2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesgsmdec: add flush function to reset the decoder state...
2011-11-02 Justin Ruggleslibgsmdec: check output buffer size before decoding
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesgsmdec: log error message when output buffer is too...
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesgsm: use av_get_bytes_per_sample() in frame_bytes calcu...
2011-11-02 Justin RugglesCreate separate functions for the raw GSM demuxer.
2011-11-02 Diego BiurrunReplace vendor string in Ogg and FLAC muxers.
2011-11-02 Diego BiurrunReplace some forgotten FFmpeg references by Libav.
2011-11-02 Diego Biurrunvsrc_testsrc: fix mailing list reference URL
2011-11-02 Diego BiurrunReplace ffmpeg references with more accurate libav...
2011-11-02 Diego BiurrunReplace outdated references to ffmpeg tool with avconv.
2011-11-02 Diego BiurrunRemove some stray unnecessary ffmpeg references.
2011-11-02 Diego Biurrunvp3: remove some pointless comments
2011-11-02 Anton Khirnovid3v2: fix type of
2011-11-02 Anton Khirnovlavc: use designated initialisers for parsers.
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesg726dec: add flush() function to reset state when seeking
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesg726: don't pass index to g726_reset()
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesg726enc: add private option for setting code size directly.
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesg726: wrap the decoder functions with a CONFIG_ADPCM_G7...
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesg726: group the g726_encoder AVCodec with the other...
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesg726: return AVERROR(EINVAL) instead of -1 for invalid...
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesg726enc: use av_assert0() for sample_rate validation
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesg726: treat sample rates other than 8kHz as unofficial.
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesg726dec: remove the sample_rate validation
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesg726: use bits_per_coded_sample instead of bitrate...
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesg726: split the init function for the encoder and decoder
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesg726: pre-calculate the number of output samples.
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesg726: use int16_t instead of short
2011-11-01 Martin StorsjöEnable w32threads automatically unless explicitly disabled
2011-10-31 Martin Storsjöcmdutils: Rename read_file to cmdutils_read_file
2011-10-30 Diego Biurrunlibdirac/libschroedinger: Drop unnecessary symbol prefixes.
2011-10-30 Janne Grunaucmdutils: check fread() return value
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglescin audio: use sign_extend() instead of casting to...
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglescin audio: restructure decoding loop to avoid a separat...
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglescin audio: use local variable for delta value
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglescin audio: remove unneeded cast from void*
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglescin audio: validate the channel count
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglescin audio: remove unneeded AVCodecContext pointer from...
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesdsicin: fix several audio-related fields in the CIN...
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesflacdec: use av_get_bytes_per_sample() to get sample...
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesdca: handle errors from dca_decode_block()
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesdca: return error if the frame header is invalid
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesdca: return proper error codes instead of -1
2011-10-29 Kostya Shishkovutvideo: handle empty Huffman trees
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesbinkaudio: change short to int16_t
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesbinkaudio: only decode one block at a time.
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesbinkaudio: store interleaved overlap samples in BinkAud...
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesbinkaudio: pre-calculate quantization factors
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesbinkaudio: add some buffer overread checks.
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesatrac3: support float or int16 output using request_sam...
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesatrac3: add CODEC_CAP_SUBFRAMES capability
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesatrac3: return appropriate error codes instead of -1
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesatrac3: make sure all memory is freed on init failure
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesatrac3: add a couple macro constants
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesatrac3: return error if packet is too small
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesatrac3: check output buffer size before decoding
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesatrac3: use separate pointers for each channel in decod...
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesatrac3: use optimized float_interleave() function for...
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesatrac3: decode mono directly to the output buffer
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesatrac3: decode output to float samples instead of conve...
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesatrac1: return appropriate error codes instead of -1
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesatrac1: check for ff_mdct_init() failure
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesatrac1: use optimized float_interleave() function for...
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesatrac1: fix a typo
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesatrac1: validate number of channels
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesatrac1: decode mono audio directly to output buffer
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglesatrac1: check output buffer size before decoding
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglescook: return AVERROR_PATCHWELCOME instead of ENOTSUP
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglescook: check output buffer size before decoding
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglescook: do not needlessly set *data_size to 0
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglescook: remove pointless return statements
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglescook: simplify decouple_info()
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglescook: return appropriate error codes instead of -1
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglescook: avoid hardcoded sizes in sizeof()
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglescook: remove unneeded #includes
2011-10-29 Justin Rugglescook: output float samples instead of converting to...
2011-10-29 Benjamin Larssonmov: Avoid divide by zero in edit list dts handling
2011-10-29 Kostya Shishkovutvideo: account for coupled lines in YUV420 format
2011-10-29 Ronald S. Bultjevp3: fix oob read for negative tokens and memleaks...
2011-10-29 Ronald S. Bultjevp8: fix overflow in segmentation map caching.
2011-10-29 Ronald S. Bultjelavf: use number of output pictures for delay checks.
2011-10-29 Anton MitrofanovFix decoding of lossless 4:2:2 H.264
2011-10-29 Anton MitrofanovFix decoding of lossless 10-bit 4:4:4 H.264
2011-10-28 Alex Converseprobe: Restore identification of files with very large...
2011-10-28 Alex Converseprobe: Remove id3 tag presence as a criteria to do...
2011-10-28 Alex Conversempegts: MP4 SL support
2011-10-28 Alex Conversempegts: MP4 OD support
2011-10-28 Alex Conversempegts: Add support for Sections in PMT
2011-10-28 Alex Conversempegts: Replace the MP4 descriptor parser with a recurs...
2011-10-28 Alex Conversempegts: Add support for multiple mp4 descriptors
2011-10-28 Alex Conversempegts: Parse mpeg2 SL descriptors.
2011-10-28 Alex Converseisom: Add MPEG4SYSTEMS dummy object type indication.
2011-10-28 Michael Niedermayeraacdec: allow output reconfiguration on channel changes
2011-10-28 Justin Rugglesnellymoserenc: take float input samples instead of...
2011-10-28 Justin Rugglesnellymoserdec: use dsp functions for overlap and windowing
2011-10-28 Justin Rugglesnellymoserdec: do not fail if there is extra data in...
2011-10-28 Justin Rugglesnellymoserdec: fail if output buffer is too small
2011-10-28 Justin Rugglesnellymoserdec: remove pointless buffer size check.
2011-10-28 Anton Khirnovlavf: add init_put_byte() to the list of visible symbols.
2011-10-28 Janne Grunauseek-test: free options dictionary after use
2011-10-28 Michael Niedermayersnow: do not draw_edge if emu_edge is set