2016-03-26 Martin Storsjötls: Use the right return value for breaking out due... release/10 github/release/10 gitlab/release/10 videolan/release/10
2015-11-13 Martin Storsjörtmpcrypt: Do the xtea decryption in little endian...
2015-05-31 Reinhard TartlerUpdate Changelog for 10.7 v10.7
2015-05-31 Luca Barbatoh264: Make sure reinit failures mark the context as...
2015-05-31 Luca Barbatomsrle: Use FFABS to determine the frame size in msrle_d...
2015-05-31 Michael Niedermayerx86: cavs: Remove an unneeded scratch buffer
2015-05-31 Mikulas Patockaconfigure: Disable i686 for i586 and lower CPUs
2015-05-31 Shiina Hideakimjpegenc: Fix JFIF header byte ordering
2015-05-31 Luca Barbatonut: Make sure to clean up on read_header failure
2015-05-31 wm4png: Set the color range as full range
2015-05-31 Andreas Cadhalpunavi: Validate sample_size
2015-05-31 Andreas Cadhalpunnut: Check chapter creation in decode_info_header
2015-05-31 Andreas Cadhalpunalac: Reject rice_limit 0 if compression is used
2015-05-31 Andreas Cadhalpunape: Support _0000 files with nblock smaller than 64
2015-05-31 Michael Niedermayermux: Do not leave stale side data pointers in ff_interl...
2015-05-31 Nidhi Makhijaniavpacket: Check for and return errors in ff_interleave_...
2015-05-31 John Högbergmpegts: Update the PSI/SI table only if the version...
2015-05-31 Martin Storsjörtsp: Make sure we don't write too many transport entri...
2015-05-31 Andrey Utkinrtpenc_jpeg: Handle case of picture dimensions not...
2015-05-31 Vittorio Giovaramov: Fix little endian audio detection
2015-05-31 Luca Barbatox86: Put COPY3_IF_LT under HAVE_6REGS
2015-05-31 Andreas Cadhalpunroqvideoenc: set enc->avctx in roq_encode_init
2015-05-31 Vittorio Giovaralibvpx: Fix mixed use of av_malloc() and av_reallocp()
2015-05-05 Andreas Cadhalpunalsdec: only adapt order for positive max_order gitorious/release/10
2015-05-05 Andreas Cadhalpunalsdec: check sample pointer range in revert_channel_co...
2015-05-05 Andreas Cadhalpunaacpsy: correct calculation of minath in psy_3gpp_init
2015-05-05 Andreas Cadhalpunalsdec: limit avctx->bits_per_raw_sample to 32
2015-05-05 Andreas Cadhalpunaasc: return correct buffer size from aasc_decode_frame
2015-04-18 Thomas Guillemmatroskadec: fix crash when parsing invalid mkv
2015-03-09 Reinhard Tartlerdoc: More changelog updates for v10.6 v10.6
2015-03-09 Michael Niedermayerutvideodec: Handle slice_height being zero
2015-03-09 Anton Khirnovtiff: Check that there is no aliasing in pixel format...
2015-03-08 Andreas Cadhalpunrmenc: limit packet size
2015-03-08 Andreas Cadhalpunwebp: validate the distance prefix code
2015-03-08 Andreas Cadhalpunrv10: check size of s->mb_width * s->mb_height
2015-03-08 Federico Tomassettieamad: check for out of bounds read
2015-03-08 Federico Tomassettimdec: check for out of bounds read
2015-03-08 Vittorio Giovaraconfigure: Properly fail when libcdio/cdparanoia is...
2015-03-08 Martin Storsjöarm: Suppress tags about used cpu arch and extensions
2015-03-08 Reinhard TartlerUpdate Changelog for v10.6
2015-03-08 Reinhard TartlerPrepare for 10.6 Release
2015-02-22 Vittorio Giovaraimg2dec: correctly use the parsed value from -start_number
2015-02-22 Michael Niedermayerh264_cabac: Break infinite loops
2015-02-21 Anton Khirnovh264: initialize H264Context.avctx in init_thread_copy
2015-02-21 Michael Niedermayerh264: Do not share rbsp_buffer across threads
2015-02-21 Anton Khirnovh264: only ref cur_pic in update_thread_context if...
