Martin Storsjörtmpproto: Print the error code string if there's no...
2013-10-03 Diego Biurruncosmetics: Group .name and .long_name together in codec...
2013-10-03 Vittorio Giovaraoggparsevorbis: K&R formatting cosmetics
2013-10-03 Diego Biurrunavformat/output-example: Declare link dependency on...
2013-10-03 Diego Biurrunx86: cpu: Restore some explanatory comments removed...
2013-10-03 Maxim Poliakovskiatrac: Add missing av_cold
2013-10-03 Maxim Poliakovskiatrac3: Generalize gain compensation code
2013-10-03 Diego BiurrunUse correct Doxygen syntax
2013-10-03 Maxim Poliakovskiatrac: Move doxygen comments to the header
2013-10-03 Diego Biurrunatrac3: Replace a silly counter variable name with...
2013-10-02 Anton Khirnovlavc: mark deprecated AVCodec.max_lowres for removal...
2013-10-02 Vittorio Giovaravf_interlace: do not process an already interlaced...
2013-10-01 Luca Barbatortmp: alias rtmp_listen to listen
2013-10-01 Luca Barbatomxf: Remove a typo
2013-09-30 Martin Storsjöasfdec: Check the return value of asf_read_stream_prope...