2011-10-09 Anton Khirnovavconv: always print stats with AV_LOG_INFO
2011-10-09 Anton Khirnovdoc/avconv: add forgotten output/per-stream info to...
2011-10-09 Anton Khirnovavconv: add -stats option to enable/disable printing...
2011-10-09 Anton Khirnovavconv: in output_packet() don't set decoded_data_size...
2011-10-09 Anton Khirnovavconv: remove pointless always true condition
2011-10-09 Anton Khirnovavconv: factorize common code in transcode_init()
2011-10-09 Mans Rullgardzmbv: remove memcpy() of decoded frame
2011-10-09 Mans Rullgardmpeg12enc: use sign_extend() function
2011-10-09 Mans Rullgardh264pred: use unsigned types for pixel values, fix...
2011-10-09 Mans Rullgardh264: fix signed overflows in x*0x01010101 expressions
2011-10-09 Mans Rullgardh264pred: remove unused variables
2011-10-08 Mans Rullgardlavf: fix signed overflow in avformat_find_stream_info()
2011-10-08 Mans Rullgardvp8: fix signed overflows
2011-10-08 Mans Rullgardmotion_est: fix some signed overflows
2011-10-08 Mans Rullgarddca: fix signed overflow in shift
2011-10-08 Mans Rullgardaacdec: fix undefined shifts
2011-10-08 Laurent Aimarbink: Check for various out of bound writes
2011-10-08 Laurent Aimarbink: Check for out of bound writes when building tree
2011-10-08 Mans Rullgardput_bits: fix invalid shift by 32 in flush_put_bits()
2011-10-08 Alex Conversempegps: Use av_get_packet() instead of poorly emulating it.
2011-10-07 Janne Grunaumotionpixels: decode only the 111 complete frames for...
2011-10-07 Laurent Aimarmpc8: Check out of bound bands limit
2011-10-07 Laurent Aimarxan: Prevent NULL dereference with missing palette
2011-10-07 Laurent Aimarxan: Check for out of bound reads in xan_huffman_decode()
2011-10-07 Laurent Aimarxan: Fixed out of bound accesses in xan_unpack()
2011-10-07 Laurent Aimarmotionpixels: Prevent calling init_vlc() with invalid...
2011-10-07 Laurent Aimarshorten: Fix out of bound writes in fix_bitshift()
2011-10-07 Laurent Aimardsicinav: Check for out of bounds writes
2011-10-07 Laurent Aimartiertexseqv: Check for out of bound reads
2011-10-07 Laurent Aimarquickdraw: Check for out of bound reads
2011-10-07 Laurent Aimardsicinav: Check for out of bounds reads
2011-10-07 Laurent Aimarmotionpixels: Fix the size of workspace buffers
2011-10-07 Laurent Aimarmotionpixels: Clear FF_INPUT_BUFFER_PADDING_SIZE bytes...
2011-10-07 Laurent Aimarwmavoice: Check for corrupted extra data
2011-10-07 Laurent Aimarwmavoice: Check for out of bound writes
2011-10-07 Laurent Aimarxan: Prevent NULL dereferences with missing reference...
2011-10-07 Laurent Aimarbink: Prevent NULL dereferences with missing reference...
2011-10-07 Laurent Aimarwavpack: Reset internal state on corrupted blocks
2011-10-07 Laurent Aimarwmapro: Validate the number of audio channels before...
2011-10-07 Laurent Aimarmpc8: Fix return value on EOF
2011-10-07 Laurent Aimarshorten: Prevent block size from increasing
2011-10-07 Laurent Aimarxan: Prevent out of bound accesses
2011-10-07 Michael NiedermayerH264: Only wait before triggering ff_thread_setup_compl...
2011-10-06 Laurent Aimarvp6: Reset the internal state when aborting key frames...
2011-10-06 Laurent Aimarvp56: Release old pictures after a resolution changes
2011-10-06 Laurent Aimarvp6: Check for huffman tree build errors
2011-10-06 Laurent Aimarvp56: Check for missing reference frame data
2011-10-06 Laurent Aimarcinepak: Fix invalid read access on extra data
2011-10-06 Laurent Aimarvmd: fix segfaults on corruped streams
2011-10-06 Laurent Aimarcook: Fix js_vlc_bits value validation for joint stereo
2011-10-06 Laurent Aimarsegafilm: Check for memory allocation failures in segaf...