2015-01-27 Xiaohan Wangmatroskadec: Fix read-after-free in matroska_read_seek()
2014-12-20 Michael Niedermayersmc: fix the bounds check
2014-12-20 Michael Niedermayergifdec: refactor interleave end handling
2014-12-20 Anton Khirnovmmvideo: check frame dimensions
2014-12-20 Anton Khirnovjvdec: check frame dimensions
2014-12-20 Anton Khirnovmjpegdec: check for pixel format changes
2014-12-20 Anton Khirnovmov: avoid a memleak when multiple stss boxes are present
2014-12-14 Julien Ramseieravconv: Use the mpeg12 private option scan_offset
2014-12-02 Reinhard TartlerReplace lena.pnm
2014-12-02 Reinhard TartlerTreat all '*.pnm' files as non-text file
2014-11-27 wm4lavu: fix memory leaks by using a mutex instead of...
2014-11-27 Anton Khirnovlavu: add wrappers for the pthreads mutex API
2014-11-15 Anton Khirnovmp3enc: fix a triggerable assert
2014-10-18 Timothy B.... resample: Avoid off-by-1 errors in PTS calcs.
2014-10-15 Vittorio Giovaraimc: fix order of operations in coefficients read
2014-09-27 Rémi Denis... mpeg12: Always invoke the get_format() callback
2014-09-27 Rémi Denis... h264: Always invoke the get_format() callback
2014-09-17 Diego BiurrunAdd some bug references to the changelog
2014-09-17 Katerina Barone... apetag: Fix APE tag size check
2014-09-10 Diego BiurrunUpdate Changelog for v10.5 v10.5
2014-09-10 Diego BiurrunPrepare for 10.5 release
2014-09-10 Diego Biurrundoc: Fix syntax and logical errors in avconv stream...
2014-08-28 Diego Biurrunlicense: Mention that vf_interlace is GPL, not LGPL
2014-08-28 Luca Barbatopulse: Add a wallclock option to be compatible with...
2014-08-27 Anton Khirnovavconv: fix parsing the AVOptions for -target
2014-08-27 Anton Khirnovavconv: fix the muxrate values for -target
2014-08-27 Anton Khirnovmpegenc: limit the maximum muxrate
2014-08-26 Michael Niedermayermpegvideo: Use the current_picture pts
2014-08-20 Diego Biurrunsetpts: Add missing inttypes.h #include for PRId64
2014-08-18 Christophe... proresenc: Properly account for alpha plane
2014-08-18 Christophe... proresenc: Realloc if buffer is too small
2014-08-18 Christophe... proresenc: Report buffer overflow
2014-08-18 Christophe... proresenc: Remove unneeded parameters from encode_alpha...
2014-08-17 Reinhard TartlerUpdate Changelog for v10.4 v10.4
2014-08-17 Reinhard TartlerPrepare for 10.4 Release
2014-08-13 Luca Barbatompegts: Do not try to write a PMT larger than SECTION_SIZE
2014-08-13 Luca Barbatompegts: Define the section length with a constant
2014-08-12 Michael Niedermayerffv1dec: check that global parameters do not change...
2014-08-07 Felix Abecassish264: fix interpretation of interleaved stereo modes
2014-08-06 Anton Khirnovsvq1: do not modify the input packet
2014-08-06 Anton Khirnovcdgraphics: do not return 0 from the decode function
2014-08-06 Anton Khirnovcdgraphics: switch to bytestream2
2014-08-06 Vittorio Giovarajpeg2000: enable 4 component pixel formats
2014-08-06 Vittorio Giovarastereo3d: add missing include guards
2014-08-05 Michael Niedermayerhuffyuvdec: check width size for yuv422p
2014-08-05 Michael Niedermayermmvideo: check horizontal coordinate too
2014-08-05 Michael Niedermayerwmalosslessdec: fix mclms_coeffs* array size
2014-08-04 Reinhard TartlerUpdate Changelog for v10.3 v10.3
2014-08-03 Diego Biurrunhuffyuv: Check and propagate function return values
2014-08-01 Vittorio Giovarah264: prevent theoretical infinite loop in SEI parsing
2014-08-01 Michael Niedermayerpgssubdec: Check RLE size before copying
2014-07-30 Diego Biurrunfate: Add dependencies for dct/fft/mdct/rdft tests
2014-07-30 Bernhard Übelackervideo4linux2: Avoid a floating point exception
2014-07-30 Diego Biurrunvf_select: Drop a debug av_log with an unchecked double...