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ownerLibav team
last changeTue, 28 Mar 2017 08:36:01 +0000 (11:36 +0300)
3 hours ago Martin Storsjöarm: Always build the hevcdsp_init_arm.c file master github/master gitlab/master videolan/master
4 hours ago Diego Biurrunjack: Drop support for old (2012) JACK versions
15 hours ago Mark Thompsonhwcontext: Move NONE to the be the first member of...
16 hours ago Alexandra Hájkováhevc: Add NEON 4x4 and 8x8 IDCT
28 hours ago Diego Biurrunconfigure: Disable inline assembly for PathScale compilers
43 hours ago Sean McGovernnsvdec: don't ignore the return value of av_get_packet()
2 days ago Ricardo Constantinortmpproto: send swfverify value as swfurl if latter...
3 days ago Diego Biurrunconfigure: Skip check for inline assembly capabilities...
5 days ago Vittorio GiovaraAPIchanges: Update bump dates
5 days ago Luca Barbatoavplay: Use the named syntax for buffersrc arguments
5 days ago Vittorio Giovaravf_showinfo: Display spherical properties
5 days ago Vittorio Giovaravf_showinfo: Simplify reporting stereo3d information
5 days ago Vittorio Giovaraspherical: Change types of bounding and pad to uint32_t
5 days ago Vittorio Giovaralavu: Drop deprecated av_dlog macro
5 days ago Vittorio Giovaralavu: Drop deprecated option type
5 days ago Vittorio Giovaralavu: Drop deprecated VDPAU pixel formats
2 months ago v0.8.20 0.8.20 release
2 months ago v9.21 9.21 release
5 months ago v12 12 release
5 months ago v13_dev0 Start development for v13 after...
5 months ago v12_beta1 12_beta1 release
5 months ago v0.8.18 0.8.18 release
6 months ago v11.8 11.8 release
6 months ago v9.20 9.20 release
6 months ago v9.19 9.19 release
6 months ago v12_alpha2 12_alpha2 release
7 months ago v12_alpha1 12_alpha1 release
10 months ago v11.7 11.7 release
10 months ago v11.6 11.6 release
13 months ago v11.5 11.5 release
21 months ago v10.7 10.7 Release
21 months ago v11.4 11.4 Release
3 hours ago master
43 hours ago release/12
3 days ago release/0.8
3 days ago release/9
5 weeks ago release/11
12 months ago release/10
3 years ago release/0.6
3 years ago release/0.7
3 years ago release/0.5