2011-10-06 Laurent Aimarsegafilm: Fix potential division by 0 on corrupted...
2011-10-06 Laurent AimarFixed segfault on corrupted sega streams in the demuxer.
2011-10-06 Laurent AimarFixed deference of NULL pointer in motionpixels decoder.
2011-10-06 Anton Khirnovlibx264: support 9- and 10-bit output.
2011-10-05 Ronald S. Bultjeh264: correct implicit_weight for field-interlaced...
2011-10-05 Ronald S. Bultjempegvideo: set correct offset for edge emulation buffer.
2011-10-05 Ronald S. Bultjempegvideo: fix position of bottom edge.
2011-10-05 Diego BiurrunFix 'heigth' vs. 'height' typos.
2011-10-05 Anton Khirnovlavc/lavf: use unique private classes.
2011-10-05 Anton Khirnovlavc: use designated initializers for av_codec_context_...
2011-10-04 Justin Rugglesqcelpdec: cosmetics: do not add line break before openi...
2011-10-04 Justin Rugglesqcelp: check output buffer size before decoding
2011-10-04 Chris Rankinqcelpdec: fix the return value of qcelp_decode_frame().
2011-10-04 Justin Rugglessipr: fix the output data size check and only calculate...
2011-10-04 Diego BiurrunSynchronize various 4CCs and codec tags from FFmpeg.
2011-10-04 Justin Rugglesqdm2: check output buffer size before decoding
2011-10-04 Laurent AimarFix out of bound reads in the QDM2 decoder.
2011-10-04 Laurent AimarCheck for out of bound writes in the QDM2 decoder.
2011-10-04 Justin Rugglesogg/celt: do not set sample_fmt in the demuxer
2011-10-03 Anton Khirnovid3v2: remove pointless casts
2011-10-03 Anton Khirnovid3v2: read TXXX frames with two calls to decode_str...
2011-10-03 Anton Khirnovid3v2: don't discard the whole tag when encountering...
2011-10-03 Anton Khirnovlibvpx: fix build with older libvpx versions.
2011-10-03 Mans RullgardARM: check for inline asm 'y' operand modifier support
2011-10-02 Justin Rugglesmpc8: check output buffer size before decoding
2011-10-02 Justin Rugglesmpc7: return error if packet is too small.
2011-10-02 Justin Rugglesmpc7: check output buffer size before decoding
2011-10-02 Justin Rugglesnellymoserdec: allocate float_buf only when decoding...
2011-10-02 Justin Rugglesnellymoserdec: use NELLY_BUF_LEN instead of 128
2011-10-02 Justin Rugglesnellymoserdec: use NELLY_BLOCK_LEN instead of 64 when...
2011-10-02 Justin Rugglesnellymoserdec: allow user to request SAMPLE_FMT_FLT...
2011-10-02 Justin Rugglesnellymoser: check output buffer size before decoding
2011-10-02 Luca Barbatowin32: improve threading algorithm warning
2011-10-01 Anton Khirnovlavc: add video/audio/encoding flags to global_quality...
2011-10-01 Luca Barbatolibvpxenc: use libvpx's own defaults for some parameters
2011-10-01 Luca Barbatovpxenc: add private options
2011-09-30 Justin Rugglesdpcm: return error if packet is too small
2011-09-30 Justin Rugglesdpcm: use smaller data types for static tables
2011-09-30 Justin Rugglesdpcm: use sol_table_16 directly instead of through...
2011-09-30 Justin Rugglesdpcm: replace short with int16_t
2011-09-30 Justin Rugglesdpcm: check to make sure channels is 1 or 2.
2011-09-30 Justin Rugglesdpcm: misc pretty-printing
2011-09-30 Justin Rugglesdpcm: remove unnecessary variable by using bytestream...
2011-09-30 Justin Rugglesdpcm: move codec-specific variable declarations to...
2011-09-30 Justin Rugglesdpcm: consistently use the variable name 'n' for the...
2011-09-30 Justin Rugglesdpcm: output AV_SAMPLE_FMT_U8 for Sol DPCM subcodecs...
2011-09-30 Justin Rugglesdpcm: calculate and check actual output data size prior...
2011-09-30 Justin Rugglesdpcm: factor out the stereo flag calculation
2011-09-30 Justin Rugglesdpcm: cosmetics: rename channel_number to ch